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Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 11-Pc Cookware Review 2019

If you want the fine blend of the quality, durability, and looks in the same cookware set, then it is for sure not easy to find. Here is Anolon Nouvelle copper stainless steel 11-pc set, a perfect match to your search.

A unique fact of this Anolon cookware set is that each pot and pan comes up with an impact-bonded base with a solid copper core. It outwins the cast iron wok in the even cooking performance. And it’s elegance earns the praise of the guests.

Here goes a brief review of the Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 11-Piece Cookware Set focusing on it’s key features, pros and cons. Hope it helps!

What Does the Anolon Copper Set Offer?

This 11-piece Anolon Nouvelle induction cookware set comes up with:

  • 1-3/4 Qt and 3-1/2 Qt Covered Anolon Saucepans.
  • 8-1/4 Qt Covered Anolon Stockpot.
  • 8 -Inch French Anolon Skillet. 
  • 12-Inch Covered French Anolon Skillet.
  • 3-Qt Covered Anolon Sauté Pan.

Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 11-Piece Cookware Set.

Key Features of Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel Set:

Stainless Steel Construction – Great Workmanship:

The Anolon is a famous culinary brand based in the USA. They have built this best stainless steel cookware set with the top quality material as well as workmanship. This stainless steel won’t get rusted after regular wash. It is dishwasher safe. If the food stirs fiercely, the Anolon pots and pans won’t flip, due to their solid and sturdy construction. What is more, the Anolon pans won’t warp or break, even after heavy-duty use. This stainless steel cookware set can give you a lifetime service if you care it properly.

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Five Ply Base – Even Heating Performance:

Copper is one of the most efficient heat conductor metals. If you cook with a copper pot or pan, hot spots will be the last thing you might experience. Copper gives the cookware a considerable weight to prevent flipping in the high stirring conditions. And the brilliant look of a copper pan is hard to overlook. However, copper cookware has some demerits also. The copper metal can react to the food.

Thanks to Anolon manufacturer, their advanced technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of copper-pan only without exposing to the risk. Because here a solid Copper layer is sandwiched between two solid Aluminum layers.

The Aluminum is another great material frequently used in high-quality kitchen utensils for its superb heat distribution quality. This tri-layer set is again capped by a stainless steel layer. This structure is termed as the impact-bonded technique

The combined performance of these two great heat exchanger metals (copper and aluminum) features superb performance in even heating. These paths can trap the heat in the pan-bottom area. And, they can pass out the heat instantly throughout the pan-base in an even way. With Anolon pots and pans you can not only control the cooking task precisely; but also avoid hot-spots!

Induction Ready:

One of the great advantages of this Anolon Nouvelle Copper Steel Set is that you can use these pans with the induction range cooktops. The bottom layer of each Anolon pot/pan comes with a magnetized stainless steel layer. This special construction technique makes the Anolon pots, pans, and skillets capable of working with the induction range. 

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These pans bear flat base. The Anolon copper set is also safe to use with the other type burners, like the electric range, gas cooker, etc.

Oven Safe:

This Anolon stainless steel cookware set can save your time and energy. You don’t need to use extra pans to bake or roast if you own the Anolon copper set. The Anolon pans are safe to use with the broiler.

What is more, the Anolon pan set offers oven safety up to 500ᵒ F. So, if you can cook any dish any time with these pans. You can clean the Anolon pots and pans within a few minutes using the dishwasher. The steel is dishwasher safe.

Elegant Tulip Silhouette:

The Anolon stainless steel 11-pc set offers a shiny and silky touch finish. It’s silvery outer surface bears an exotic copper silhouette near the base area. Each Anolon pot and pan comes up with a rim with a fine finish. It will help you to decant the food with no spilling.

The Anolon pan set keeps a balance between the sturdy body as well as the comfy weight.

Scratch Proof Interior:

The Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel set comes up with a scratch-proof interior. Unlike the shiny outer wall, the inner wall bears a brushed finish. This feature saves the inner wall from any type scratch mark. You can use the metal built utensils. 


Ergonomic Design:

Each handle of the Anolon skillets, pots, and pans are built with the refined cast stainless steel. What is more, each long and short handle is attached to the pan body with a double riveted joint. These joints offer added strength with longer durability to the Anolon kitchen utensils. And, each handle will give you a firm but cozy grip.

The dome shape lids are built with the standard cast stainless steel. Each lid offers a stylish design with a comfy weight. The dome lid can trap the heat, flavor & moisture of the food.

What is more, each lid offers a snug fit to it’s associated pot or pan and seals the heat, flavors, and moisture of food inside the Anolon wok. Moreover, each welded lid-handle bears a taller loop. It will help you to grip the lid-handle with a hot pad.

Lifetime Anolon Warranty:

The Anolon stainless steel set comes up with a lifetime limited warranty. This stainless steel induction cookware set can serve you for the whole life if it gets some care.

You can enjoy the unlimited cooking and try new recipes as you wish. And you don’t need to fear that the pan may warp or break.
But, it is good to follow the manual to know more details about the care tips as well as the warranty issue of the Anolon copper set. 


  • Stainless Steel Induction pan set.
  • Cooks food evenly without sticking & burning.
  • Broiler Safe.
  • Works with any kind of cooker/burner.
  • Oven safe up to 500°F.
  • Rust-free Stainless steel Built-up.
  • Cast stainless steel construction.
  • Dual riveted pan-handles.
  • Sturdy stainless steel lids (Dome-shape).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Offers the lifetime limited warranty.


  • The Anolon pots and pans bear steel lid. You can’t see the food unless you lift up the lid.
  • This Anolon cookware set is pricier than the other usual pan sets. But, the overall quality of this Anolon copper set differs from them in terms of material, features, design, and looks.

Bottom Line:

The Anolon copper set stainless steel 11-pc is one of the best induction cookware under 250 in the year 2019. It can give the high-end even cooking. The rust-free Anolon cookware set is easy to clean. The Anolon Nouvelle stainless steel set costs is a little bit high, but it’s lifetime warranty will give you the best return of your every cent in the long-run. Happy Cooking!

Where to Buy Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 11-Pc Cookware Set?

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