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Compare the Best Electric Cooktops 2019 | Reviews and Buyers’ Guide

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Gone are those days when you complain about your tradition gas cooker almost every single day. You can shift to the electric range. Nowadays the modern kitchen ideas have presented an excellent blend of technology and design efficiency in the electric cooktops. In this article, we are going to present editor’s chosen the top 10 best electric cooktop reviews 2018 under different categories, like size, features, price range as well as manufacturing brands.

If you are planning to buy an electric cooktop for your home-kitchen or semi-restaurant, then it is essential to consider some factors. Like, what is the advantage of buying an electric stove? Or, what type of electric stoves should I buy? Or, which is the best electric cooktops with downdraft, smooth glass top, or coil burner? Or, Which is the best electric cooktop brand? Read the informative FAQ section on Electric Cooktops.

Comparison Table: Best Electric Cooktops 2019

Best 36 Electric Cooktop Smoothtop Reviews:

If you own a capacious kitchen and wanna re-model it, then you can pick up a 36-inch electric cooktop. It would not only allow you to cook with five pans simultaneously, but also make the cooking task more enjoyable.

In the following section, we are going to present a bunch of 36 Electric Cooktop reviews built by the best electric cooktop brands 2019 like GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc.

GE JP3536DJBB 36″ Electric Smoothtop Cooktop Review:

This appliance is one of the best electric cooktops produced by GE, who produce top-quality kitchen appliances. This GE 36 electric cooktop JP3536DJBB is provided with 5 heating elements. Among them, two 6-inch burners feature 1200 watt heating power each. It’s 8-inch Power Boil burner can generate up to 2500 watts of heating energy.


GE JP3536DJBB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop.

The most exciting feature of this 36-inch electric cooktop is it comes with two sets of dual burners feating dual ring heating elements. The first one bears 8 inch/5 inch burners which can create about 1900 watts at maximum. And the other dual burner is the biggest and most powerful burner which is capable of generating 2700 watts of power with 12 inch/9 inch heating elements.

This 36-inch electric smoothtop cooktop declares it’s supremacy through some exclusive features. It offers Keep-Warm Setting, which would get you rid of reheating the food without compromising it’s taste and flavor. Another handy add-on is the melt setting. If you are a food lover, then enjoy hot chocolates and sausage using this option.

It’s design is smart and intelligent. The frontal analog knobs makes this electric cooktop user-friendly and safe for kids. Thanks to the manufacturer for the Central Lock function, which would allow you to continue your work in peace after setting the program. Besides these, the Hot Surface Indicator and Power ON indicator saves you from accidental burning as well as power wastage.

GE PHP9036SJSS Profile 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop Review:

Here is another 36-inch cooktop smooth-top made by GE. But what makes it special from the previous GE electric cooktop is it’s induction elements. Induction cooking range refers to an advanced technology that assists in faster cooking using less energy. If you are expecting some smart features in your electric cooktop, then consider the GE php9036sjss model’s attributes.

The GE php9036sjss cooktop is provided with five induction heating elements. Unlike a usual electric smooth-top cooktop, an induction heating element remains cool-to-touch during cooking. But how? It’s clever induction technology heats up only the pan not the surface. Buying this electric cooktop, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of induction cooking.


GE PHP9036SJSS Profile 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop.

What is more? This GE cooktop 36 takes auto shut-off if the pan is removed from it’s surface. Therefore, the GE profile 36 electric cooktop php9036sjss not only cooks the food faster comparing to the gas range but also consumes less energy.

The fascinating feature of this GE 36” cooktop is that it’s largest induction burner bears 11-inch diameter. This induction heating element is capable of creating about 3700 watts of heating power at maximum. Now you can boil water rapidly using this powerful induction burner. Moreover, you can easily place a griddle or large pan over it’s dual sync-burners featuring 7-inch diameter each, which is certainly an added benefit.

Precise heating is another advanced feature offered by the GE 36” cooktop php9036sjss model. You can easily control the heating precisely using the digital touch controls. Moreover, this electric induction cooktop bears a smooth-top glass surface, which is easy-to-clean.

This GE induction cooktop 36-inch offers a bunch of smart features. It’s Kitchen Timer function assists in the efficient coordination of preparing family meals and cooking diverse dishes. And the Control Lock function prevents unintended activation of the burners. It is a great blessing when you have young kids.

If you prefer appliances with trendy looks along with up-to-date features, then the GE cooktop 36 php9036sjss is your best pick. It is blessed with an elegant black glass-top with stainless steel rim. It’s LED display appears in red which enhances the beauty of this 36-inch GE electric induction range. However, this induction range works only with induction-ready cookware, like cast iron, magnetized stainless steel pans.

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Best 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Smoothtop Reviews:

When you own a beautiful home with a medium kitchen, then you can choose a 30-inch electric cooktop. Though a 30-inch cooktop is smaller than it’s 36-inch counterpart, it is large enough to accommodate about four pans simultaneously. It is quite enough to cook regular meals for a medium size family home. In this section, we are going to introduce you to several Electric Cooktops 30-inch produced by the same popular brands GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc.

Empava EMPV-IDC30 30″ Electric Cooktop Smoothtop Review:

If you cautious about the environment and have a passion for the eco-friendly products, then have a look on this Whirlpool Empava 30-Inch Electric Cooktop Smoothtop. Thanks to the manufacturer for applying the exclusive Schott Ceran® technology to build this product. This elegant black smoothtop electric cooktop would enhance the aesthetic looks of your home kitchen.

This Whirlpool electric smooth-top cooktop is provided with four heating elements featuring diversity in their sizes and heating capacities. It has two 6-inch burners capable of generating about 1200 watts of heating power each. It also bears one 7-inch burner that can create up to 1800 watts power. The biggest burner feature about 2500 watts of heat generation capacity at maximum with 9-inch diameter size.


EMPV-IDC30 30″ 4 Booster Burners Tempered Glass Electric Induction Cooktop.

This electric stove-top comes with push-to-turn analog knobs. If you are kids at home, then these knobs offer safety. Another amazing attribute is these knobs are dishwasher safe. So, you can save your time and energy for cleaning after heaving cooking chores.

This electric burner is provided with hot surface indicators. This feature is a great saver as many of us often forget to turn off the burner after the end of cooking tasks. It also saves energy.

The Whirlpool electric oven is a nice shot when you already own or planning to buy an electric eange for your kitchen, as it is compatible with the built-in ovens. So it is certainly a futuristic electric cooktop.

Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30″ Electric Cooktop, Black Review:

We know that appearance is not a prime factor while you buy a stove. But when you have a modern kitchen or planning to remodel your kitchen through replacing the conventional stove with a new one, then you can give some points for the looks. Here goes a 30-inch electric smoothtop cooktop from the reputed brand Frigidaire. It steals the attention of people with it’s elegant appearance.

Despite careful observations, sometimes the food overflows the pot and leaves spot over the glasstop stove. Thanks to the manufacturer as they provided a nice solution to this issue in this model. It comes with exclusive Spill Saver Design that can effectively prevent this ceramic cooktop from being scratched or holding marks caused by the food residues. This innovative design idea makes the cleaning effortless and keeps the smoothtop cooktop fresh and spotless after regular cooking chores.


Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop – Black

Like the aforementioned electric burners, this one also provides four heating elements. Two 6-inch burners feature about 1200 watts of heating power at maximum. And the rest two burners can generate up to 2500 watts with 9-inch diameter each. Cooking is really fun with this high-end cooktop.

What makes this Frigidaire electric cooktop look smarter is it’s color-coordinated control dials. Unlike the average grade glasstops, it can maintain the continuity of the gorgeous black appearance. What is more, the manufacturer claim that you can easily operate the four burners using these Ready-Select Controls.

This Frigidaire 30 cooktop also offers safety features like power on indicator, hot surface indicators as well as push-to turn knobs. Furthermore, this cooktop is approved by the UL Safety Listing.

GE JP3030SJSS 30″ Electric Cooktop with 4 Cooking Elements in Stainless Steel Review:

Here we introduce you with another 30-inch electric cooktop smooth top produced by the reliable brand GE. The GE jp030sjss electric cooktop features dimensions about 29 ¾ W X 4 3/16 H X 21 ½ D inch. This GE 30-inch cooktop is provided with four radiant electric heating elements.

This GE jp030sjss model offers two 8-inch burners featuring the capability of producing about 2500 watts of heating power each. You can use these power boil heating elements to boil water rapidly. This dual power boil burners make this GE electric cooktop stand out from it’s competitor models mentioned above.

The rest two burners come with 6-inch diameter each. Each of them can create up to 1200 watts at maximum. Each of the four heating elements comes with an indicator red light. Each heated surface indicator warns you when an element is too hot to touch.


GE JP3030SJSS 30″ Electric Cooktop with 4 Cooking Elements in Stainless Steel

Another smart feature is it’s“On” indicator light. It would let the user know when any burner is active. You can easily operate this GE cooktop through it’s infinite switch knobs. Placed on the right-side, the controls are easy-to-reach. These stainless-steel knobs are dishwasher safe. And not-to-mention, these steel knobs create a great combination with the cooktop’s black surface.

This GE cooktop 30 inch makes the meal preparation tasks convenient. It comes with a Melt setting. Now you can melt foods, like chocolate, jelly, sauce, etc. And this efficient GE 30 cooktop won’t burn or scorch the delicate foods. You can also select the lowest heat setting to keep the food warm.

This 30-inch GE electric cooktop bears a gorgeous black glass-top. It is effortless to clean up after regular cooking. It’s stainless steel rim complements this appliance with the other steel cookware utensils present in your kitchen.

Best Electric Cooktop with Downdraft Reviews:

Downdraft cooktop is a blessing of modern science. It keeps your kitchen ambient livable and healthy.

GE Profile 30″ Electric Cooktop Downdraft PP9830DJBB Review:

If you ask what is the best electric cooktop with downdraft, then we would say hold your breath for a moment. When you see this amazing cooktop, GE PP9830DJBB, the first thing that would most probably appear into your mind is it offers ample cooking space for each of it’s four heating elements. The magic lies into it’s design efficiency.

What makes the Ge Profile 30 electric cooktop stand out from the other electric stoves is it’s downdraft exhaustion system. If you are one of those people who prioritize health-safety over cost, then this is the right cooktop for your family. It’s high-efficient exhaustion system keeps the surrounding air clean and healthy.


GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB.

Not to mention, the downdraft exhaustion mechanism allows the users to cook for long hours without inhaling the fume and smoke. What is more, this GE stove is provided with fan speed control mechanism, which makes the exhaustion system more efficient.

Another exclusive feature of this GE profile electric cooktop is it’s superb heating power. It bears a power boil burner. It can create a bridging zone of two burners 6 and 8-inch) and generate about 3000 watts of power output at maximum. It also bears one 6-inch and one 7-inch burner featuring 1500 watts and 1800 watts of power (at maximum) respectively.

This GE 30 inch electric cooktop comes with a bunch of safety features. It’s analog controls are easy-to-operate. They also offer safety for kids. This GE electric cooktop comes with burner indicator lights, which not only protects the unit but also prevents energy wastage.

Adding to these, the GE pp9830djbb appliance holds the burner lock control. Not to mention, it is certainly a great advantage, if you have kids at home. It won’t be overwhelming to say GE PP9830DJBB is one of the best electric cooktop with downdraft 2019.

Best Electric Coil Cooktop Reviews:

Many people prefer the electric coil cooktops to glasstops, for their unbreakable nature. If you are fond of coil burners, then have a look on the following coil electric cooktops. GE has brought some great 30-inch electric coil cooktops combined with exclusive features.

GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop Stainless Steel Review:

If you are looking for an efficient electric cooktop featuring the conventional design of coil burners, then consider the GE jp328skss. This is another model from GE appliances. But this GE 30 Inch electric cooktop features stainless steel construction. Not to mention stainless steel makes this GE electric stove durable, attractive and easy to clean.

What makes this electric coil cooktop exclusive is it’s Calrod heating elements. This construction features metallic sheath threaded coiled wires. It can produce more heating-energy and heats up the pan-bottom more efficiently comparing to it’s competitors from flat surfaced cooktops.


GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless.

Like the previous models, this GE electric cooktop comes with four heating elements. Two burners feature 6-inch diameter. Each of them is capable of generating up to 1300 watts of heating power. The other two burners come with 8-inch diameter each. They can create about 2400 watts of heating power individually at maximum. Therefore, you can cook four different dishes using four burners simultaneously using different levels of temperature.

Another great feature of this GE 30 inch cooktop is it’s Infinite Heat Rotary analog controls. These knobs are spacious and easy-to-operate. Their push-to-turn feature makes this GE stove comparatively safer for the kids.

You may think that cleaning these coil burners could be tough and time-consuming. But cleaning this GE cooktop is quite easy, as these coil burners feature single unit drip bowl built with chrome. You can easily remove these elements and clean the burners. Adding to the aforementioned advantages, this GE electric coil cooktop bears 10 years of service warranty for the major components. What else you need?

30″ Coil Electric Cooktop with Four Heating Elements & Upfront Controls Review:

Here goes another GE 30-inch electric cooktop with coil burners. The cooktop surface features plug-in Calrod Coil made four heating elements. This electric coil cooktop provides even heating which is the pre-requisite of preserving taste and flavor of the food.

Like the previous model, this GE jp328bkbb is provided with four electric heating elements. Each of the two large burners bears 8-inch diameter featuring 2400 watts of heating power. And the rest two burners come with 6-inch diameter each. They can create up to 600 watts power individually. So, enjoy cooking several meals simultaneously investing less time and energy.

This GE electric cooktop offers almost similar features like the GE 30 cooktop jp328skss model. However, these two models feature one difference which is the color option. Unlike the jp328skss model, the GE cooktop’s jp328bkbb model comes in total black.


GE JP328BKBB 30″ Electric Cooktop with 4 Coil Heating Elements in Black.

Moreover, it’s up front controls comes in black, which enhance the beauty of this appliance. These infinite heat rotary controls feature easy-to-read marks/graphics in white.

You might think that cleaning the coil burners require more effort and time. Relax! This model is blessed with smart design. Each coil heating element bears a single piece removable drip bowl. Moreover, each coil burner features Chrome built-up with easy-to-remove trim rings. Furthermore, you can lift-up this cooktop using support rod for cleaning it’s underneath mess. Therefore, you can clean this GE cooktop within a few minutes without much effort.

This GE 30-inch electric cooktop bears “On” red indicator light which reminds you if any heating elements are active. It is certainly a great feature, as we often forget to turn off the burner after cooking. Therefore, it saves energy wastage and minimizes the risk of an accident.

Best Electric Cooktop Reviews Under Economic Range:

Not all of us are looking for a large cooktop with four to six burners, right? If you are on the search of a double burner electric cooktop under economic range, then follow this section. Here you will find double electric cooktops produced by some reputed brands, like Summit, Kenyon, Cuisinart, etc.

Summit CR2110 12″ Electric Cooktop 110V Review:

If you own a medium size family with a moderate size kitchen, then a double burner electric cooktop could fulfill your daily cooking chores in a decent way. Here we have reviewed the Summit CR2110 double burner electric cooktop.

This double electric cooktop steel the attention of the viewers by virtue of it’s smooth touch ceramic glass-top built with Eurokera glass. This standard ceramic finish makes the glass-top sturdy. It can sustain the continual and faster changes in the temperature ranges. Moreover, this smoothtop cooktop can nicely accommodate to a moderate size kitchen’s countertop.


Summit CR2110 115V Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners, 12-Inch.

This Summit two Burner Electric Cooktop comes with a size of 50 by 30 by 9 cm which accommodates two hotplates. Both burners feature 6-inch diameter with the capacity of producing about 1200 watts of heating power at maximum on an individual basis.

However, it doesn’t offer ample space between the two burners. But it is enough for cooking a small to medium size family. Furthermore, this electric burner offers a suitable dimension to use inside the RVs. Not to mention, this 12-inch Electric Cooktop is the right pick for a kitchen with compact space.

For safety reasons, this radiant burner electric cooktop is an intelligent choice. It is provided with residual heat indicator. This special feature warns up to when it is too warm to touch the cooktop surface without any risk of burning. What is more, this electric burner bears push to trn style analog knobs. So, kids can hardly manipulate it and remain safe from any unwanted incident.

Kenyon B41601 6-1/2-Inch Caribbean 2 Burner Cooktop Review:

Here goes another two burner electric cooktop. Like the aforementioned Summit burner, this Kenyon Carribbean B41601 model could be a great choice for a moderate size kitchen. And it is certainly one of the best rated cheapest electric burner 2019.

You would definitely love it’s ceramic glass-top built with black ceramic. This Kenyon B41601 ceramic electric cooktop features a continuous silky tough smooth-top that bears no crevice. This ceramic glass-top is effortless to clean up after regular cooking chores.


Kenyon B41601 6-1/2-Inch Caribbean 2-Burner Cooktop with Analog Control UL, 120-volt, Black.

With dimensions of 21 by 12 by 3.25-inches, this dual electric cooktop is provided with two electric heating elements. Each burner features 6.5-inch diameter along with 1200 watts of a heat generating capacity at maximum. The dual burners can create up to 2400 watts of heating power in total.

This cooktop is pretty enough to cook regular family meals. It is also a nice choice as an additional burner in a large kitchen. You can also pick this Kenyon dual burner electric cooktop for RV’s.

This burner features to push-to-turn analog control. You can either place this electric oven horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the manufacturer to provide white markings that not only guides pan placement area but also indicates the specific control for each burner.

A great incentive of to buy electric cooktop from Kenyon is it’s 3-year warranty. Adding to these, kenyon electric stove requires 120-volt electric connection with 20 amp electricity. So, this burner won’t make a high power bill at the month-end. All of these features make this cooktop cost-effective in the long run.

Electric Cooktops FAQ:

Pros & Cons of Buying Electric Cooktop:

  • Benefits of Electric Cooktop:

Electric cooktops have several advantages over gas or conventional burners. Let’s highlight some of them in short.

First, electric burners are quite cheaper than their counterparts from the gas range. When you don’t have a gas supply in your home and the arrangements are too costly. Then, you can buy electric burner.

Second, they are easy-to-install and simple-to-operate. You don’t need any ignitor to lit an electric Burner. All you need is to plug in your electric burner to the power outlet and switch on. What is more, the standard electric cooktops come with well-organized touch control panels.

Third, electric cooktops, especially the ceramic ones take less time to clean. After cooking you can wipe out the glass-top with a piece of cloth and it is done.
Fourth, the electric burners, especially the electric induction cooktops can cook the food evenly. Their efficient heat distribution mechanism can provide even heating to the food items. So, with an electric cooktop, you can get awesome taste, flavor, and color of the food.

Another great advantage of the electric cooktops is that they offer high levels of the temperature range. You can control the temperature precisely. And these burners can switch to a higher temp level on the spur of a moment.

Besides the above-mentioned common features, the standard electric burners can offer some exclusive add-ons, such as lock button, built-in fan, downdraft mechanism, etc.

  • Drawbacks of Electric Cooktop:

like any other product, an electric cooktop has some limitations.

An electric cooktop runs on electricity. So, you can’t use this appliance during load-shedding or power cut off situations unless you own a generator. And electricity is costlier than other power sources, like gas.

Another con is that the glass-top cooktops need careful maintenance. The glass surface may break or get scratched if it gets hit by a heavy object. However, you can opt the open coil electric burners to evade this issue.

And a usual electric cooktop takes a bit longer time to get heated up as well as cooling down the cooking surface; unless you choose an electric induction burner.

You got to use flat-based pots and pans for the smooth-top electric cooktops. Especially, if you choose an electric induction cooktop, then you have to use induction-ready cookware otherwise the burner won’t work.

Gas Cooktop Vs Electric Cooktop Vs Electric Range

The cooktop is an essential kitchen appliance without which we can’t survive. But nowadays the time and effort required for cooking have been reduced significantly. It is made possible by the technological advancement of cooktops and burners.

  • Gas vs Electric Cooktop:

Both gas and electric cooktop have their own advantages and limitations.

If you are a passionate cook who always needs to ensure even heating to preserve the taste and flavor of the food, then pick an electric glasstop cooktop. This kind of electric smooth-top cooktop is easier to clean, which can save your time and effort.

When you can’t wait for the cooktop to get heated, then gas cooktop is your right pick, as it provides instant heat. A gas cooker generally features a high-level boiling temperature. And gas cooking is cheaper in the long-term.

If you want the food to be cooked in the least possible time, then go for an electric induction cooktop. And when your home is deprived of gas supply, then you don’t have any choice except buying electric or induction burner. Besides these, induction cooking saves energy waste and minimizes your bills.

  • Electric Cooktop vs Electric Range:

Another burning question is do you need an electric cooktop or range. Certainly, both have some similarities and dissimilarities as well.

An electric range is a multitasking appliance that can heat, simmer, bake, broil and perform self-cleaning. However, the functions of an electric range vary depending upon it’s type, fuel-usage, design features, etc. And of course, it will cost you a fortune!

To choose between cooktop and range, you need to consider several issues, like, what’s your need? Do you need to cook a large volume of food in less time? Do you want your cooking appliance to bake and grill? If yes, then you need an electric range.

Another issue is how much space is there in your kitchen? You can choose a freestanding range or a slide-in range considering the availability of space in your home-kitchen or semi-restaurant kitchen.

On the other hand, an electric cooktop comes with single or multiple burners featuring different size and heat generation capacities. If you wanna cook regular family meals and have limited space in the kitchen, or have a limited budget, then an electric cooktop would be the right choice for your home kitchen.

Types of Electric Cooktop:

To find the right electric cooktop, you need to know the types of electric cooktop products currently available on the market. The electric cooktops can be divided into several categories depending on their design and mechanism.

  • Solid Coil Electric Cooktop:

These type burners are termed as coil electric cooktop or Solid electric cooktop. It’s solid metal coil heating elements are exposed. When the burner is switched on, the electricity runs through that solid metal coil element in a spiral way and creates an open flame. This solid metal coil is sturdy, resilient and durable.

An amazing fact about the coil electric cooktops is that they are hard to break or damage, so you can use it for many years. What is more, a solid electric coil cooktop can work with all types of cookware.

However, this coil cooktop takes a bit longer time to get heated up and the coils are not too easy to clean like their glasstop counterparts. But, it is the most affordable kind of electric burner available in 2019.

  • Ceramic Electric Cooktop:

This kind cooktops feature radiant burners hidden under glass built flat surface. Here the surface glass material is capable of withstanding high-level temperatures. And these burners don’t create an open flame.

Recently, the Ceramic Cooktops are among the top-choice list for the consumers who emphasis upon the aesthetics issue. A smooth-top electric cooktop can nicely blend itself with a demanding modern kitchen. Moreover, the silky touch glass-tops are effortless to clean up after regular heavy-duty cooking chores.

Besides these, ceramic glass-top electric burners offer a bunch of innovative features, like precise temperature controls, warm setting, bridging element consisting of two or more burners.

However, the electric smooth-top burners might be vulnerable to heavy cookware. The spills can leave strains on the glass-top, if not cleaned up properly. And, you need to use flat-bottomed pans otherwise the smooth-top might get scratched.

  • Electric Induction Cooktop:

If you wanna cook in a faster and safer method, then go for this one. The induction cooktop is the boon of modern technology. An induction cooktop creates an electric magnetic field to heat up the pan directly, while the surface remains cool to touch. It never creates any open flame.

Interestingly, the induction heating mechanism doesn’t heat up the cooktop surface, so it saves heat and prevents energy wastage. It can cook the food for less than half a time. And this magnetic cooking technology features even heat distribution through pan-surface. Like the ceramic cooktops, the induction cookers also offer exclusive features, like, timer, LED display, Lock button, etc. Adding to these, induction cooktops are save for kids, as it leaves zero risks of hand burning.

However, before buying an induction cooker you need to consider some facts. The induction cooktops can’t work with all type pans. You need to use induction-ready cookware, like, cast iron pans, magnetic-based steel pans, clad-based anodized pans, etc.

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How to Buy Electric Cooktop | Buying Guide:

In the previous sections, we discussed the related advantages of electric cooktop over the gas cooktops.  Then, we focused on the pros and cons of electric cooktops. Now you may have understood how an electric burner can upgrade your cooking experience. And you can compare the loose and gain of investing your money for an electric oven.

However, before highlighting the top electric cooktops 2019, we wanna present a short discussion on how to buy an electric cooktop. Stay with us!
There are some essential factors to consider whenever you decide to buy electric cooktop or oven.

  • What kind of cooktop do you need?

What kind of cooktop are you looking for derives from the question what kind of cook/chef you are? Do you love trying different cuisines at home-kitchen? If yes, then you can invest some more money to buy an electric range. Or do you need a cooktop to prepare the regular family meals? If so, then an electric cooktop would satisfy your needs.

Nowadays the electric cooktops are available in several categories. For a trendy kitchen, you can pick the smooth-top electric cooktop. If you prefer traditional design, then you can consider buying an electric coil cooktop.

If you are looking for an electric cooktop without burning coils, then go for electric induction cooktops. Apart from these, radiant electric burners are also popular among many people.

  • What is your preferable cooktop size/ dimensions?

Before buying any kitchen appliance, one should consider the fact that how much space is available in the kitchen to place that gear safely. Cooktop dimension is another great factor to find the best electric cooktop for your kitchen.

If you have a spacious kitchen and need to cook bulk food for medium to large family, then 36-inch electric cooktop can be your win-win purchase. And if you have a regular size kitchen, then go for a 30-inch electric oven. Simultaneously, you can choose, 24-inch burners according to your need.

In some cases, people love to buy an additional burner, besides their main cooktop. If you are one of those looking for an additional burner, then 12-inch electric burners can fulfill your need.

  • How many cooking zones you need?

The number of cooking zone indicates how many burners are there on a cooktop? A 36-inch electric burner usually contains five to seven cooking zones. And you would find three to five cooking zones in a 30-inch electric burner.

Under economic range, you can pick up the double burner electric cooktops, which are good for small families. If you live in forms or own small kitchen, then you can go for the single burner electric cooktops.

  • Do you want touch controls on your cooktop?

In the conventional design, the electric cooktops used to come with analog push-to-turn controls. Still today, many reputed brands produce such cooktops. Especially people, who have young children, prefer these cooktops for the safety issue.
On the other hand, you can enjoy the grace of modern kitchen concept by choosing the modern electric cooktops bearing one-touch controls. These controls are easy-to-use. Even teenagers and elderly citizens find the touch controls user-friendly.

  • What special features do you require on your cooktop?

By virtue of modern technology, electric cooktops are blessed with a bunch of innovative features. Now the best cooktop brands offer diverse functions, like Timer control, Lock control, LED display, On/OFF control, one-touch controls, etc.

Besides these, the standard cooktops come with a glass-top surface, clear markings, separate controls for each burner, etc. All of these features contribute to making your cooking experience more comfortable. Now you have to look for the special features according to your precise need.

  • What is your budget range for the cooktop?

Not to mention, the budget range is one of the most significant deciding factors while choosing any product. While buying an electric cooktop you may face the dilemma between budget range versus Price tag issue.

You need to ask yourself, does the price-tag worth the product? There are several things to consider, such as product quality, parts replacement warranty, brand name, etc.

Bottom Line:

A cooktop is not a mere appliance. It is one of the dearest members in your adorable kitchen. Today electric cooktops have earned a great level of trust of the professional and home cooks for their performance and reliability. An efficient electric cooktop can not only make your cooking experience easier but also save your time and energy.

Nowadays, the electric cooktops are available in diverse of sizes and dimensions. In this article, we introduced you to a handful of electric cooktops under various dimensions, like, 36-inch, 30-inch, 12-inch, etc. You can pick up the right one considering your precise needs.

For those who need to buy 36 electric cooktops, we recommend GE’s JP3536DJBB smoothtop glasstop model. It is capable of generating 2700 watts of heating power at maximum. If you want your 36-inch electric glasstop cooktop to bear a stainless steel rim, then GE’s PHP9036SJSS model is what you need. It can create up 3700 watts of heating energy excelling it competitors.

Next, we have picked out several cooktop models, for our honorable readers who wanna buy 30 electric cooktops. Each of them offers some exclusive features. The Whirlpool W5CE3024XB model is built with Schott Ceran@ technology offering a great aesthetic look. Besides these, the FFEC3024LB model of Frigidaire will amaze you with it’s clever Spill Saver design.

People who are caring and conscious, try to ensure the health-safety of family-members while buying an appliance for home. If you are looking for the best electric cooktop with downdraft system, then go for the GE’s PP9830DJBB model. This downdraft electric cooktop 30-inch offers efficient exhaustion system.

In the upper section, we also discussed on the 30-inch electric coil cooktops. These coil electric cooktops come with conventional design combined with modern features. Our recommendation goes to the GP328SKSS and GP328BKBB models both manufactured by GE. Each of these GE electric cooktops come with Infinite Heat Rotary Controls and removable Drip Bowl system, which make them out win their competitors from other brands.

Under economic range, we have chosen some great double electric cooktops offering modern features made by reliable brands, like Kenyon, summit, etc. These electric burners can offer a great helping hand for small home-kitchens. Even when you own an electric/gas range, you can still buy 12-inch electric cooktop, as an additional burner.

All the appliances we reviewed in this article have been manufactured by the most trusted and best electric cooktop brands. Hope our discussion helps you to find the best electric cooktop for your adorable home or restaurant kitchen. Happy Cooking!

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