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Best Fat Loss Supplements | Natural & Organic

Are you afraid of taking chemicals in your body during the race of losing weight? However, most of the fat loss supplements that are available in the markets, include chemicals in diverse quantities. The chemical-based supplements are not only expensive but also harmful for health in the long run. There are some weight loss supplements that can burn body fat naturally in a cost-effective way.

Interestingly, the organic fat loss supplements can give you some added benefits over those chemical-based supplements. This article focuses on the best fat loss supplements derived from natural as well as organic sources.

Best Fat Loss Supplements from Natural & Organic Sources


Caffeine is an effective natural fat burning supplement. It binds itself with the fat cells. Then, it contributes to fat loss by removing fats from the fat cells.

Caffeine also enhances the fat-burning process during relaxing and doing physical exercise.

Green Tea:

Green tea is not only a useful antioxidant but also a thermogenic booster that encourages body fat loss. Green tea extracts contain a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

This herbal weight loss supplement not only hastens the metabolic process; but also contributes to burning the fat-cells more quickly.


Several researchers found that the natural minerals aid in body fat loss. Calcium can contribute to weight loss, as a natural mineral; besides its great role in preserving bone strength.

The “International Journal of Obesity” published in January 2010, showed that daily calcium intake at 1,500 mg can cause considerable weight loss than any lower dose.

Therefore, you can add Calcium-enriched foods to your diet as an alternative to chemicalized fat loss supplements.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is labeled unhealthy for containing fatty acids. However, it contains a fatty acid known as, the ‘medium chain triglyceride’. This type of fatty acid differs from the usual fatty acids.

Therefore, consumption of the ‘Medium Chain Triglycerides’ can enhance the process of body fat loss. Then, why don’t you add coconut oil in your fat loss diet?

Gymnema Sylvestre:

High level of blood sugar releases Insulin that enhances fat storage in the body. Therefore, it is essential to curb sugar cravings for losing fat. Gymnema Sylvestre is one kind of herb that binds the taste receptors for reducing the sweetness of sugar.

If you have hypertension, then Gymnema Sylvestre is the best fat loss supplement for your health. It is recommended to take 300 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre extracts per day.

Milk Thistle:

This is another great organic source of fat loss supplement. Milk thistle extracts can not only resist the impact of multiple toxins inside the body but also supports the liver function effectively.

The liver serves as a chemical plant in the body that enhances fat metabolism. It is recommended to take milk thistle extracts by 200 milligrams every day.

Konjac Root:

konjac root or PGX or PolyGlycopleX is one kind of fiber that absorbs fat-cells, sugar, and water from the body and enhances fat. It is one of the best fat loss supplements, which is not only powerful; but also cost-effective. It is recommended to take 2-4 capsules of PolyGlycopleX before each meal.

Fish Oil:

Fish not only cherishes our cravings with taste and flavor but also serves as a natural weight loss supplements. Fish oil contains the omega-3 type fatty acids that can change the way of utilizing fat in the body.

It aids in burning the body fat-cells as fuel, rather than storing them. Moreover, fish oil can prevent fat cravings. It is recommended to take 1000-2000 mg of fish oil per day.

Reishi Mushrooms:

Traditional Chinese Medicine applies the Reishi mushroom extracts or ‘Ganoderma’ for enhancing body-strength and immunity along with fighting fatigue and hypertension.

It also serves as a herbal fat loss supplement; because people can continue regular exercise with healthy eating if they possess enough strength and energy. It is recommended to take 600 mg of Reishi Mushroom extracts per day.


The above-mentioned products are proven for losing fat effectively. You don’t need to try all of them. You can choose the best fat loss supplement considering your taste, weight loss target, diet pattern, availability of the products, etc.

However, before taking these natural fat loss supplements under a long-term diet, it is recommended to take the advice of any dietician or health specialist to avoid any health issue.