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Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2020

Abnormalities in the heart rate can bring your life to an untimely end. It is wise to carry a heart rate monitor to track down your heart condition on a regular basis. Now, what’s the best heart rate monitor in the market? This question is quite tricky to answer, as all marketers would claim their product is the best one. In this article, we are gonna introduce you to top heart rate monitors 2020.

Compare Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2020

Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews – Editor’s Choice

Here we have reviewed several dozens of heart monitors and picked the top 10 heart rate monitors considering quality, features, customer ratings, brand reputation, etc.

Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor | Wireless EKG | Captures Heart Rate, Rhythm & Symptoms for Early Detection of AFib | For Smartphones & Tablets | FDA Cleared

Here we introduce you to the Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor. It is capable of detecting unlimited EKGs wherever and whenever you wish. This smart heart rate tracking device can work as your personal clinically-validated EKG device.

You don’t need to be worried about the medical approval of the Alivecor EKG Monitor KardiaMobile. This FDA certified EKG Monitor can track normal heart rate and arterial fibrillation within 30 seconds.

What is Atrial Fibrillation?
Atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF) is the condition of irregular heartbeats (medically known as arrhythmia) like quivering. This disease is also known as AFib or AF. This disease can cause a range of heart complications like heart failure, blood clots, stroke, etc. Nearly 3 million people in the United States are suffering from AFib.

Using this device, you can monitor several significant health indicators including EKG, body weight, blood pressure, activity, etc. You might think taking EKG is a complex procedure. In fact, it is quite simple. All you need to do is to place your clean fingers over its sensors. This device you detect your heart rhythm within a few moments. This process would neither require wiring nor using patches or any kind of gels.


Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor | Wireless EKG | Captures Heart Rate, Rhythm & Symptoms for Early Detection of AFib | For Smartphones & Tablets | FDA Cleared.

This KardiaMobile EKG Monitor allows you to track your real-time heart information on your Smartphone or tablet via it’s a basic app (included). This device allows integrating your data with the other reputed apps, including, Google Fit, Apple Health App, etc. Alivecor’s artificial intelligence technology can track your heart rhythm, detect symptoms and maintain your individual heart profile.

Alivecor’s KardiaMobile offers a medical-grade mobile solution for EKG. It features a single lead heart rhythm strip which is similar to the regular EKG machine’s Lead 1. This Alivecor KardiaMobile’s AI can detect arterial fibrillation with about 98 percentages of sensitivity and 97 percentages of specificity. What is more? Alivecor is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor assists the doctors in detecting any kind of heart problems in the early stages. Alivecor AI is acquiring the trust of doctors and cardiologists worldwide for its advanced technology. The Alivecor® KardiaMobile Wireless EKG Monitor gives you the scope to enjoy limitless cloud storage for your EKG information with a monthly follow-up report under it’s ‘Go Premium’ version for some additional fee.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap

Many people invest huge time and energy on unplanned workouts that generate little or no benefits. You can start organized fitness activities with the Polar H10 Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap. It is a gift for those people who are looking for a comfortable heart rate monitor compatible with sports and other activities like cycling, running, swimming, etc.

Unlike the wristband heart rate monitors, Polar H10 comes with a Polar Pro chest strap, built with soft textile materials. This comfortable chest strap features high precision electrodes that can measure your continuous heart rate efficiently. The provided standard buckle bearing silicon dots assists the strap to sit firmly in place.

The Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor is a gift for people who regularly do physical activities, like sports, running, etc. Adding to these, you can use this chest HRM while swimming. The Polar HRM H10 can be used as an alternative to the Polar watch. The Polar H10 heart strap is totally waterproof. While you swim underwater, Polar H10 can efficiently transfer your heart rate information to the Polar Beat app at the speed of 5 kHz.


Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap.

You may have heard about ‘Polar Flow, a free app for fitness, exercise, training or similar kind of activities. And the ‘Polar Beat’, a smart app for tracking diverse fitness and sports activities, like walking, swimming, running, dancing, gym and many more. This app is totally free for Android 4.3 or more, iPhone 4s or more, and iOS Smartphones. It requires Bluetooth 4.0 connection to sync data.

The ‘Polar Beat’ app tracker is programmed with more than 100 sports profiles. Before starting a sport, fitness or other physical activity, you can select that activity from the provided list and start the process of tracking. This app tracker offers some perks, like a voice guide for your training target, instant social sharing, etc.

What is more? You can pair up the sensor of Polar H10 with a camera featuring GoPro Hero 5 compatibility and sync your heart rate information onto the video. Furthermore, this Polar HRM is compatible with many advanced level gym types of equipment, Bluetooth devices, as well as other pioneer fitness apps.

Polar Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap H10 is blessed with a 400-hour continuous battery life before replacement by the user. It can work efficiently under the temperature range of 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fitbit Alta HR, Blue/Gray, Large (US Version)

The Fitbit Alta HR is a blessing for those people, who are looking for the best wristband heart rate monitor under budget. This Fitbit HR tracker Alta is capable of tracking heart rate information, quality, and patterns of sleep, amount of burnt calories, etc.

While wearing Alta HR wristband, this high-end heart rate monitor can track down every small detail when the user is active or in sleep. It can monitor the user’s period of activity, covered distance on foot through walking or running, burnt calories, stair steps or vertical distance climbed, etc.

This Fitbit heart rate monitor Alta is equipped with PurePulse technology. When you wear this band on your wrist, the Alta HR monitor can track your heart rate and other data reading the wrist’s pulse rate. This advanced heart rate monitor applies the SmartTrack technology to track down your current physical activity and keep a record for the heart data on your Fitbit Alta HR profile’s dashboard.


Fitbit Alta HR, Blue/Gray, Large (US Version).

This Fitbit Alta large HR can even track down the quality and duration of your sleep. This modern wristband HR Alta can monitor how much time you have spent in the three stages of sleep – light, deep, and REM. It would assist you in understanding the quality of your sleep.

You can sync the Fitbit Alta HR’s data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This wireless heart rate monitor not only sends you notifications on your real-time heart rate data; but also sends on-screen guiding messages towards your weight-loss or calorie-burning target. It’s OLED display is easy-to-read.

Alta HR is water-resistant. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for a week after recharging once. It is quite handy, for the people who often forget about recharging devices.

The Fitbit’s heart rate tracker Alta comes with a mega-size band that is compatible with any human wrist under the range of 6.7 inches to 8.1 inches. The user needs to adjust the wristband according to his/her wrist measure. The Fitbit also offers some color options – blue, gray – for their US version Alta HR. What is more? The wrist band’s clock-like design interface can be customized to the user’s personal taste.

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap)

The Garmin Premium is another chest strap heart rate monitor, like the Alivecor® KardiaMobile. This heart rate tracker has achieved a huge number of customer feedbacks – mostly positive – for it’s durable and trusted service. The Garmin Premium’s Heart Rate Monitor is one of the cheapest heart rate monitors available on the market offering handy features.

When the user attains any sports, training, or any other kind of fitness activity wearing Garmin’s Premium HR tracker, this wireless device can instantly track the heart rate data. This device can work efficiently under the temperature range of 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, this device can transmit the heart rate information via a wireless communication protocol (2.4 GHz Ant) to any compatible device – chosen by the user – under a 3-meter range. Thus, during the activity period, the user can get instant feedback over his/her real-time heart rate data.


Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap).

What is more?  The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor is water-resistant. It can stay active underwater up to 30 meters or 98.7 feet. However, the Garmin Premium’s data transmission process won’t work while the user is swimming.

Initially, the user needs to pair up the Garmin Premium with a compatible device for just one time. This clever HR tracker would automatically recognize that device every time everywhere. It won’t require the user to pair-up devices repeatedly. This smart heart rate monitor saves time with greater efficiency.

The heart rate monitoring device is attached to the front part of the belt/strap. And, the rest portion of the belt/strap that runs around your back. This strap/belt’s fabric features soft and comfy elastic material. This Garmin Premium chest strap comes in universal size with a customizing option. The user can get a proper fit to his/her body after adjusting the strap.

The Garmin Premium HR monitor’s battery can last as long as four and half years before replacement, if used for one hour per day, on average. You can easily remove this HR tracker from the strap and wash it after use.

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband – Optical Heart Rate Armband Monitor With Dual Band Radio ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart

Many people find it quite uncomfortable to wear a bulky chest strap. If you are one of those, try Scosche’s Armband Heart Rate Monitor, RHYTHM+. It offers great features for an affordable price.

Scosche’s RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor is a great fitness workout tool. It can track a bunch of key health indicators, including heart rate, distance, time, pace, burned calories, etc.

What makes this Scosche’s RHYTHM+ heart rate tracker out-win it’s competitors, is its high-end biometric sensor technology powered by Valencell‘s PerformTek®. You might know about PerformTek®, continuous heart rate monitoring technology through biometric sensors. This technology is medically trusted and proven through extensive testing.


Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband – Optical Heart Rate Armband Monitor With Dual Band Radio ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

What is more? Scosche has applied Optical Sensor technology in this RHYTHM+ heart rate monitor. This patented technology assists RHYTHM Plus heart rate monitor in making high precision tracking and measurements. In the race of accuracy, this high-end technology keeps the RHYTHM+ one step ahead from the other regular heart rate trackers available on the market.

The Scosche RHYTHM+ is a substitute for the chest strap HR monitors that sit over your chest firmly. You can easily wear this lightweight armband heart rate tracker on your forearms. It is made of comfy breathable fabrics. This armband features IP67 waterproof connectors. This device can stay active underwater up to 1-meter depth.

The Scosche’s armband HR tracker RHYTHM+ is an app-powered device. It works through an app to manage your data. RHYTHM+ is equipped with a double mode processor. This mechanism allows you to connect RHYTHM+ with your smartwatch via Bluetooth and see your real-time heart rate data and other information.

This Optical Heart Rate Monitor is capable of transmitting the data to several ANT plus devices including fitness types of equipment, smartwatch, smartphones, Tablets, etc. Adding to these, when you activate the Bluetooth button on your Smartphone, RHYTHM+ can sync data through diverse fitness apps, like the run keeper, Strava, digifit, mapmyfitness, etc.

what is Ant Plus?
Ant plus (ANT+) mechanism refers to a wireless protocol that aims to monitor real-time sensor data like an individual’s heart rate.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor – Black/Silver

If you are on the search for a smart Heart Rate Monitor offering more than mere heart rate tracking, then don’t miss the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. This great fitness tool can guide you on how to burn extra fats stored in your body, and improve your level of fitness, keeping your heart rate under a safe zone. Polar’s FT7 is an affordable Heart Rate Monitor that works like a personal fitness trainer.

The Polar’s FT7 Heart Rate tracker is provided with smart training features, like Smart Calories as well as Energy Pointer.

  • Smart Calories: Counts the amount of calorie burnt during any fitness activity.
  • Energy Pointer: Displays your fat burning level and progress towards fitness improvement goal.

This coaching option is a blessing for those people who are struggling with excess weight and eagerly want to boost up their fitness level.

When you start any fitness activities wearing the Polar FT7 watch, it starts tracking your heart rate and shows your real-time heart data on its display. It can alarm you the time for speeding up or slowing down. It assists you to choose your right level of intensity zone during the actions. It features 5-level intensity zones depending on an individual’s maximum heart-rate,

  • Zone-one (50-60%) suggests weight loss activities for overall health recovery and improvement.
  • Zone-two (60-70%) suggests the repetition of short exercises to burn out fats and boost up stamina.
Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Zone-three (70-80%) suggests long exercises to progress aerobic fitness.
  • Zone-four (80-90%) suggests for maximizing the level of performance in respective fitness activity.
  • Zone-four (80-90%) targets mounting speed at the utmost performance-level. It is recommended for athletes and physically fit people.

Unlike the regular heart rate trackers, the Polar FT7 delivers something greater than mere data. This high-end fitness tool displays a summary of your every workout, including average heart rate, maximum heart rate, the total amount of calories burnt, etc.

You can track your continuous progress analyzing your last workouts, as the FT7 Heart Rate Monitor of Polar saves the summary of your recent 99 fitness sessions. Thus, the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor cum fitness watch helps you to understand the relative benefits of fitness activity and suggest a way of improvement.

What is more? The Polar FT7 is equipped with an H1 chest strap with a heart rate tracking sensor that can sync your data with other compatible fitness types of equipment. This easy-to-wear comfy chest strap is water-resistant and hand-washable. It comes with a replaceable battery unit.

You can join the polarpersonaltrainer.com website to organize. Analyze and monitor your fitness activities and share your experiences with your friends.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

Are you an adventure freak who loves to explore nature and wanna capture precious moments, along with keeping heart rate under the safe zone? If yes, go for the Suunto Ambit3 HR GPS watch. It is a great choice for the people who deny carrying extra gears other than a fitness watch. This heart rate monitor watch Ambit3 can track your heart data during sports, training, and any kind of fitness activity. It’s GPS mechanism can be your true buddy in adventures on mountains, forests, unknown trails, or wherever you go.

This Sports HR GPS unit Ambit3 is manufactured by Sunnto, a reputed company that produce outdoor adventuring tools and types of equipment. Sunnto was founded in 1936 by a Finnish engineer and visionary Tuomas Vohlonen. For more than a half-century, Sunnto is producing innovative outdoor gears to assist the outdoor enthusiast in exploring nature.

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR can track your heart rate during your walk, run, jump or swim. It can accurately measure your distance, speed, and pace. It displays recovery time based on each fitness activity. Furthermore, it is provided with a log of multiple kinds of sports. This smart GPS unit supports multiple languages which are an added feature.


SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

What makes this HR GPS watch Ambit3 Peak exclusive from an average grade heart rate monitor is it’s GPS tracking mechanism. It comes with a compass, GPS, altimeter, and barometer. You can check out the weather information, exact location, altitude, etc. during the regular fitness activities as well as adventures.

Today people all over the world find happiness in sharing their experiences and adventures with their friends on social networks. You would be happy to know that the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is equipped with photo taking mechanism. You can take photos while doing fitness activities or exploring nature. Later you can make a Sunnto movie using those photos and share your adventure with your buddies.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a highly powerful battery with this kit. It features about 200 hours of battery life which makes it a must-carry fitness gear during adventures as well as daily fitness activities. Its efficient GPS reading features 5-second accuracy for 30-hour battery life, which sums up to one-minute accuracy for 200-hours.

The Suunto’s Ambit3 Peak HR GPS watch is blessed with route navigation with heat maps using Sunnto Movescount along with with the free of cost Saanto Movescount app. This GPS watch cum HR also includes a trackback option. These innovative features would save you from losing your path and/or direction even if you dare to explore the highest mountain or deepest ocean or unknown forest in the midst of nowhere.

This Suunto’s Ambit3 Peak HR cum GPS watch can sync your heart data on your Smartphone without wires. You can also enjoy Bike Power Support enabling Bluetooth. Adding to these, Ambit3 Peak HR GPS watch can alert you on calls, SMS, emails and push notifications from the social networks. What else you need?

Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR

If you are a veteran athlete or a highly active person, who is looking for a sports wrist heart rate monitor for diverse fitness and sports activities, then go for the Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR. This wrist heart rate monitor can efficiently track your heart rate data in every fitness activity and assist you in reaching your training, fitness, or racing goal.

This Spartan sports watch cum heart rate monitor is easy to wear. Undoubtedly, it is quite comfortable to wear for hours, comparing to a chest strap heart rate tracker. However, you can wear this wristwatch along with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate monitor belt.

You can hardly ignore its sleek design and trendy outlook adorned with sapphire glass and stainless steel trims. You can easily see the information on its large display designed with smart viewing angels. This wrist HR tool is quite easy-to-operate through it’s a colored touch screen with three buttons.

This sports watch Suunto Spartan is pre-installed with 80 types of sports activities along with racing modes and interval option. You can customize the sport-modes through Suunto Movescount app via Bluetooth. This sports wrist HR can also sync data with other compatible apps, like Strava, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, etc.


Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR.

Besides calculating the real-time heart rate, the Suunto Spartan can measure a bunch of key indicators. While you participate in any kind of sport or fitness activity wearing this wrist HR, it would display your heart rate, amount of burned out calories, the distance you traveled, altitude, speed, and pace, etc.

More specifically,

  • While running, real-time lap tables are displayed for heart rate data, and pace.
  • While cycling, it shows real-time lap tables with speed of action, power and heart rate information.
  • While swimming, it displays heart rate, SWOLF, auto intervals, covered distance, pace, and action speed in the water up to 100-meter depth.

Besides the sport-specific racing or training modes, the Suunto Spartan heart rate monitor would track your heart rate and other relevant information during your regular fitness activities whether you walk, run, exercise, jump, swim, etc. Furthermore, it can monitor your heart rate, duration, and average heart rate during sleep hours, etc. while resting or sleeping. Adding to these, it shows your daily calorie consumption.

You can explore new terrains with this trusted companion Spartan sports watch. It is equipped with GPS route navigation along with 12-hours battery life, digital compass, POI, breadcrumb view, etc.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter

So far, we have discussed a good number of heart track trackers from different categories and brands offering various features under different budget ranges. If you are still looking for a highly affordable heart rate tracker watch, then the LETSCOM Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Band might be the right tool you are looking for.

When you attain any training, racing, or any kind of workouts, wearing this smart LETSCOM heart rate monitor, it displays your heart rate graph at a glance. It can deliver a report based on your overall performance including maximum, average and rest-time heart rates.

With this fitness watch, you can track down your daily fitness status. The LETSCOM Heart Rate Tracker Fitness Band can count your heart rate, traveled distances, steps, and burned calories for your fitness and sports activities all day long. This activity tracker features a vibration alert that would notify and inspire you for some movement after a long duration of sitting mode. It is a boon of modern science, both for the sedentary people as well as highly active people.


LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men.

This LETSCOM Smart activity tracking HR Fitness Band is programmed with 14 types of exercises, including, riding, hiking, walking, running, etc. You can track your real-time running statistics with a route map on this HR GPS wristband after activating your phone’s GPS tracker.

Who can deny the benefit of quality sleep on health? A good sleep recovers your body keeping your mind fresh. Thanks to the manufacturer for adding Sleep Quality Tracking feature to this LETSCOM HR fitness band. It shows your sleep quality in three categories, those are wake-sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep.

Though LETSCOM’s heart rate tracker is the cheapest fitness gear on your list, it surprised us with its handy features, like long-duration battery life.  After a spell of full charge, this fitness HR band can stay active for a week continuously. Its built-in wireless USB plug makes the charging task easier and quicker.

You can see the data on your Smartphone. All you need to do is to sync LETSCOM Heart Rate Monitor with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. This HR watch is compatible with iOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above. This wrist HR band can also display your email, messages and other notifications.

Bottom Line:

So far we have discussed 10 best heart rate monitors under different features, type, size, price range, design, etc. Each of these heart rate trackers is produced by reputed brands. You can pick the best heart rate tracker according to your precise needs. Hope it helps!

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