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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Floor Reviews

In this modern world, we can hardly imagine a home or commercial space with no carpeted flooring? And every homeowner certainly loves glossy plus dust-free floors. You are one decision away from getting your desired floor space. All you need to do is find the top vacuum cleaner for carpet and floors.

Well!  There are various types of rugs such as plush, shag, frieze or Berber and a few of those require a bit more care while cleaning. To find out the most effective, durable, functionalized and trendy vacuum cleaner, our researchers examined a hundred models. We expect our research will help you to pick the best vacuum for carpet and floors guarantying neat and durable carpet and floor space.

Top 5 Top Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Floor Reviews:

After researching hundreds, we have picked the best 5 that are specially designed for vacuuming all types of carpets and floors including soft style, Berber, and shag. Yes! We have tested one by one of all these products. Let’s shoot!

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum, White (SV1106)

Are you looking for a quick, convenient clean-up on all types of surfaces from one room to another? If yes! you are in the right one. The Navigator Cordless Freestyle Premium Vacuum functionalized such a way that it can fulfill your requirements. It not only offers superior cleaning on both bare floor and carpet, but you may also be happy to see that it has a strong suction power and an extended run time.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum for Carpet, Hard Floor and Pet with XL Dust Cup and 2-Speed Brushroll (SV1106), White

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum, White (SV1106)

Features at a glance:

One feature that we were happy to see during our research time is the foot-switch because you don’t need to bend down just to turn on the machine.

  • Bare Floor Performance:

This button has two settings, the bare floor, and carpet. In the carpet setting, the motorized brush will spin faster and suction will be stronger, of course, it’ll be noisier.

This functionalized works great on bare floors according to the user’s reviews and our research found so. The mixture of suction and the motorized brushed worked great at picking up small to somewhat large debris.

  • Carpet Performance:

Surprisingly at this price level, it performs pretty decently on a carpet. It will struggle on thick shaggy carpet and floors but for spot clean-ups, it’ll be respectable. You can vacant it less frequently as the extra-large dust cup holds dirt and debris. And the top- and bottom-empty design makes it trouble-free to empty without cooperating with the dirt.

  • Pet Hair Removal:

It has a motorized brush so pet hair shouldn’t be a problem.  you just need to check from time to time, if human hair or pet has wrapped around the brush. No need to worry though because Shark has produced it trouble-free for you to clean.

You can be able to use a scissor that can help you to cut off hair or remove the motorized brush by unscrewing of two locking pins on both sides. Attachments and Accessories, Charging Time, Filter Clean up, Run Time, etc are the all favorable features of  Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Dimension 10.5 x 9.6 x 46 Inches
Weight 7.5 Pounds
Noise Bearable
Works on Carpet, Floor, and hardwood
Pet-Friendly Best stick for pet hair
Battery 14.4-volt nickel metal hydride replaceable battery
Settings 2-speed settings
Charging Time 8 hours
Filter type Washable foam and mesh filter

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Hepa Media Filtration,UH71250, Blue

Do you like the one that can help you to move freely, sleek design, long hose pipe, releasable pedal and durable functionalizes? Then no need to move here and there. This one we selected due to its unique features.

Oh ! yes ! you may charm with the beautiful and stylish appearance of it.

Hoover Bagless Upright Vacuum

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Hepa Media Filtration,UH71250, Blue

Key Features

Its lightweight and its great suction power make it quite effective. You will get it in product package the vacuum base, the handle, the extension wand, the special tools (crevice, powered hand and up history tools),  a screw to maintain things together, the dirt cup as well the owner’s manual.

  • Usability:

Accomplishing with the similarity of several systems, this vacuum cleaner has great usability. It has a D-Shaped handle which allows you without difficulty maneuver the device. You can move around it freely with the hose. Using the foot activated pedal release, you can change the working angle, this will improve your comfort to work with it.

  • Easy and comfort use:

It will allow you to adjust the height of the brush roll. You need to choose among 5 predefined values for cleaning various surfaces and from the bare floors to thick rugs. However, you have a simple entrée to the brush roll that may come handy if you wish you can change the belt.

  • Filtration system efficiency:

The noticeable and most effective feature of this item is the filtration system of this vacuum cleaner. you will find both washable filters and HEPA filtering that has been used. The HEPA filter requires being changed once every 2 years. It can’t be washed, it should only be tapped clean. The rinsable primary filter is situated at the top of the dust cup. you can effortlessly reach and wash. However, you should ensure to dry completely before using. We recommend you to leave it outer for at least 24h.

  • Input power and Specification

It’s a vac with 12 amps motor and 25 feet ergonomic cord. It has an auto-rewind feature also. It’s practical, especially if you have a small storage space and a lot of floor obstacles, Obviously, It would be a perfect choice.

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Dimension 13 x 13.5 x 44.5 inches
Weight 16.1 Pounds
Noise Bearable less noise
Works on Tile, Carpet, hardwood, and Floor
Pet-Friendly Effective for Pet hair removal
Battery It is 110 volts and 12 amps.
Setting 2-speed settings
Filter type Washable mesh filter
Cord Length
25 feet

Eureka 3670M Canister Cleaner, Lightweight Powerful Vacuum for Carpets and Hard floors, w/ 5bags,Yellow

Looking for hard floor vacuum with effective vacuuming in different floor types? We picked this type thinking so. As well it has great functionality that really practical.

Maximum users like its outstanding performance of cleaning out garages with blower port. The vacuum uses dirt-bags which hold up to 2.5 liters. The bags are uncomplicated to take away and hold the particles and dust well. 

Eureka Canister Cleaner vaccum

Eureka 3670M Canister Cleaner, Lightweight Powerful Vacuum for Carpets and Hard floors, w/ 5bags,Yellow

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Dimension ‎11.8 x 10.6 x 20.6 inches
Weight 8.6 Pounds
Noise 90 decibel
Works on Carpet, hard floors, car, upholster, floor
Power cord The cord is 20 feet long.
Motor 10 amps
Height 11.8″
Dust-bag Capacity
2.5 Liter
Battery 110 VLT.

Key Features

  • Design & Usability

As it’s a canister vacuum, you have no problem to adjust manually the height of the suction piece from the floor. It is mainly important since this does not have adjustable suction settings. The best hardwood floor vacuums able to turn off the brush roll and decrease the danger of the vacuum grazing the wood. The Eureka has no such function to do that purposely, but you can lift the brush if you are cleaning mostly soft flooring.

  • Effectiveness and Usability

It has an only weighs less than 8.6 pounds that helps to make it an effective vacuum for hardwood floors with great functional features.  Such a lightweight, you can place it with minimal pressure on the base while you will clean. Easier maneuver allows the users to work comfort than heavier models. Additionally, the floor brush’s cleaning pathway will help you cover lots of ground as you vacuum.

  • Functionalized

Highly functionalized this bare floor vacuum has a high-powered, 10-amp motor.  You can join to the blower port or the vacuum port as well as to the cleaning tools. As it has a dusting brush, an extension wand, and a crevice tool, you can dirt free maximum areas with this vacuum. you will get a 20-foot cord that supports you to clean throughout bulky rooms without restraint.

Moreover, you may consider it for its effective additional different features, tools, and quality ingredients that may support you a long time.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux (Renewed)

As you may know, every product has some leading brand. Shark is one of most trusted and leading in vacuum cleaner producer. Weighing only 8 pounds, the Shark Rocket Deluxe is a lightweight corded vacuum with all the functionality of a full-size upright. It is trouble-free to carry up the stairs and maneuver it around furniture.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Stick Vacuum

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Capacity 8 Pounds
Weight 13 Pounds
Controller Type, Method
Push Button, Touch
Works on Carpet, Bare Floor and hardwood
Cord 25-foot
Filter Foam
Form Factor
Stick, Upright, Handheld
Included Components
 Nozzle, Crevice tool

Key Features

Looking for the 3-in-1 unit? Yes ! this one has a great option to use it in various ways.  It can also be changed from an upright to a handheld vacuum with a long baton. If you don’t require the long wand, you can release another button.  It also helps you vacuuming inside of your car, as well as upholstery places that an upright could never reach.

  • Indicator overheating protection:

You will see a green indicator light to notify you that the brush roll is spinning just about understanding that the vacuum is certainly functioning appropriately. When you see the indicator light is red, it means that there is an obstacle in the device. Overheating protection? Yes ! of course, it has overheating protection also, which automatically turns it off when an obstruction is creating the motor to overheat. It protects the vacuum from damaging.

  • Extended cord length:

25 feet long power cord is enough may be for you to vacuum each room in your house. You don’t need to switch outlets. It will help you to vacuum widen space with its lengthy power cord.

  • Filters:

This shark rocket deluxe Pro has a foam filter. You can wash and reuse them. It will save you from buying the new filters all the time. However, they are long-lasting, they are able to support your lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.  You need to rinse filters monthly. It may degrade but the performance of the vacuum cleaner won’t be affected.

  • Quick-release extension wand:

You can detach the floor nozzle from the bottom of the wand. And the other finish of the wand can be detached from the hand vacuum as well for better mobility.

BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum, 2156A

Finding the best usable vacuum cleaner is a matter of huge research, analysis, and experiment. We found out BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum for its lightweight, usability in tight spaces like corners, edges, around furniture and similar. Its swivel cleaning head can turn to get into tight spaces. It slides under nearly all of the furniture.

BISSELLZing Bagless Canister Vacuum

BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum, 2156A

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Dimension 14 x 11 x 12 Inches
Weight 10.23 Pounds
Form Factor
Works on Carpet, Hard Floor
Motor 9 Amps
Hose Length
4.67 Feet
Cord length-17 feet
Filter Foam
Capacity 2 Liter

Key Features

Its suitable for hard floors and low pile carpets with decent suction and construction. It works like more expensive vacuum cleaners at the fraction of their cost.

  • Durable and Functionalised;

We always look for the best vacuum cleaner with effective features and give priority to its durability. This item is powered by 9 Amp motor which provides decent suction compared with much stronger, larger and more luxurious models. Though it hasn’t electronic motor control, It is prepared with Air Flow Regulator on the handle.

You will get it with the multi-surface floor nozzle that is ready with brush switch. As it doesn’t have any rotating brush, that’s why suitable for hard floors and carpets of the low pile.

  • User-friendly Design:

As the Bissell 6489 Zing vacuum cleaner is designed in the lightweight, so anyone can easily carry it smooth and comfortable. It is small and cheap and has an automatic cord rewind system in this price range. You will find the cord length is only 15 feet that can help you work with it trouble-free. Its combined dusting brush and crevice tool would help you to work in tight and narrow spaces as well as cleaning cushions, draperies, curtains fabrics, etc.

  • Transparent Dirt cup

One of the unique features of  Bissell 6489 Zing is its transparent plastic. It will allow you to see how much dust is in the vacuum. You can easily empty the cup and it’s very much straightforward. When you see the dirt reach in  “Full” – you just need to empty it. Its post-motor filter and filth cup filter capture extra fine dust particles

  • Air filtration:

It does its air filtration in three stages. This function won’t disturb you and ensure a trouble-free work.  Nonetheless, air filtration is rather high-quality. No one really should expect vacuum this low-priced to have HEPA air filtration.

Also seeking for elderly people or kids usable vacuum? Don’t go anywhere. You can consider it for your best requirements.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Floor?

Shouldn`t you know the right clarity before choosing your right one? Of course. Let’s see the below details for your convenient

Obviously, you want the right type of cleaner as per requirements. Isn`t it? Everybody must try to find out the right category for their own purpose. why not you? Of course, you are thinking so. And that’s why we are trying to introduce you with trendy categories of running market. A vacuum cleaner is one of those pieces of equipment everyone needs, and no one wants to think about. As long as it sucks up dust, dirt, and debris, you’re fine, correct?


You will find there are lots of vacuums that may perform good but may not suitable for you. You will see several are just too weighty to use and carry the stairs. You may have a variety of bases, small or large space, carpet floors or may go hardwood, and so many limitation or variation. Right? Do you think if you have pets? So, A good performing vacuum cleaner is not only the requirements. That’s a complete dissimilar ball diversion.

At the final verdict, you’re evaluating types of model, price, and size. Do you think a pricey vacuum perfect for your needs? We don’t think so. Similarly, a vacuum is cheap doesn’t indicate it won’t work the way you want it to. As there are loads of selections to choose from.

We have tried to give you an effective guideline below to make the procedure of purchasing for a vacuum cleaner suck a lot less.

Before you read more about our best vacuum cleaner for floors and Carpets, We recommend to comprehend our petite on the different types of vacuums, so you can clear up yourself on what category will work finest for you.

  • Ball vs. Brush

Ball vacuums help you to reach around corners or under unyielding spaces like furniture. On the other hand, brush vacuums are typically upright vacuums with mechanical brushes. They’re efficient at cleaning thick floors and carpets. They usually have a broader cleaning alleyway. They are too much weight and are less useful when cleaning bends and harder to reach places. To negotiation, brush characteristically equipped with small hoses to clean those places.

  • Bagged vs. Bagless

Problem with an allergy? If you have this problem, choose the bagged vacuums.  Bagged vacuums naturally have HEPA filters to catch allergens It is known popularly for its hygienic specification and the bags prevent dirt and allergens from escaping back into the air. It helps to avert debris, dust, and allergens from spreading all through your home But bagless vacuums can save money in the long run, as you needn`t have to constantly pay money for bags or replace filters.

What’s about the  Bagless? Its typically trouble-free to vacant, and they give the peace of mind. It’s also pleasant knowing that you needn’t always have a surplus of bags to do a quick cleaning, and you don’t need to constantly check to see if the bag is full prior to vacuuming.

  • Upright vs. Canister

Canister counterparts are less affordable than their upright vacuums. Upright is much simple to store and light. Though, canister vacuums are greatly calmer than upright vacuums. They execute superior at cleaning bare floors.

The majority of canisters are more potent than uprights. Canisters have better suction and able to clean an area quicker. Our researchers suggest canister vacuums for people who plan to dirt free stairs and hard to reach places like upholstery drapes and under furniture.

  • Cordless vs. Plug-in Vacuums

Cordless vacuums have a battery life of 30 minutes tops, so you most likely won’t use them to clean the floors. But they have immense options for pet lovers who want to clean up some hair on furniture. It can also help to do a quick cleanup before guests come over. They’re also a superior option for cleaning small chaos or spot cleaning areas in short bursts.

  • Stick vs. Handheld Vacuums

These selections are basically cordless, but various have cords to provide more supremacy, which results in better suction. If you want to use the vacuum for only cleaning your floors, you should choose a stick vacuum. Typically stick vacuums are thin, tall, lightweight, and easy to move around.

They don’t execute as powerfully as upright and canister vacuums but they’re superior for quick cleanups. Looking for small handhelds? These are the best choice. These types have much smaller handhelds and are suitable for cleaning surfaces. Removing pet hair on furniture, or sucking up debris on upholstery, you may consider it. They will provide handy when it’s time to dirt free your vehicle too. Though, You will find stick vacuums with longer battery life than handhelds.

  • Robot Vacuums

If you want to touch up your grounds a couple of times each week with minimal effort on your part, Robotic vacuum cleaners are a suitable and better option

But, you oughtn’t to select a robot vacuum if you want it to put back conventional vacuuming.

Do you have short carpets and bare floors? Then we suggest picking robot vacuums. It performs best on areas under 1,200 square feet. You can use them on floors. Remember! they won’t assist you to clean furniture, stairs, drapes and your car. We discourage you to invest for a robot if you are a pet owner. As they won`t work to satisfy you and your needs as well.

Why Do You Need Vacuuming the Carpet and Floor?

  • Extending the carpet’s life:

You need proper care and attention to prevent your valuable and classy carpets and your floors. Without vacuuming regularly, you can’t extend the long life of a carpet and shining floors. If you can’t vacuum properly, carpets and floors gradually lose their appearance and damage within a short time.

  • To maintain your and your family’s health:

If you don’t clean it regularly, the flourishing irritants and trapped debris sticking to the carpet’s fiber lead to the growth of a variety of health issues inside a human body. Fungi, Bacteria, and other microorganisms harmfully affect the healthy state of all the inhabitants of the house especially Childs and group of old age. So, Its mandatory to clean and make sure the allergen-free environment that’s why vacuuming is significant.

  • To eliminate bad odors:

Odors pollution is one of the major facts of making your house an extremely unpleasant place to live. Do you know this fact that carpets produce the odors? Yes and that contain bacteria and tiny rotting food particles as well other microorganisms. Odors speed horrible smells. You may get rid of from this serious issue vacuuming the carpets and floors in this regard.

  • To prevent allergies:

When you vacuum the carpets and floors that sucks out most of the irritants taking refuge in the fibers. If you don’t remove substances, they may become airborne every time a person moves on the floors or carpet. If you have children, you need to take care of the floors and carpet for the prevention of allergies and asthma.



You must keep in mind below facts before purchasing the best one. When we reviewed vacuum cleaners, we cared about the following things:

  • Maneuverability
  • Noise
  • Pet hair cleaning
  • Battery
  • Cleaning on stairs
  • Charging Time
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Edge cleaning

Final Verdict:

The market is loaded with a wide range of different models of vacuum cleaner for carpet and floors. When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and floors determine the set of basic parameters of functionality and performance of the device and the above selection will suit you best regarding energy efficiency and power. Remember before choosing our guideline and you should choose the most optimal variant considering its functions and features. Look carefully for the information and be pleased with your purchase.