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Bosch Ngm5655uc 500 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop Review 2019

Are you searching a 36-inch gas stove offering a high searing or quick boiling along with abundance room for five pans at a time? Or do you want your stove to have electric ignition system? Then, the Bosch 36″ Gas Cooktop Ngm5655uc 500 Sealed Burner Stainless Steel model is what you desire. It’s innovative design nicely coordinates with the Bosch Ovens Ventilation.


Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

In this article, we are going to present Bosch gas cooktop review. Let’s see the key features, pros, and cons of the Bosch NGM5655UC500 Stove. Hope it helps!

Key Features of Bosch 36 Inch Gas Cooktop Ngm5655uc500:

Bosch Five Burner Gas Cooktop:

This Bosch 36 cooktop is blessed with versatility in terms of burner size, heating power, design and pan holding capacity as well. A number of burners in different sizes can house all of your cooking requirements.

The Bosch Gas Cooktop 36 Inch model is provided with one powerful central burner with the generation capacity of 16,000 BTU heating-power. It also bears three standard burners featuring 12000 BTU power each.

Furthermore, there is one simmer burner with 5500 BTU of power generating capacity.

The efficient heat management mechanism of this Bosch 5 burner gas cooktop allows you to simmer, steam, sautee, or boil the food – basically whatever you want! Now, imagine a very common scenario, when you need to go to work urgently but still you have to cook finish the cooking chores first.

At such times, having 5 burners is a great boon! They don’t give any trouble in turning on and are pretty responsive to changes in temperature.

The Bosch 500 Series Cooktop NGM5655UC model is quite spacious, thus, it allows you to cook with all the burners at the same time. This helps in preparing quick meals. 

Bosch Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop:

Cleaning the marginal space within the burners is a heck of a task, wouldn’t you agree? And it’s not like you only have to clean your cooktop every once in a while either. 

If you compare sealed burner to open burner counterpart, then undoubtedly the sealed one would be the winner. The specialty of sealed burner configuration is that it assures a safer cooking operation. It can prevent the food-spills to enter into the flames, which might otherwise cause burst. 

The burners of the Bosch NGM5655UC Cooktop’s are sealed quite securely. Since there is no space between the cooktop and the burner, any accidental spills or boil overs will be prevented from oozing into the box. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing Bosch Gas Cooktop with Sealed burner design. 

This sealed-burner-design would also save you from those times when, if some liquid falls on top of the burners, they give you a very difficult time in igniting up again. Not to mention, this Bosch Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop 36 makes the cooking tasks more flexible.

Continuous Cast Iron Grates – Removable:

What makes this Bosch 500-36 Gas Cooktop Stainless Steel model stand out from it’s similar priced alternatives is it’s cast-iron built continuous grates.
A grid of cast iron runs throughout the whole surface of the cooktop. 

The grate materials not only does make the Bosch gas cooktop 36 unit sturdier than average grade gas ovens but also makes the stove long-lasting. These grates are removable, which provides great support for cleaning the burner!

If you need to move any pot or pan from one burner to the other, you won’t have to pick up the whole thing and then put it down again on your desired burner. Here is the benefit of continuous grates!

You can just drag them across the iron grating. The pan won’t get slide-off the burner. And since this grating is spread throughout the surface, you won’t encounter any problems in doing so.

This, in turn, will save time and help you to cook faster. The Bosch 500 36″ Gas Cooktop rocks!

Bosch Stainless Steel Cooktop – Sturdy & Resilient:

Having such cooktops could turn out to be a nightmare if you have small kids in the house. They are bound to mess around with your appliances and could break them or get themselves hurt by them.

Or suppose a visitor were to come and accidentally drops something on it – it could break immediately. But a stainless steel cooktop can prevent you from all such situations.

Thanks to the manufacturer for building the Bosch 36″ Gas Cooktop with stainless steel material. Under the cast iron grates, the bottom part of this cooktop is built with stainless steel. This Bosch stainless steel cooktop is heavy-duty, tough and therefore, extremely resilient.

In fact, the Bosch NGM5655UC 500 36″ Gas Cooktop unit’s standard stainless steel construction makes it a lot more durable than any other kind of cooktop – be it induction or electric or glass. Those cooktops are liable to break at any time as they are quite fragile in their make. 

Elegant Appearance:

Besides the issues of durability, strength, and resilience, you can win an elegant appliance buying Bosch Gas Cooktop 36 Inch. This sealed burner gas cooktop gets a premium look by virtue of the high-grade stainless steel material. 

And don’t fret about your kitchen looking outdated as this gas cooktop has a quite sleek and an up to date appearance.

If you already own Bosch oven or wanna buy one in future, then consider that the Bosch 36 gas cooktop NGM5655UC model’s up-to-date design and mechanism can nicely coordinate with Bosch Ovens Ventilation

Easy to Clean:

During cooking, it often happens that the food or liquid spills over the grates and then passing down the grates those particles get heaped on the underneath surface.

But you can avoid such hazards buying Bosch NGM5655UC 500/36 model. This 5 burner gas cooktop is provided with a stainless steel platform below the burners. This design would help you to tidy up such spills very frequently.

You can make the task of cleaning easier by eliminating the cast iron grates component. Then, clean the food/liquid particles heaped on the stainless steel platform. And the best part is that you can keep your Bosch 36 Cooktop looking like a brand new product always!

Heavy Metal Knobs – Centralized:

The Bosch 500 series cooktop Ngm5655uc model features five industrial grade metal knobs. Unlike the other cooktops, it’s knobs are built with metal instead of plastic. 

You will never again need to put up with the trouble given by plastic knobs. They are quite fragile and thus have to be changed frequently.

No stove can be user-friendly unless it gives you easy access controls. You can control each burner individually using these heavy-duty knobs. There are total five knobs, for five burners – one knob for each burner.

What is more, these knobs feature Push-to-Turn mechanism, which makes it difficult for the kids to play with.

Another great feature of this Bosch Ngm5655uc 36 inch Gas Cooktop is that all controls are organized in the front-central position. Here, the knobs have been placed in just the right place, so they won’t get overheated.

Adding to these benefits, the metal knobs won’t create an obstacle in the way of big pot or pan.

Electric Re-ignition System:

This 36″ Bosch Gas Cooktop Stainless Steel unit offers an efficient automatic electronic re-ignition mechanism feature offers an added convenience to the users. It ensures that you will never have to worry about your flame ever going out.

This way, your cooking procedure won’t be interrupted.

L.P.Conversion Facility:

Though the Bosch Gas Cooktop Ngm5655uc500 model runs on natural gas. You can easily shift from using natural gas to liquid propane (L.P.). All you need is a liquefied propane conversion gear to furnish this Bosch 36 gas range.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing L.P. conversion kit with this Bosch gas stove 36/500 model. In this appliance, all necessary jets are provided into appropriate directions.

Bosch NGM5655UC Technical Specs:

Product Dimensions: 37 x 21.2 x 3.8 inches
Product Weight: 39 lbs
Energy source or Fuel Type: Gas
Gas (Fuel) Type: Natural gas 15 mbar (USA)
Alternative Gas (Fuel) Type: Liquid gas 27,5 mbar (USA)
Grate Material Type: Cast iron
Knob Material Type: Full metal
Total number of Burners or Heating Elements: 5
Front-left Heating Element or Burner Power (BTU) 12000 BTU
Rear-left Heating Element or Burner Power (BTU) 12000 BTU
Central Heating Element or Burner Power (BTU) 16000 BTU
Rear-right Heating Element or Burner Power (BTU) 5500 BTU
Front-right Heating Element or Burner Power (BTU) 12000 BTU
Sealed Burners Yes
Installation Requirements 360 Watt, 15 Amp, 60 Hz
Volts (V) 120 Volt
Plug type: 120V-3 prong
Included accessories:  1 x nozzle set for liquid gas, 1 x cast iron pan support
Approval certificates CSA
Required cutout size: 3 13/16” x 34 15/16” x 19 1/8”
Minimum distance from counter front: 1 7/8-inch
 Minimum distance from rear wall (in)  3-inch
Power Cord Length 60-inch



  • Can be cleaned without any trouble.
  • Contemporary look appeals to your eyes.
  • The simple process of installation.
  • Even cooking on all burners.
  • Includes a kit for converting from natural gas to liquid propane in case that’s what your house is equipped with.


Knobs do not have any mark other than an indent, so it becomes difficult to tell if the burner is on or not as the flames are not visible.

Bottom Line:

Bosch is an ideal brand in the field of home appliances. Its products are designed in such a manner as to give you prime cooking results by working well with high-temperature burners. The Bosch Ngm5655uc500 model maintains the quality of the Bosch Gas Range.

This Bosch 36 stainless steel gas cooktop with continuous cast iron grates bears a sturdy built-up. It’s five sealed burners with 16k BTU of maximum heat generation capacity enable you to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously. The provided 5 metallic centralized knobs offer easy access to this Bosch 36 Cooktop. And the electric ignition mechanism makes it more flexible.

It’s versatile sealed burners provide prime results in cooking. It can uphold your reputation and creativity as a cook when you have invited your buddies at a home-party and got to prepare several courses at a time.

This Bosch gas cooktop 36-500 Inch unit is the perfect supplement for your kitchen – whether it is newly constructed, remodeled, or an existing one. The alignment and blending of the burners in this Bosch 36-inch Gas Cooktop Ngm5655uc500 are flawless to coordinate with Bosch range ovens. So hurry up to add this beauty to your kitchen now!

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