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Cuisinart Double Induction cooktop ict60 Review 2020

If you wanna buy a double induction cooktop, but worried about the probable ‘hike’ of your electricity bill, then consider the Cuisinart double induction cooktop ICT60

This model offers even heating performance coupled with a superb energy-efficient mechanism. It can literally help you to cook bulk food in less than half a time without compromising the food-value and taste.


Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop Black

Let’s see the major features, technical specifications, pros, and cons of the Cuisinart induction cooktop ict60. Hope it helps!

Key Features of Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop ICT60:

Flexible Heat Setting:

The Cuisinart Indiction Cooktop Double ICT60 features a double burner cooktop bearing two induction hotplates. The most exclusive feature of this two-burner cooktop is it offers a unique heat-setting system for each induction plate.

The left-side burner has been programmed with 8-level power setting ranging from 200 to 1200-Watt. The power levels are 1200-watt, 1050-watt, 900-watt, 750-watt, 600-watt, 450-watt, 300-watt, and 200-watt.

On the other hand, the right-side burner comes up with a 5-level power setting. It ranges from 200 to 600-watt. The power levels are 600-watt, 500-watt, 400-watt, 300-watt, and 200-watt.

You can use both burners at a time for cooking or any of them. These power variations will facilitate you trying versatile meals at home-kitchen in less time with more flexibility.

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Dual LED Display:

It bears two LED display- one for each burner. These clear LED displays can show the temperature and the left time correctly. Thus, the Cuisinart ICT60 portable induction cooktop can help you to control the cooking condition more precisely instead of just guessing.

Dual Timer:

The Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 offers a 1 to 150-minute ‘Timer’ for it’s both burners. So, you can set a different time setting for each burner. You can also cook with this Cuisinart Indiction Cooktop without using the Timer control.

Easy Handling Controls:

The Cuisinart Indiction Double Cooktop ICT60 bears a touch-sensitive control panel for each burner. Each panel bears some easy to remember controls. It helps the user to use each burner independently.

You can turn on one burner; set the heat-level. And after ending the cooking task, you can turn the burner off. It has nothing to do with the other burner.

More to say, you can use the two burners at the same time to cook two type dish. For working moms, it is a great boon of modern science.

Energy Efficient:

The manufacturer claims that Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 offers about 70% energy efficiency. It allows the lower amount of heat loss comparing to any gas range or an electric stove. So your kitchen ambient remains cool. 

The Cuisinart ICT60 Double Indiction Cooktop cuts down the need for further energy-use to run the air-cooler. Thus, you can minimize your electricity bill with this hotplate. 

Adding to these, the Cuisinart induction burner offers a little but useful contribution to the global race of energy-saving

Flame Free Induction Cooking:

The Cuisinart hot plate ict60 neither creates any open flame during cooking the food; nor bears open coil for heating the pan. As it operates through the exclusive induction heating method, the copper coil is placed beneath the glass-surface of the Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60.

Unlike the usual gas or electric burners, this process heats up the pan only. So, the Cuisinart ICT60 Indiction Cooktop will offer you a safe cooking experience, keeping away from the risk of exhaustion or fire hazard.

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Facilitates Even Heating:

It is one of the most exclusive advantages of the Cuisinart induction portable cooktop. Though even cooking depends on the pan-quality, the Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 facilitates this process.

But how? Its precise heat control mechanism allows the user to control the cooking conditions properly. Moreover, it doesn’t allow the formation of hotspots on the pan’s cooking surface.  

Smart Portable Burner:

The Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 in black offers a shiny and classy look. It’s state-of-the-art design will make your kitchen look more elegant. Interestingly, Cuisinart induction cooktop can hold a fresher look for many years. Why? It is never exposed to the open flame.

Unlike the bulky double burners, Cuisinart ict60 is portable and easy-to-store. It’s dimensions are 14.25″ Length x 23.5″ Width x 2.5″ Height. It weighs only 11.6 lbs.

For this convenient size and weight, Cuisinart induction cooktop ict60 can be a great pick for using in the RVs, dormitories, patios, etc.

Auto Shutdown:

Cuisinart Stovetop system can detect whether there is an induction-ready pan over this glass Top, and it will take an auto shut-off with a 30-second duration if no pan is traced to this unit. So, this chic sensor can save electricity and cut the fire-risk. 

The system can take an auto shut-off for several reasons, like no pan detection, overheating, faulty power line, etc. This auto shut-off feature can save both the unit as well as the user from the risk of mishaps, like a fire hazard, exhaustion, burning, etc.

Easy to Clean:

You can place a paper towel on this Cuisinart double burner stove before you start the cooking. It can save the glass Top from the splattered food. After cooking, you can discard that paper towel.

Thus, you can end up the cleaning task within a minute! You can take a piece of damp cloth and wipe on the glass top softly to keep it dust-free and shiny.

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Cuisinart Induction Cooktop ict60 Technical Specs:

  • Dimension: 14.25″ L x 23.5″ W x 2.5″ H.
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs.
  • Power Range: 200 to 1800-watts.
  • Left Induction ring diameter: 7.5-inch.
  • Right Induction ring diameter: 6-inch.
  • Left burner Controls: 150-min timer, 8-level power setting, on/off button.
  • Right burner Controls: 150-min timer, 5-level power setting, on/off button.
  • Auto Shut-Off Duration: 30-second.
  • Energy efficiency 70%.


  • Does not offer a very low-level heat-setting.
  • Interior cooling fan may create some noise.
  • Requires induction-safe cookware.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the maximum Pan size that I can Use with Cuisinart ict60?

The Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 bears two burners. Each burner comes up with two induction plates featuring 8-inch and 5-inch diameter for left-side and right-side hotplate respectively.

For even heating, you can use 7.5-inch and 6-inch diameter pan at maximum, for the left and right burner respectively. At maximum, you can use 10-inch diameter pan on each plate. In that case, you need to stir the food properly.

  • What is its installation requirement?

The installation process is easy. Just plug in the unit to an outlet. All it requires for operation is a 120-volt socket with 15-amp power supply. 

Bottom Line:

The Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 can offer great support to cook the daily family meals for a large family in less than a half-time.  This model comes with two burners, two-set control, faster-cooking, less heat loss, high-end safety sensors as well as the smart look.

Very rare cookers can offer such a great blend of beauty and quality. The Cuisinart Double Indiction Cooktop ICT60 is one of the best double burner induction cooktops under economic price-range.

Where to Buy Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop ICT60?

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