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Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Review 2020

Are you looking for a portable cooker that can work without gas? Then, you can try the Secura Duxtop 8100mc. It is run by induction cooking method. The DUXTOP Induction Cooktop 8100MC has earned good feedback from huge customers.


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC, gold.

Here is a brief review of DUXTOP Secura 8100MC focusing on it’s key features, pros and cons. Hope it helps! 

Key Features of the Duxtop Induction Cooktop 8100mc:

Low Power Need:

The Duxtop 8100mc needs a 120-volt and 15-amp power connection to operate. Usually, it is available in any standard home in the USA. The installation process is trouble-free.

All you need is just to plug-in this single burner to the nearest 120-volt power outlet. Then you can start cooking. The DUXTOP induction cooktop Secura 8100mc is convenient to use both indoor and outdoor.

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Portable Single Induction Burner:

The convenient size (13″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″) with a lightweight (6.5 lbs) body has made this Duxtop Secura 8100mc Induction Cooktop easy to carry, install as well as store.

You can place this small induction cooktop on any suitable flat place inside your home for cooking. Later, you can easily store this lightweight burner on the kitchen cabinet or rack. The Secura Duxtop 8100mc is a handy gadget for dorm life.

What is more, you can use this single zone induction Stove Top at any outdoor space, like the patios, home-front or back, etc. This portable induction burner is a blessing for the people who love to go touring and hiking. You can easily slip this sleek portable device inside the luggage.

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Digital Control:

The Secura DUXTOP 8100mc makes the cooking task easier with it’s well-designed digital control panel system.

On the left side, you will find the power On/Off button. After that comes the LED display window. The LED display helps the user to use the system without much effort.

The display coincides with separate buttons on it’s right-hand side. These buttons show 3 type readings on the display. Those include heat (watt), temp (°F) and timer (minutes).

Heat Control:

This DUXTOP induction cooktop offers the heat control in two modes: power (watt) and temperature (°F). Both offer unique benefits. You can set a high temperature to boil water quickly. Or you can cook in the power mode, if the power supply of your home gets down.

You can choose either a power or temp level to warm or cook the food. You can also pick up a combination of both to set a precise heating level. The power mode comes up with a range of 200-watt to 1800-watt. It is graded into a 10-step setting.

The temperature offers a range of 140ᵒF to 460ᵒF. It is also divided into a 10-level setting. What is more, this Duxtop oven can cook faster than the other type burners, like the gas range, electric cooktop, etc.

Built-in Timer:

The Duxtop 8100mc also bears a built-in digital ‘Timer’. It can monitor the burner’s program with a count-down system. Once you set the heat setting, and program the burner, the Timer can start it’s countdown process.

You can see the left time on the LED display. This Timer serves from 1 to 170-minute with 1-minute increment.

Safety Features:

This Duxtop 1800-watt burner offers a clever safety system, which is backed up by a bunch of chic sensors. Secura 8100mc is approved by the ETL for its safe operation.

  • Error Code Display:

If any issue occurs with the cooker or the power line, the system will show an error code on the LED display to warn the user. It can show more than one errors at a time. In some cases, the Duxtop oven will take an auto shut off due to the safety issue.

  • Auto Pan Detection sensor:

This DUXTOP single induction stove bears an auto pan detection sensor. It can detect the presence of any pan over the unit. The sensor will only recognize an induction-safe pot or pan. If it does not find a pan, the system will ‘beep’ and show an error message on the LED display.

In another case, if you remove that pan from the cooking surface, the sensor will also do the same thing. In both cases, the burner will take an auto shut down with 60-second time, if you don’t put the pan on the unit. This feature cut the risk of any fire and keeps you safe.

  • Voltage Detection Sensor:

The Duxtop portable stove top bears a the Voltage Detection Sensor. It shows an error code by the LED display, when the power line reaches in a too low or too high voltage.

If the voltage anomaly continues up to 60-second, then this Secura DUXTOP 8100mc Induction Cooktop will take an auto shut off. Thus, it saves the unit from the risk of short circuit, fire, etc. It also saves the food from uneven cooking. 

Cookware Compatibility:

Secura Duxtop 8100mc induction cooktop can safely work with the induction-compatible pots and pans. Read Best Induction-ready Cookware Reviews

The Secura 8100mc Induction Cooktop’s heating zone is defined by two induction circles featuring 6.25″ and 9.5″ diameters. You can use pans with diameters up to 11″ over this heating zone.

Smart Glass Top:

The Duxtop single induction cooktop bears a flat top. Here both the cooking surface, as well as the control panel lies on the same level. The DUXTOP 8100mc cooker is built with the black ceramic glass with a smart outlook.

This glass is scratch resistant. It can also resist heat shocks. Moreover, this glass top is easy to clean. You can wipe out the ceramic glass with a wet towel.

Built-in Cooling System:

This Duxtop cooktop has a built-in fan system. When you turn on the burner, the fan will start running. It keeps the inner ambient cool and safe. When you turn off the burner after cooking, this fan will work for a few minutes more to cool down the hot air inside the frame.

Duxtop 8100mc Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 13 x 11.5 x 2.5 inch.
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Power Need: 120-volt & 15-amp.
  • Digital control panel with LED display.
  • Timer: 170-min with 1-min increment.
  • Temp Range: 140 to 460°F at 10-step.
  • Power Range: 200 to 1800-watt at 10-step.
  • Auto-pan detection sensor.
  • Auto Shut off in 60-sec.
  • Error Code display.
  • ETL approved.


  • Works with Induction Pans Only.
  • Does not offer the lock feature. 
  • It’s plastic-built control area might thaw, if a very hot pan slips over it.

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Bottom Line:

This Duxtop induction cooktop offers a bunch of useful features that many expensive burners won’t. You can use this induction hot plate both indoor and outdoor.

What is more, this 1800-watt stove top offers an easy-to-use control that cuts the cooking time. The Secura DUXTOP 8100mc also offers a smart look. It is one of the best induction ranges under budget.

Where to Buy Duxtop 8100MC Induction Cooktop?