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Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Review 2020

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Fagor induction cooktop offers an excellent combination of an efficient heating system, user-friendly cooking-modes, slick design, portability, great safety features, faster cooking, etc. If you wanna improve your cooking experience using modern technology, don’t miss this handy portable induction cooktop. Here goes a detailed review on Fagor 670041900 cooktop. Hope it helps!

Key Features of the Fagor Induction Cooktop:

Portable Induction Burner:

The Fagor portable induction cooktop is easy to carry for it’s light-weight (5.9 lbs) structure. You can place this unit outside the home – balcony or patio where a port is available nearby. Its suitable dimensions (11.8″ x 15″ x 2.3″) facilitate the user easier to carry this unit inside a suitcase.

What is more, this Fagor Pro 670041900 model is trouble-free to use in the dorms. If you have a space shortage, you can store this portable cooker on a rack/cabinet after use. Read Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews.

User-friendly Controls:

Digital Touch-pad:

The Fagor induction hot plate offers an easy to use touch control panel. The user can see the heat (ᵒF), power (watt) and time (minute) accurately on the digital LED display.

You can alter the heat setting in a moment, using the “+” (raise) or “-” (lower) button. It puts to an end to the era of cooking on guessing (heat and time).

Digital Timer:

The Fagor induction burner comes up with a 180-minute digital count-down Timer. The burner will take auto shut down after your pre-set time duration. But, you can also cook without using the Timer.

Exclusive Cooking Modes:

The most exclusive feature of Fagor induction cooker is its user-friendly and innovative cooking-modes. These modes have been designed with eight pre-set temperature settings.

Those are 1) warming, (2) simmering, (3) boiling, (4) rapid boiling, (5) Sautéing, (6) browning, (7) searing, (8) stir-frying.

These options can help you to cook twice faster than the usual cookers. These quick launch buttons are quite handy, even if the user has little idea about the precise heat required to cook the food.

Efficient Heat Control:

This Fagor portable induction stove runs through induction cooking technology. It offers a 2-mode heating system. This flexible heating mechanism can help you to cook any dish you desire.

  • Temp mode:

It ranges from 140ᵒF to 465ᵒF. You can set a precise temperature to cook a special dish.

  • Power mode:

This single burner cooktop can reach up to 1800-watt heating power at max under an 8-level setting. Each power-level shows a corresponding Temp in the Fahrenheit.

Safety Features:

  • Maintains Standard:

The ETL has approved this Fagor digital portable induction burner in the USA as well as Canada.

  • Cool-Touch Surface:

The cooking surface of Fagor induction range remains safe and cool to touch during cooking. The magic is hidden into the induction heating method.

In this system, the electromagnetic wave can heat up only the pan or pot placed over the unit; not the burner itself. So no more burning issue will occur; while cooking with the Fagor Pro hot plate.

  • Smart Sensors:

The pan detection sensor can check the presence of an induction pan over the unit. If the user removes the pan from the cooktop and forgets to turn off the unit, this sensor gets active.

In both cases, if the sensor can’t find the pan, the system takes an auto shut down within 30-sec.

  • Free from Burning-risk:

No open coil is used in this Fagor induction stove top. And the pan detection sensor shuts down the system right after the pan-removal. So, there is no chance of creating gas emission or open fire-flame.

  • Lock Control:

It is a life-saving option, especially when you have young kids at home. Once the program is set, the lock control will prevent any alteration to other controls, until the burner reaches its preset time duration.

Energy Efficient:

Any usual burner allows heat loss due to it’s inner mechanism. Thanks to the Fagor induction cooker for it’s exclusive 90% energy-efficiency, while any gas range or electric heater can use 50% energy at best.

Fagor induction cooktop pro can measure the pan-diameter and then, heats up accordingly. Thus, it can harness the electricity bill at month-ends.

Easy to Clean:

The smooth and glossy cooking surface is built with high-standard heat-resistant ceramic. If the food spills on the cooking surface, it won’t stick to the cool-touch glass top.

So, you can easily wipe out the spilled food or oil residue from the cooktop surface using a small piece of wet cloth. 

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Smart Appearance:

This smart induction cooker is built by the Fagor Electrodomésticos, a well-known European brand. Not to mention it’s excellent design would steal your attention at first glance.

The gorgeous black appearance of the Fagor induction range nicely complies with any standard kitchen-ambient. It also looks smart, if placed upon a long table with other foods and pans during a feast. More to say, it’s smart looks go nicely for dorm-use.

Cookware Compatibility:

Like any other induction burner, this Fagor Pro induction cooker can’t work with any type cookware. The induction cooking technology requires induction ready pots and pans. There are some factors to buy induction ready cookware. 

The stainless steel cookware having magnetized base, cast iron pots, and pans, hard anodized pans with the clad base, etc. Generally, an induction cooker doesn’t work with aluminum and ceramic pots and pans. But ceramic pans bearing magnetized base are induction-safe. 

Color Options:

Fagor Pro induction cooktop is available in several color options, such as black, caramel and desert sand. You can pick the right one considering your personal preference as well as needs.

Fagor Pro 670041900 Technical Specs:

  • Dimension: 11.8 x 15 x 2.3-inch.
  • Weight: 5.9lbs.
  • Temperature range: 140ᵒF – 465ᵒF.
  • Power range: Max 1800-watt at 10-level setting.
  • 8-Cooking mode: (1) warm, (2) simmer, (3) boil, (4) rapid boil, (5) Saute, (6) brown, (7) sear, (8) stir-fry.
  • Auto pan detection sensor.
  • Auto shutdown feature.
  • Led Digital Display.
  • Gorgeous Black Glass Surface.
  • ETL approved USA & Canada.


This great portable induction cooktop doesn’t have any severe con. It is a bit pricier than the average quality induction or gas burners. Another issue is like any other induction cooker it works only with the induction pots and pans. So you need to buy induction pans if you don’t have any.

Bottom Line:

The Fagor portable induction cooktop is a blessing for the users who want to cook bulk food in less time. It’s well-planned safety features assure a safe cooking experience. Besides these, the Fagor Pro 670041900 is a perfect pick for the people who love touring or live in the dorms. Happy Cooking!

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