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Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30-inch Electric Cooktop, Black Review 2020

Are you tired of cooking on the same stainless steel Cooktop each passing day? Would you like a stylish Cooktop to set off your newly built kitchen? Or do you want to change the look of your current kitchen? Here is Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 electric Cooktop that fulfills all you need.

It is built by Frigidaire, a brand that has earned its name in the industry. It comes in black color featuring ceramic glass-top. Now make the monotonous task of cooking more invigorating!

Frigidaire-30 Electric-Cooktop

Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop – Black

In this article, you will find a detailed review of the Frigidaire Electric Cooktop 30 Inch including key features, pros, and cons. Hope it helps!

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Key Features of Frigidaire Electric Cooktop 30 Inch FFEC3024LB:

Gorgeous Black Ceramic Glass-top:

The smooth touch ceramic built continuous glass-top surface of the Frigidaire Cooktop FFEC3024LB unit attracts the attention of people on the first sight. This even glass-top surface helps in better heat distribution through the cooking surface.

The smooth-touch construction of this continuous glass-top makes it easier to clean. Adding to this, the black ceramic glasstop adds an elegant touch to it’s surroundings. The Frigidaire Electric Smoothtop Cooktop 30″ nicely blends itself with a modern kitchen.

Spill Saver Design – Easy to Clean:

Despite careful observations, sometimes the food overflows the pot and leaves spot over the glasstop stove. Thanks to the manufacturer as they provided a nice solution to this issue in this Frigidaire Electric Cooktop 30 Inch model. It comes with exclusive Spill Saver Design that can effectively prevent this ceramic cooktop from being scratched or holding marks caused by the food residues.

This innovative design idea makes the cleaning effortless and keeps the smoothtop cooktop fresh and spotless after regular cooking chores. Now you can cook without worrying about damaging the gorgeous glass-top. 

Four Cooking Zones:

Frigidaire Electric Cooktop 30 Inch FFEC3024LB is equipped with four heating elements.

  • Both of it’s left-front and right-rear burners feature 6-inch diameter size with 1200-watt heating power at maximum.
  • And the left-rear and the right-front burner comes with 9-inch diameter width featuring about 2500 watts of heat generating power. 

So, you can use each different burner for a different purpose – like simmering, searing, boiling, frying, etc. – upon your need.

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Hot Surface Indicator:

Get a warning light if your Cooktop is too hot to touch at the moment. This will save you a number of unavoidable and painful burns that are an unwanted part of cooking. Nothing spoils your mood for a good dish like a burn. So make your cooking life easier with the amazing cooktop Frigidaire FFEC3024LB.

Another good part of this feature is that the indicator stays on even if your Cooktop is switched off, so you won’t have to keep it on just to know if the surface is hot. The cherry on the top is that there is a corresponding indicator for each burner. Save your electricity while saving yourself from burns at the same time!

Ready-Select Controls:

This Frigidaire Electric Range Cooktop is provided with a well-organized control panel. The controls are quite simple to operate, providing you handiness as well as speed.

No more fiddling with the controls to find out what happens if you press each button! You can select from the various options available to enhance your cooking experience.

In addition to that, you can easily customize it’s cooking temperature. Owning this Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Cooktop you can heat the food to the degree and level, as you desire. It’s efficient heating mechanism will prevent both over-heating and under-heating to make you absolutely relish your food.

Whether you need to boil water, smolder your beloved sauces, or steam vegetables, everything will be speedier with this Frigidaire Cooktop. A demarcated selection of simmering is another feature that proves to be very handy.

Color Coordinated Control Dials:

That’s another advantage of having the black model! Frigidaire offers intelligent color-coordination for their Cooktops. But remember that only the bisque, white and black colored Cooktop have dials corresponding to the color of the Cooktop.

On the other hand, models with stainless steel feature knobs that are neutral black. Thanks to the manufacturer for designing the Frigidaire Cooktop FFEC3024LB model in gorgeous Black appearance along with color-coordinated black controls

And of course, black is the one color that never goes out of fashion, so it is a timeless piece and will always make your kitchen look stylish. It is a proven fact that color coordination can play a huge role in the acceptance or rejection of any product. But you don’t need to worry on that account at all with this particular Frigidaire Electric Range model.

Smart Add-on – Power “ON” Indicator:

It often happens to us that we forget to turn off the burner after ending the cooking task. This little mistake might bring serious danger to our family like a fire hazard. Thanks to the manufacturer again, for providing an intelligent indicator in the Frigidaire Stove FFEC3024LB to evade such situations.

This indicator gives you an alert for as long as the Cooktop is on. This little light will let you know even from a bit of a distance whether the Cooktop is switched on or off so that you don’t have to come back to the kitchen every time you want to check it.

In addition to that, this feature also helps you to save electricity by letting you know if the Frigidaire FFEC3024LB Cooktop is on when you don’t want it to be, or vice-versa. Such a life saver it is!

What Is Special in Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30

This shiny Frigidaire Stove is extremely efficient in energy consumption as well as time-saving. The magic lies in it’s efficient heating mechanism. It’s multiple burners instantly heat up. 

The Frigidaire 30″ Electric Cooktop FFEC3024LB has been guaranteed by the UL Safety Listing as having the correct construction for its safe operation. This is a reasonable upgrade from the stove top that comes with electric coiling, which is a pain to clean.

This Frigidaire Cooktop’s ceramic glass-top features even surface. It makes an awesome contact with the bottom-area of the pots and pans lying over the hot-plates. 

Besides the above-mentioned incentives, buying Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Inch Electric Cooktop, you can enjoy one year warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

Frigidaire FFEC3024LB Technical Specs:

  • Power Type: Electric
  • Product Weight: 40 lbs
  • Product Size: 30″
  • Dimensions: 21.5″ x 30.8″ x 3″
  • Installation Type: Drop-In
  • Cooking Surface Type: Ceramic Glass in Black 
  • Hot-Surface Indicator Light: Yes
  • Knob Color: Color-Coordinated
  • Knob Type: Plastic
  • Left Front Heating Element: 6-inch – 1200 Watts
  • Left Rear Heating Element: 9-inch; 2500-Watt
  • Right Front Heating Element: 9-inch; 2500-Watt
  • Right Rear Heating Element: 6-inch; 1200-Watt
  • Controls Location: Right Side
  • Amps @ 240-Volt: 30.8 / 26.9
  • Connected Loads @ 240V: 7.4 / 5.6
  • Minimum Circuit Required: 30A
  • Connector Location: Right Rear
  • Voltage Ratings: 240V / 208V 60Hz


  • Smooth-touch Ceramic Glass-top makes this unit look gorgeous.
  • Spill Saver Mechanism makes the glass-top easy-to-clean.
  • Larger controls make it a simple job to remove and clean them.
  • Avoid heat wastage with its swift, consistent and efficient heating, which also reduces the overall heat in your kitchen.
  • Burners flame up without delay, thus making it time efficient
  • Runs on electricity, hence saving fuel and making it environment-friendly.
  • Fast cooling down process.
  • Four elements, two of which are high-powered.
  • How can we forget its aesthetic values?
  • Easy to put up with lucid and succinct instructions and the connections already made for you.
  • Very affordable.


  • Must be cleaned after using it every time as the stove might get white spots.
  • Burners might sometimes get too heated.
  • You will have to badger the customer service to get any repairs done.
  • Knobs are very fragile.
  • Countertop must be of the precise specifications of the Cooktop.
  • No warranty for splintering.
  • Gets scratched easily.

Bottom Line:

This is the stove that will keep the cook happy. And understandably, when the cook is happy, the food too is extremely appealing. And when your appetite is satisfied, you yourself feel at peace. Let’s recap it’s main features.

The Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Cooktop FFEC3024LB, Black offers four burners featuring different size and heating capacity. It is more responsive than any gas stove. It’s easy installation attribute makes it an ideal choice meant for the people who prefer to do everything themselves.

This Frigidaire Stove features a sleek appearance with energy efficient mechanism. It’s Spill Saver Ceramic glass-top is not only gorgeous but also easy-to-clean. And the Frigidaire is a tried and tested brand, and customers are generally content with it. It works in the same exact manner as it is advertised. 

The Frigidaire Cooktop FFEC3024LB is one of the best available Electric Cooktops.  Although there are a few issues, this electric Cooktop is worth its value. So hurry and get your Cooktop now to make your life more convenient! 

Where to Buy Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30″ Electric Cooktop?

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