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Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Electric Induction Cooktop Review 2020

Are you still using an old, traditional gas stove or an electric stove? It is time to embrace the latest technological innovation and reduce your electricity bills. If you seek a 30-inch counter-top, then go for the Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Induction Cooktop black model.

This Frigidaire 30 inch induction cooktop offers the great benefits of induction heating mechanism, which makes your cooking twice-faster utilizing less energy. It’s elegant and sleek built-up is the perfect accessory to your kitchen. Not only is it more efficient than a regular gas or electric stove but also easy to use and maintain.

Here goes a detailed review of this Frigidaire gallery induction Cooktop FGIC3067MB. Let us look at some of its awesome features, pros, and cons.

Frigidaire Gallery 30 Cooktop

Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop.

Key Features of Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30 Induction Cooktop:

Black Ceramic Glass-Top:

When you see the Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30 Induction Cooktop, the first thing that would engross your mind is it’s fascinating beauty. This cooktop’s surface area is built with ceramic glass in black. This glass-top features a continuous smooth and silky-touch area with no crevice or joints.

Due to the induction mechanism, the cooktop surface remains cool-touch. Though this smooth glass-top surface is easy-to-clean, it is not slippery. Adding to these, it’s gorgeous black color makes this Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Electric Induction Cooktop look more elegant.

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Four Induction Heating Elements:

The size of this cooktop is absolutely perfect, being 30 inches, it easily accommodates four induction elements, which are very powerful and efficient as well. These are much more responsive as compared to a gas or electric stove.

These heating elements are so powerful that they can provide up to 3,400 Watt of power at maximum which means that you can boil water in just two minutes. The size of each element is different- 10-inch, 8-inch, 7-inch, and 6-inch to suit different sizes of cookware.

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Cookware Compatibility:

Like the other induction range cookers, the Frigidaire Gallery Induction Cooktop FGIC3067MB model works only with the induction-ready pots and pans.

You can use cast iron pans, or other any cookware bearing ferromagnetic base. To check the induction compatibility of a pan, put a magnet on the pan-base and if it sticks, then your pan is induction-safe.

A great advantage of bearing 4 induction elements is that it allows you to cook with different size pots and pans simultaneously for a different purpose, like, boiling, simmering, stirring, frying, etc. This not only saves your cooking time but also makes it very convenient. 

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Versatile Heating Ability:

As you get four different induction heating elements, it gives you the freedom to heat up four different utensils simultaneously at a different temperature.

  • The 7-inch induction plate lying on the Left Front can create 1800 to 2600 Watts heating power.
  • And the 8-inch plate lying on the Left Rear is capable of generating 2300 to 3200 Watts power.
  • The largest induction heating zone (10-inch) lies on the Right Front featuring superb heating capacity ranging from 2500 to 3400 Watts.
  • The smallest heating element (6-inch) is placed on the Right Rear, which is provided with the heating capability of 1450 to 2000 Watts

Frigidaire induction cooktop 30 Inch offers you the opportunity to prepare four different simultaneously using four induction burners, even if those need different levels of temperature. Isn’t it fun! 

Efficient Temp Management – Express-Select Controls:

Induction technology has been specifically designed to deliver exceptional temperature control. So even when you are heating at lower temperatures, you can adjust the amount of heat required with great accuracy.

In this Frigidaire 30 inch induction cooktop, the control panel is designed in a straightforward manner and is quite simple to use.

Also, there are sensors on this Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Cooktop that detect the presence of utensils over their heating elements. And as soon as you remove the utensil, the burner will get switched off automatically.

It also has a bridge element which can be used to sync two heating elements together and create a larger one.

Hot Surface Indicators & Power Assist Function:

To ensure your safety, there are four surface indicators on this Frigidaire Range Cooktop that light up when its surface is hot. So, whenever the heating elements are in use or hot to touch even after use, it is clearly displayed by these surface indicators.

Another outstanding feature of the Frigidaire Gallery Cooktop is its power assist function which can be used to generate rapid heat. So, if you want to boil something quickly, you can use this feature to save time and effort. There is a separate switch for each burner for easy handling.

Versatile Cooking Experience:

What makes this Frigidaire Gallery Induction Cooktop FGIC3067MB model special is that it offers four heating elements offering a range of heating levels.

This configuration makes this induction cooktop so versatile that you can perform any task on it with ease, whether it is boiling water or to melt chocolate. 

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Safe Placement Over Wall Oven:

You can safely install this Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30 Induction Cooktop above any Single oven that belongs to the Frigidaire’s Electric Wall Oven range. This is really a handy feature, which not saves your kitchen-space, but also adds versatility in your cooking experience.

Energy Efficient:

When it comes to energy efficiency, an induction cooktop remains unbeatable. It is 70% more energy efficient than gas and 20% more efficient as compared to an electric stove.

If you want to save your time, money and energy while cooking, then you should buy the Frigidaire Induction Cooktop 30 Inch.

Even though it might seem like an investment initially, it will definitely reduce your electricity/ gas bill and won’t give you any chance to regret your decision.

Easy Clean-up:

This Frigidaire 30 Induction Cooktop has a ceramic glass cooktop which makes it look very sleek and stylish. The best part about induction cooking is that it heats up the cookware directly so, even if you spill anything over the cooktop, it does not stick and is easier to clean.

Also, as this Frigidaire Induction Glass Top itself stays cool, it is quite safe and you don’t run the risk of burning your hand which is the case when using a gas stove. It has a very smooth top so all you need is a damp cloth and your cooktop will be spotless and shine within seconds.

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Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Technical Specs:

Installation Category: Countertop
Voltage Ratings: 240-Volt / 60Hz
Surface Type: Black Ceramic Glass
Product Weight (Approx.): 44.6 Lbs
Product Dimension: 21.5 x 30.8 x 4.4 inches
Power Supply Connector Location: Right Rear
Right Front Induction Element (Watt): 10″ – 2,500 / 3,400
Right Rear Induction Element (Watt): 6″ – 1,450/ 2,000
Left Front Induction Element (Watt): 7″ – 1,800 / 2,600
Left Rear Induction Element (Watt): 8″ – 2,300 / 3,200
Control Types: Express-Select®
Control Panel Location: Center Front
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Minimum Circuit Required (Amp): 40
Approved for Electric Wall Oven Combination Installation: Yes
Certifications: A.D.A. Compliant
Warranty: One Year


  • Greater heating efficiency.
  • Express-select electronic touch controls for ease of use.
  • Very accurate and precise temperature control, even at lower temperatures.
  • Sleek and easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop.
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty.
  • Sensors and surface indicators for safety.
  • Highly versatile and straightforward control panel.
  • Power-assist function to save time.
  • Four heating elements for different purposes. 


  • Can provide only 3,400 Watt of power whereas some other cooktops can provide up to 3,700 Watt.
  • The largest heating element is 10 inches whereas some cooktops sport larger elements of 11 inches.
  • Touch display can’t be locked when in use.
  • Warranty extends up to only one year though very few companies offer a two-year warranty. 

Bottom Line:

If you want to enhance your cooking experience and take it to a whole new level then you must gift yourself this amazing Frigidaire Gallery 30″ Induction Cooktop FGIC3067MB model.

It will not only save your time, money, effort but will also give you the freedom to enjoy cooking. This sleek, black designer piece can be the perfect adornment to your modern kitchen. So, don’t miss this chance and buy this beautiful piece right away.

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