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GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel Review 2019

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Choosing the best electric range for your kitchen depends on what you want to make in your kitchen and how much food you cook on it. The GE JP328SKSS 30 inch Electric Coil Cooktop model is certainly a preferable choice for someone looking for a top-rated electric cooktop with no smooth-touch glass surface. 

This GE Electric Cooktop comes with extremely contemporary design, which is quite easier and safer to clean up. GE is one of the most trusted brands in the realm of kitchen appliances.


GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel.

The GE Stainless steel Electric Cooktop presents a perfect blend of technology and style that makes the model stand out from the rest of its kind. Let’s see what it does offer!

Key Features of GE 30 Inch Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS:

Calrod™ Heating Elements:

The most exclusive feature of the GE Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS model is it’s Calrod heating mechanism. It is a trademarked mechanism of GE.

During the manufacturing process of these Calrod™ heating elements, the coiled wires are threaded through metallic (steel alloys) sheaths.

The heating-energy it produces is definitely more than the ones produced by the flat surface ceramic cooktops. This construction heats up the pan-bottom more efficient than usual burners.

In fact, this GE Electric Cooktop is much better than the ceramic ones in terms of heat production and dispersion. 

Four Electric Coil Burners:

This GE 30 Inch Electic Cooktop has four coil burners. They differ in size and heating capacity.

  • Two of them features 6-inch diameter with the ability to generate about 1300 watts of heating power.
  • While the other two burners come with bigger sizes (8-inch diameters) featuring greater heating power (2400 watts).

These GE coil electric burners are highly effective in heating up real fast. Also, pans and utensils of all shapes and sizes can be kept on these coil burners. These burners facilitate versatile cooking.

So, you can use the GE 30 Inch Electric Cooktop for sautéing, searing and other cooking tasks.

Cookware Compatibility:

One of the major advantages of the model is that you can use any type of pan for cooking on the burner and it is definitely a hit when it comes to cooking different things at the same time.

And it is possible because the GE Stainless Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS model comes with four burners of varying size for your convenience.

Though these four burners are of different sizes, this unit offers ample space for pots of different sizes to fit into it simultaneously. And the credit goes to it’s manufacturer GE’s intelligent design concept.

Elegant Stainless Steel Finish:

While building and remodeling your house, one of the most important places is the kitchen and the appliances that will go into making the kitchen.

Modern kitchens are shifting from the heavy, difficult to clean cooktops and towards more visually pleasing, safer and less intruding options. Thanks to GE for offering these features in their JP328SKSS model.

The stainless steel finish makes it extremely durable and gives it a very elegant look. If you are remodeling your house and want something against the granite marble of your kitchen then this is the product to go for.

The silver finish makes it the focus of the entire kitchen and helps it stand out among the other appliances. Hence, this GE JP328SKSS 30 Inch Electric Cooktop gives you beauty with excellent performance.

Infinite Heat Rotary Controls:

Another amazing attribute of the GE Stainless Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS is that it comes with front-placed control panel color-matched with the stainless steel finish. It features Infinite Heat Rotary Controls.

There are four controls to the four burners which can be alternated according to the heat you require, manually.

The knobs are much wider in the model, giving the user much better control of it and even the installations are pretty simple. These precise controls allow for a disturbance-free cooking experience.

Moreover, the controls have the push-to-turn feature which makes it extremely safe for houses with kids. It won’t be overwhelming to say that this is perfect for a kitchen which is used to seeing a lot of cooking happening in the house.

Electrical Stove:

The GE JP328SKSS is a fully electrical appliance and does not use any other form of energy. It does not require the assistance of any battery.

So, say goodbye to long and hefty gas bills as this GE Electric cooktop will help you to save up on your energy bill since it does not take too long to heat up and even cool down.

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Removable Chrome Drip Bowl System:

Though it might be a bit more difficult to clean the coil burners comparing to a flat ceramic surface cooktop, this GE Electric Coil Cooktop won’t cost too much time and effort.

Each of it’s coil burner comes with Chrome built one-pc drip bowl mechanism, which is easily removable. To clean up this GE Coil Cooktop properly with less effort, you can follow the manual.

Modern Built-in Design:

Many of us want to make our kitchens look like it is straight out of the Master-chef kitchen and the answer to doing that lies in modern electric cooktops with its splendid versatility.

The GE JP328SKSS 30″ Electric Cooktop-Stainless Steel is one such model that can transform your kitchen it a true beauty to behold.

And the most exciting thing about this GE 30″ Electric Cooktop appliance is equipped with an advanced built-in design that fits absolutely seamlessly even in compact smaller kitchens. 

Exclusive Warranty:

The product is great for anyone wanting to be on a safer side and purchase something that has a long duration of the warranty. The GE Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS 30 Inch Stainless Steel model gives customers free 10 years of warranty on all major components.

Also, a brand like GE is very well known in the market for its user satisfaction and its product quality.

GE JP328SKSS Technical Specs:

Dimensions: 21.2 x 30.2 x 3.2 inches
Weight: 27 pounds
Fuel Type: Electricity
Voltage: 240-volt
Cooktop: Surface Stainless Steel
Cooktop Burner Type: 4 Plug-In Calrod™ Coil
Left Front Heating Element: 6-inch; 1300-Watt
Left Rear Heating Element: 8-inch; 2400-Watt
Right Front Heating Element: 8-inch; 2400-Watt
Right Rear Heating Element: 6-inch; 1300-Watt
Controls Location: Front Center
Control Types: Infinite Heat Rotary
Removable 1-Piece Drip Bowl: Chrome with Removable Trim Ring
Indicator Light: Surface Element “ON”
Manufacturing Warranty: Free 10-year Warranty on Key Components


  • The large cooktop-surface allows the user to cook with 4 pans simultaneously without waiting. 
  • The coil burners are compatible with any type pot or pan.
  • Different size burners allow the user to use different size pans.
  • Wider knobs offering better and precise control.
  • Push-to-turn knobs are not easily accessible to children.
  • Despite having coil burners, the cleaning is not a hassle and can be done relatively easily as compared to most of its like-ones in the market.
  • When it comes to budget, this cooktop is much more economical when compared to the others of its kind.


  • It is relatively difficult to clean than a ceramic glass cooktop.
  • The heat is relatively higher than the ceramic glass tops and gas cooktops. So, one has to be cautious while wanting to cook something at low heat.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a high-end electric coil cooktop bearing up-to-date features and modern outlook, then the GE Electric Coil Cooktop JP328SKSS could be a great pick. Let’s see the features in a recap.

This GE 30 inch electric cooktop offers you a versatile cooking experience through it’s Calrod built heating elements. There is enough space in between and around the four GE Coil burners.  So, the overall design of the GE Electric Cooktop is quite unobtrusive and it makes heating and cooking dishes a lot easier. 

This GE Coil Cooktop won’t appear as clean up horrors for the ones who are little bit skeptic of the coil burners due to their clean-up efficiency. It very elegantly sturdy but one must take care while cleaning up the coils and read the instructions carefully so as to not bend them. Adding to these, it inherits the assurance of a trusted brand like GE. 

All in all, the GE 30″ Electric Cooktop JP328SKSS model is a great cooktop within budget and cooks faster than the other brands in its range.

Where to Buy GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel?

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