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GE JP3030DJBB 30-inch Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop Review 2020

Gone are the days of traditional gas burners and conventional stoves, as the modern kitchen concept has introduced us to high-tech efficient smooth surface electric cooktops! The GE JP3030DJBB 30-inch Electric Cooktop Smoothtop is a great option for people who want a power efficient and intelligent kitchen appliance. 

Armed with a superior quality framework and smarter design, this amazing appliance has attracted both the homemakers and professional chefs. Thanks to the reputed company GE for building this elegant electric smoothtop cooktop. Using it’s four burners at a time you can now whip up several items for your family in just a few minutes!

The main features, pros, and cons of this GE 30″ Built-in Knob Control Electric Smooth top Cooktop are discussed in this detailed review below, check it out.

GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements, Knob Controls, Keep Warm Melt Setting

Key Features of GE 30-inch Electric Cooktop JP3030DJBB:

Smart, Sleek & Smooth Glass-top:

The continuous glass-top surface of this GE cooktop makes it an absolute delight to work on! The smooth black glass built surface ensures that the heat is spread out evenly and that the food is cooked properly from all sides. 

The sleek and radiant burners are well placed under the glass-top surface.

Furthermore, this GE Smoothtop Electric Cooktop’s high-tech display console and temperature indicator make more appealing. Also, the set of knobs placed on the counter serves as an add-on to its overall charm.

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Four Ribbon Heating Elements:

This sleek and appealing 30-inch GE JP3030DJBB Electric Cooktop is armed with a set of four vibrant burners. It features two 8 inch Power Boil elements that offer high-powered heat supply.

Each of them can generate up to 2500-watts of heating power for rapid boiling. These rapid boiling power burners are placed in the left rear and the right-front corners.

And the other two heating elements allow slow simmering and gentle cooking operations. Each of them features a 6-inch diameter size. Those 1200-watt burners are lying on the left-front and right-rear corners.

These four ribbon burners can smartly handle all kinds of dishes and support a variety of cooking techniques.

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Analog Knobs Facilitates Easy Access:

The GE Electric Cooktops‘ JP3030DJBB model comes with a built-in knob control system and four radiant cooking elements that add variety and efficiency to the cooktop. It’s knobs are analog featuring push-to-turn mechanism.

These Analog controls are easy to manage, which enhance the functionality of the device. There is no chance of changing the temp level through accidental touch or hit. This GE smooth surface electric cooktop is quite user-friendly. 

Efficient Temp Regulation:

The GE Electric Cooktop 30-inch comes with efficient temperature regulation system offering versatile performance. The knobs and switches – placed on the cooktop’s smoothtop surface – supports an extensive range of setting options and temperatures.

You can heat up the cooktop instantly up to 2500 watt power level on the surface while the temperature toggle system allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit for better readability.

The GE cooktops’ jp3030djbb model outsmarts it’s conventional counterparts by virtue of it’s two cooktop control features, those are: Keep-Warm Setting and Melt Setting

It helps you keep the food warm even at the lowest temperatures and provides consistent heating. From boiling water instantly to gently melting butter or chocolate, you can do it all on this cooktop! 

Reliable Safety Options:

The GE 30″ Electronic cooktop JP3030DJBB model supports a variety of cooking actions varying from extensively heated boiling to delicate simmering and frying actions. The device is also absolutely safe to use.

One of the knobs set on this GE 30″ Smoothtop Electric Cooktop’s surface is responsible for controlling the lock setting. This feature is pretty handy especially if you have any kids in the house. 

What is more? The red light power indicator and digital display show when the cooktop is too hot to operate.

This GE electric cooktop 30-inch model is even UL certified and ADA Compliant. Adding to these, you get a one year warranty in case the machine has some technical issues.


This GE 30-inch Electronic cooktop Smoothtop features electronic burners that spare you the discomfort of dealing with the smell and dust of a gas burner.

Like the other GE Electric Cooktops, the JP3030DJBB model is pretty easy to clean and operate. The indicators and console are very visible and display the temperature and other specification clearly.

Also, you can check the “on” red light that shows when the machine is switched on. This makes the GE Cooktop jp3030djbb safer, as now you know when the burner is too hot to touch.

All the burners are detachable and easy on maintenance- you can simply wash them or wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

Trendy Looks – Tough Framework:

The GE 30-inch Electronic cooktop Smoothtop JP3030DJBB Built-in model presents an awesome combination of beauty, performance,  and durability. The black glass-top surface makes this cooktop pretty, sturdy and durable.

It’s underneath surface is built with stainless steel path, which can firmly hold the wires and inner components. Thanks to the manufacturer to build the GE Cooktop jp3030djbb appliance heavy-duty, tough and long-lasting. 

GE 30-inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop Built-in JP3030DJBB unit’s tough framework has acquired the tag of certified frustration-free. This cooktop is about 4 inches tall and 30 inches wide, which requires a cut measuring about 28-1/2 x 19-5/8 inches.

GE models guarantee an exact fit, i.e. you can even get a custom-made cooktop or replace the model with a better-suited one. This product weighs about 39 pounds.

The elegant outlook and modern design of this GE Electric Cooktop 30 inch appliance perfectly complement your kitchen décor.


  • Extensive range of customizable cooking options
  • A red light power indicator that displays the temperature at a glance
  • A set of four radiant burners and a sleek cooktop
  • The two 8 inches power boil knobs that allow quick and intense heating action
  • Very power efficient and time-saving
  • The attractive framework and perfect fit guarantee
  • A glass-top surface allows the heat to spread evenly and quickly.
  • Keeps the food warm even in the lowest temperatures, thanks to the 6-inch elements.


  • Not very budget friendly.
  • Occupies a lot of space (though the frame can be customized).
  • The framework weighs about 39 lbs and can be difficult to move.
  • Takes a lot of time to heat up when compared to its peers.

Bottom Line:

Thanks to the GE Cooktop jp3030djbb, you can now cook top quality dishes in a jiffy! A perfect alternative to the ordinary and messy gas burners, the GE 30″ Built-in Knob Control Electric Smooth top Cooktop JP3030DJBB unit is a pretty reliable and efficient kitchen tool that offers a number of cooking options and heat settings.

Also, the frame is very convenient to install and use. The sleek and smooth countertop combines the best of technology and aesthetics gives you a robust, responsive and reliable cooktop for all your cooking experiments.

On the whole GE 30-inch Electric Cooktop JP3030DJBB model’s intelligent electric heating mechanism gets you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of modern kitchen concept.

Where to Buy GE JP3030DJBB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop?

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