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GE 36-inch Electric Cooktop Review 2020 | JP3536DJBB Smoothtop Black

If you own a spacious kitchen and looking for a high-end cooking appliance that can outdo your conventional gas stovetop, then you can consider buying GE JP3536DJBB 36 electric cooktop.

Unlike the average electric burners, this elegant smoothtop electric cooktop offers ample space for cooking along with easy-to-operate and precise temp control mechanism. Here goes a detailed review of this GE 36  Inch Electric cooktop smoothtop. Hope it helps!

Features of GE JP3536DJBB 36 Electric Cooktop:

Five Radiant Heating Elements:

The major advantage of buying 36-inch electric cooktop is it offers five burners featuring diversity in their size and heat generation power.


GE JP3536DJBB 36 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with Dual-Size Powers, Keep Warm, Melt, 5 Radiant Elements, Knob Controls, Fits Guarantee and ADA Compliant.

The GE JP3536DJBB Electric Cooktop has two 6-inch burners lying on the left-rear and right-rear corners featuring about 1200 watts of heating power at maximum.

On the right-front corner of this smooth-top, you will find an 8-inch burner. It can generate up to 2500-Watt of heat generating power. It is tagged as Power Boil Burner for rapid heat generating capacity.

There is a dual burner featuring 8-inch by 5-inch diameter placed on the left-front corner. This dual burner can generate about 1900 watts of power at maximum.

The biggest and most powerful burner lies at the central position of this GE cooktop smooth-top. It is another dual burner featuring 12-inch/9-inch 2700-Watt heat generating power.

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Elegant & Spacious:

36-inch electric cooktop is special for it’s spacious design. For a large kitchen, a 36″ electric cooktop can be a handy appliance as well as decorative furniture.

It can also assimilate properly with a medium sized kitchen. As the cooktop comes with comfortable dimensions, you don’t need to think about the concussion among pans while placing four pans over the cooktop simultaneously.

It can easily accommodate three big-size pans. It is a great advantage over it’s competitors who usually accommodates two big pans at a time.

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Power Boil Burner:

Usually, the efficiency of a burner is measured by counting how fast does it boil water? Thanks to the manufacturer for providing an 8-inch power boil heating element that can generate as high as 2500 watts of a heat generating power.

You can utilize this rapid heating burner for boiling, stir firing, etc. And for boiling task, you can use large pans.

Dual Ring Heating Element:

What makes this GE electric cooktop stand out from it’s competitors is it’s dual-ring radiant heating elements: 8″/5″ 1900-Watt Dual burner (left-front) and 12″/9″ 2700-Watt dual burner (central).

These burners give you the freedom to use a variety of cooking pans depending on your need. Not to mention, it saves your time in every busy morning as well as the days you are preparing meals for a home-party.

Keep Warm Burner Setting:

It often happens that we burn foods while intending to keep it under the warm temperature settings. Fortunately, you won’t face this problem, if you own this GE JP3536DJBB 36 electric cooktop.

Unlike the usual electric cookers, who come with three/four burners with an addition warming burner, this 36″ electric cooktop brings five functional burners.

In fact, the keep warm setting is programmed as an additional feature in it’s 6-inch burner. Therefore, this 6-inch burner can also be used for other purposes, like water-boiling. 

Melt Setting:

We certainly feel the need for melt setting in our cooktop while preparing sausage or melting chocolates? This GE 36 inch electric cooktop is capable of melting foods in a gentle manner without burning, sticking or scorching. It is a gift for people who love to cook and eat a variety of dishes.

FIT Guarantee:

Do you have a similar cooktop – from GE or any other brand – already installed in your kitchen and you wanna replace it with this latest JP3536DJBB GE cooktop? If yes, then enjoy the benefit of FIT Guarantee.

The GE cooktops come with exact fit dimensions, which makes the replacement task effortless. This is certainly a great advantage that you can only expect from a reputed and trusted brand like GE.  

Intelligent Safety Mechanism:

This smart GE electric cooktop 36 Inch smoothtop comes with a bunch of safety options. Now you can cook with greater safety and flexibility.

It has Control Lock Function, which prevents any kind of unintended or accidental activation of the controls. You can set the temperature and get engaged in other activities.

Another great safety option is the inclusion of Hot Surface Indicators. Here each of the five radiant heating elements is accompanied by a hot surface indicator light. These indicator lights warn you when the burners are too hot to touch. It can save users from accidental burning.

This 36 Inch GE Electric Cooktop bears a power ‘On’ indicator light. Thanks to the manufacturer for this safety mechanism, as we often forget to turn them off after ending the cooking task. This safety option not only saves the users and the burner itself; but also saves energy wastage.

Front Located Analog Knobs:

Some people find it confusing that which burner is active when the controls are placed on the side or rear of the cooktop. Luckily, this GE electric cooktop presents it’s knobs on the front-space.

These analog knobs are come in black maintaining the color continuity with the whole cooktop. The GE 36″ Electric Cooktop JP3536DJBB is quite user-friendly. Kids find it difficult to try these analog knobs. 

What is more, this easy-to-operate analog knobs assist you to set a high level of temperature within a moment. Unlike the digital controls, you don’t need to press continuously. 

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe Knobs:

Who loves to clean after daily cooking chores? Cleaning the GE JP3536DJBB Electric Cooktop 36 smooth-top surface takes only a few minutes to clean up.

All you need is to wipe the surface with a sponge. You can apply a few drops of dishwasher liquids, if necessary. Another amazing feature is it’s plastic knobs are safe for dishwasher cleaning. 

Certifications – ADA Compliant:

This high-end 36 GE electric cooktop is ADA compliant, which give it exposure to people with different kind of disabilities. Certainly, this feature makes this GE electric stove-top more user-friendly as well as universal.


  • Affordable 36 inch electric cooktop.
  • Brand reputation.
  • Easy to clean electric smoothtop cooktop.
  • Five radiant burners.
  • 3 large size radiant burners.
  • 2 dual radiant burners.
  • Keep-warm setting.
  • Melt setting.
  • Power boil burner.
  • 5 hot indicator lights.
  • Power On indicator light.
  • Control lock feature.
  • Dishwasher safe knobs.
  • UL certified and ADA Compliant. 


  • Knobs are made of plastic, not metal.
  • It’s smoothtop gets dirty quite easily.

GE JP3536DJBB Technical Specs:

Cooktop Type:  Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Cooktop Burner Type: 5 Ribbon Burners
Left Front Heating Element: 8″/5″ 1900-Watt Dual Burner
Left Rear Heating Element: 6 inch 1200-Watt Burner
Right Front Heating Element: 8 inch 2500-Watt Power Boil Burner
Right Rear Heating Element: 6 inch 1200-Watt Burner
Center Heating Element: 12″/9″ 2700-Watt Dual Burner
Control Type: Analog Knobs (Infinite switch)
Control Knob Location: Front Center
Cooktop Control Options: Control Lock Knob, Keep-Warm Setting and Melt Setting
Dishwasher-Safe Knobs: Yes
Melt Setting: Yes
Indicator Lights: Five Hot Surface Indicator Red Lights and Surface Element “ON”
Color Appearance: Full Black
Frame-less Structure: Yes
Control Knobs: Gloss Black
Shipping Weight (Appx.) 53 lbs
Net Weight 46 lbs
Cutout Dimensions (Width x Depth): 33-7/8 W x 19-1/8 D (In.)
Cabinet Width 36 inches
Cooktop Size 36 inches
Overall Dimensions (D x H x W) 20-3/8 D x 4 H x 36 W (in)
Certifications: ADA Compliant UL
Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance

Bottom Line:

Cooking is not a mere daily chore to fulfill the basic need of food; rather it is an art. This GE JP3536DJBB 36 electric cooktop is a modern appliance presenting a balanced combination of technology and features. 

Some users have shared their dissatisfaction about frequent cleaning needs of this smoothtop cooktop comparing to the previous GE cooktop models. And the knobs come in plastic, which may look cheaper. 

However, it’s a good pick considering it’s spacious surface, five versatile burners, safety options, elegant outlooks, easy-to-clean, flexible and user-friendly operations. On the whole, this GE 36 electric cooktop is quite affordable and offers the best value for it’s price-tag. 

Where to Buy GE JP3536DJBB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop?

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