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GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop Review 2020 | PP9830DJBB

Are you looking for well-designed downdraft electric cooktops? The GE Profile 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Downdraft PP9830DJBB is one of the best electric cooktops with downdraft ventilation that gets you rid of installing an additional ventilation system in the kitchen. 

You may need to work a tad to get used to it. But its versatile heating options are all you need to prepare any kind of dish you may want to. This modern GE downdraft electric cooktop almost outstrips the alternative downdraft cooktop models that run on gas. 


GE PP9830DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Burners, 3-Speed Downdraft Exhaust System, 9″/6 Inch Power Boil, Bridge Element.

Here goes a detailed review on the GE Electric Cooktop with Downdraft PP9830DJBB. Hope it helps!

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Key Features of GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop:

Spacious Black Smooth Glass-top:

GE Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB comes with a 30-inch wide black glass-top declaring spaciousness as well as elegance. 

With this attribute of the GE Profile 30-inch glass-top, you can cook large batches of any dish in just one round, and save your time, electricity, and hard work.

It can also accommodate cooking pots that are oval in shape in the central cooking area has been provided between all of the burner elements. 

Four Radiant Heating Elements:

The GE electric cooktop with downdraft PP9830DJBB model is provided with four heating elements in total. These heating elements are called Ribbon Burners.

Among those, there is a Power Boil burner. This is situated at the front right-front side of the cooktop and is pliant as well. The most exclusive feature of this cooktop is that the Power Boil burner creates a Bridging Zone of two burners 6-inch and 9-inch.

This heating element can create as high as 3000 watts of heating power. You can use this power boil burner for all your moderate and large-size cookware. Soups and pasta simmer much faster when they are being heated to a high-level temperature.

What is the Specialty of Bridge Element?

The Bridge Element feature is termed as SyncBurners. It works to create a conduit among two or more burners in order to make them into a single cooking area. This attribute comes in very handy when you want to have parties at home and plan to do the cooking yourself.

It can efficiently heat up hefty enamelware such as a grill, pretty efficiently and uniformly in no time at all. In the GE Electric Downdraft Cooktop PP9830DJBB, the Bridge Element can generate an astounding 4400 watts of power at maximum.

This exclusive attribute makes this GE Profile Downdraft Cooktop out-win it’s competitors.

The smallest heating element with 6-inch diameter lies on the right-rear corner of the glass-top. It can generate up to 1500 watts of heating power.

The rest two burners, measuring 7 inches in diameter each are lying on the left-rear and left-rear sides. Both of these heating elements are capable of generating about 1800 watt power at maximum.

These burners are quite suitable for the cookware that is small and medium in size.

Downdraft Electric Cooktop:

The exhaust system is a great concern that bothers many of us when we think to get a brand new electronic cooktop. To rule out this issue, you can buy microwaves with ventilation systems.

You can also purchase an overhead hood so that the air inside the kitchen remains fresh. But affixing anything bulky over your cook top could mess with the color scheme and interior décor of your precious kitchen.

And this is the point where the downdraft exhaust system of the GE PP9830DJBB Profile 30″ Electric Cooktop Downdraft has proved its worth.

However, there are many other downdraft electric cooktops available in the market, but the GE profile 30 downdraft electric cooktop out-wins those models through performance and efficiency.

Now you may ask how does the GE downdfraft cooktops’ exhaust system work? 

Downdraft Exhaust System refers to a special kind of ventilation process that is provided in the standard cooktops as well as other kind kitchen ranges. This system can efficiently pull the fume and smokes – generated from the cooking process – downward.

The downdraft ventilation or exhaustion system offers an effective substitute for the age-old conventional range hoods, which suck the kitchen smokes and steams towards the upward direction. 

This unique feature makes this GE Profile 30 Inch Downdraft Electric Cooktop Black PP9830DJBB model stand out from it’s similar priced alternatives.

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Fan Speed Control:

The fan can be adjusted to a high, medium or low speed. This smooth cooktop with downdraft utilizes it’s efficient ventilation mechanism to detain quite a substantial amount of the smoke, food odors and steam that emanate while cooking. Thus the GE pp9830djbb keeps the kitchen-air healthy and fresh.

Analog Knob Controls:

There are six analog knob controls, lying on the Front Center corner of this GE Profile 30 Inch Electric Cooktop with Downdraft. Each knob is accompanied with essential numbers and symbols in white marks.

These white markings are clearly visible on the black glass surface. So, there would be no confusion! 

These knobs allow you to control the four heating elements independently. Moreover, these knobs are located at a good distance from each other. Therefore, you can easily use these knobs without unwanted interaction.

Burner Lock Control:

Care and safety are paramount while dealing with food and heat. Therefore, the GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Cooktop PP9830DJBB model comes with a control lock among the knobs. This special feature aims to prevent any kind of accidental activation or deactivation or any other control of the cooktop.

For that matter, any unintentional changes in heating temperature can be prevented. This is especially helpful in protecting the kids from the heat as well as protecting your cooktop from your kids.

It also comes in handy when you are short on time and can’t spend much of it on cooking. You can lock up the burners and leave the pan on the cooktop. The system will complete the job for you. This will let you finish the other chores that you might have left while your meal is being prepared.

Burner Indicator Lights:

People often forget to turn the burner “Off” after cooking. It can create the risk of a fire hazard at home. The GE Downdraft Electric Cooktop 30 Inch PP9830DJBB model’s black glass-top is provided with Four Burner indicator lights to alert the user when the heating elements are currently active.

Now you can easily understand if any burner is currently switched “On”. This little buttons can save you from great dangers, as their glowing red signals are hard to ignore. The GE Downdraft Electric Cooktop Profile 30″ dares to offer you safe cooking experience!

Brand Reputation:

GE appliances are one of the most qualified products available in the market. It offers a wide range of home appliances for all purposes. The team of GE devices works round the clock for manufacturing the best of products by using the expert know-how and to give a satisfactory delivery experience to its consumers.

It sells kitchen appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers etc., laundry products such as dryers and washers, small electronics such as cameras and electronic auxiliaries, and all sorts of home appliances as well. For our purpose here, the GE Downdraft Electric Cooktops got the key focus.

Like the other GE Cooktops, the GE Profile 30 Inch Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB model maintains the rich legacy of GE appliances.

GE PP9830DJBB Technical Specs:

Dimensions & Weight (WxHxD): 29-3/4 X 2-3/16 X 21-7/8 inches; 58 pounds
Cut Out Dimensions (WxD): 28-7/8 x 20-5/8 inches
Fuel Type: Electricity
CFM/ Sones Ratings: 330/ 7.5 (at High Speed)
Cooktop Appearance: Frame-less, Black
Cooktop Burner Type: Ribbon
Left Front Heating Element: 7-inch; 1800-Watt
Left Rear Heating Element: 7-inch; 1800-Watt
Right Front Heating Element: 9-inch and 6-inch; 3000-Watt Power Boil
Right Rear Heating Element: 6-inch; 1500-Watt
Controls Location: Front Center
Control Types: Infinite Heat Rotary
Cooktop Control Feature: Control Lock
Indicator Light: 4 Hot Surface Elements “ON”
Downdraft Vent Fan Speeds: 3


  • Beneath the glass-top, metal ribbon heating system conveys consistent heat.
  • Burner indicator lights to alert you when the elements are switched on.
  • All components and labor covered by a one year warranty period.
  • Sturdy knobs located in the middle rather than the corner for easier access.
  • Lustrous and sparkling look.


  • A bit harder to clean.
  • Not scratch and stain resistant.
  • Cannot be installed yourself, requires a professional to do it properly.
  • Numbers on the cook top are a little hard to see
  • Only flat-bottomed cookware, completely inside the demarcated boundaries will work.

Bottom Line:

The GE Profile 30 Inch Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB symbolizes the modern kitchen concept in terms of high-end performance, gorgeous appearance and latest technology. In fat, this GE downdraft cooktop can be synchronized with any kitchen, be it refurbished, old or new.

Buying the GE PP9830DJBB Cooktop, you can enjoy cooking with four ribbon burners. These heating elements ranges from 6-inch to 9-inch diameter offering 3000 watts of heating power at maximum. It’s Power Boil Element widens your choice of cooking. And the Bridge element speeds up the cooking task up to a great extent.

It’s Analog Controls are easy-to-operate and safe for kids. This GE appliance also offers a bunch of user-friendly attributes like, Lock Control, Burner Indicator Lights, etc.

What makes this GE Profile 30 Electric Cooktop stand out from it’s competitors is it’s exclusive downdraft ventilation exhaust system. Furthermore, it’s built-in fan offers 3 levels of speed. The whole system keeps your kitchen-air fresh and healthy. 

Being produced by a trusted brand, the GE Downdraft Range Profile cooktops appear to have passed the tests of both critics and consumers alike and come out with flying colors on the other side. And the GE Electric Cooktop Downdraft PP9830DJBB model follows that legacy. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can have the best!

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