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How to Clean an Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops come with a smooth-touch surface built with ceramic glass or standard plastic materials. The induction cooktops are easier to clean compared to gas burners, coil cooktops, or other conventional burners. Though it takes less amount of time and effort to clean an induction cooktop, you need to be careful while cleaning. The glass surfaces are prone to get scratched marks or shattered.

What Things Do I Need To Clean an Induction Cooktop?

You would need some goods to clean the glass surface and other parts of the induction cooktop properly without damaging it. In this section, we created a list. You can have a look and try to manage these items before starting the cleaning procedure.

  • Damp Sponge
  • A Clean piece of Soft Cloth
  • Ceramic Glass-top Cleaner
  • Ceramic Glass-top Cleaning Pad
  • Ceramic Glass-top Cleaning Scraper
  • Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner
  • A piece of non-abrasive scrub
  • Paper Towel
  • White Vinegar

Simple Steps to Clean Up an Induction Glasstop Cooker:

First, unplug the burner from the power port. You may know that the induction ranges only heat up the pan not itself. And the induction cooking surface stays cool to touch. However, some heat residue may transfer from the induction-ready pan lying on the cooking surface to the glass-top.

So, to keep safe, wait for several minutes when you are done with cooking and let the cooktop get cool down totally. Now, take the damp sponge and rub the whole glass surface carefully. It would remove wet food/cooking spills without much effort.

After that take your Ceramic Glass-top Cleaner and shake it properly. Then, pour a little portion of the liquid over the glass surface. Next, pick up your paper towel and wipe across the all over glass-top surface slowly and gently.  It will spread the cleaner particles throughout the glass surface and remove the dried out white water marks or stubborn spots left by cooking spills.

However, if the spots are too stubborn to remove, then you need some extra moments to clean up. Grab the bottle of white vinegar, ceramic glass-top cleaning pad as well as ceramic glass-top cleaning scrapper. Now, dab some vinegar drops over the glass surface, precisely on the spots and rub that area carefully with the pad. Then, apply the scrapper to rub again if the spots are still apparent.

Don’t rush with the scrapper; otherwise, the glass-top might get scratches. And, don’t apply any other harsh chemicals for cleaning. Have patience and repeat the process, until the marks are totally gone.

When you get the glass-top surface free from spots and marks, your cleaning process is almost done. Now get a piece of clean cloth bearing soft texture and wipe out the total surface area of your glass-top induction cooktop. This process will remove the particles of the liquid glass-top cleaner leaving the cooktop surface clean and dry.

If your induction cooker has some metal components, then grab a stainless steel surface cleaner. Put a few drops of liquid-clean over the metal parts. Now rub those areas properly in a gentle manner using a non-abrasive scrab. At next, wipe the steel parts again with a piece of soft and dry cloth.

Now, your cooktop is clean, dry and ready to store or re-use. Happy Cleaning!