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Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Review 2019

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Are you looking for a portable burner under affordable price-range? Have a look at the Ivation Induction Cooktop with a bunch of safety features, including ‘Lock’ button.

This Ivation IVICGT18B portable burner can throw a good competition even with the pricier induction cooktop models. Here goes a detailed review of Ivation portable induction cooktop. Hope it helps!

Key Features of the Ivation Induction Cooktop IVICGT18B:

Portable & Easy to Store:

Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Easy Clean Glass Top w/Touch Button Control, Use with Induction Ready Cookware


Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Easy Clean Full Glass Top w/Touch Button Control, Use with Induction Ready Cookware.

The Ivation induction oven is lightweight (7.4 lbs) and easy to store. You can install it on any flat space indoor or outdoor. It comes up with a 5-foot long heavy duty power cord.

It takes less than 5-min to install this Ivation portable burner. All you need is to just plug-in this unit to a 120-volt port 60 Hz power line. Then, you can start the cooking task. 

This zoneless induction cooktop is a blessing for the students living in the dorms. Why? It can cook faster and needs a smaller place (13.2″ x 11.2″ x 2.5″) for storage than any usual burner.  

What is more, if you want to carry a portable cooker for camping or travel purpose, the Ivation portable induction cooktop can be a nice pick.

Heat Setting:

You can set the heat this Ivation IVICGT18B single burner in 2 two modes: power (watt) or temperature (°F). And on the digital LED display, you can see the accurate reading of the power and Temp.

In power mode, Ivation induction hot plate offers maximum 1800-watt heating power which can be reached at 10 steps. Besides this, the Ivation induction cooker bears a 10-step Temp setting ranging from 140°F to 460°F.

Pan Holding Capacity:

The Ivation single zone induction stove top bears two induction circles to guide the users where to place the cooking pan. You can use up to 10.25-inch diameter cookware with this unit.

On the lower end, the pan base must not be lower than 4.75-inch. However, this unit can work only with the induction ready pans with flat bottom and magnetic-base.

Premium Glass-top:

The Ivation induction burner bears a premium glass built surface with precision-cut. It comes with 2 models: full glass-top & partial glass-top. The glass-top can’t bear so much heat to burn your hand, even if you touch it during cooking.

But, the glass top can catch some heat due to the impact of a hot pan, if the cooking process is lengthy. What is more, the spilling food can’t stick to the glass top. After cooking, you can clean the surface with a piece of damp cloth.

Cool-touch  Surface:

The Ivation IVICGT18B Induction Cooker does not bear any burning-coil. This burner works through induction heating mechanism which does not create an open flame during cooking. So, the Ivation induction cooker is totally free from the risk of the fire as well as exhaustion.

But, the surrounding ambient and the cooking surface may catch some heat, if you set a high-level temperature to cook the food. In this case, the hot pan transmits the heat.

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Safety Features:

Ivation Portable induction cooktop has earned approval from FCC as well as ETL for its standard mechanism and safety options.

  • Error Code Display:

The Ivation induction cooktop comes up with a user-friendly digital control panel. If any issue occurs inside the frame or power line, the smart sensors can find it out in no delay.

Afterward, the system will show an error code to warn you. If needed, the system will take an auto shut-off to avoid the risk of fire.

  • Pan Detection:

The Ivation induction countertop cooktop bears a pan detecting sensor. If there is no pan over the surface, the sensor will find it. If the pan is not put over the unit within 60-Second, then the system will take an auto shut-off.

It cuts the loss of energy as well as the risk of fire. This feature is highly useful for the forgetful people who often don’t turn off the burner after shifting the pan from the cooktop.

  • Too High/Low-Voltage:

The up and down of the voltage are normal up to a level. But the too high voltage can be harmful. The voltage sensor placed inside the Ivation induction oven can detect the anomaly with no delay.

The system shows an error code and takes an auto shut-off if the voltage rises to a very high level. In the same way, if the voltage drops and fails to heat up the pan, the system gets an auto shut down. In both cases, you can safely restart the unit after several minutes.

Easy Control:

The Ivation Cook Top bears only a few controls placed below the induction ring in a nice pattern. It makes the burner easy to use. Even if, a child or an old person can easily find out any specific control. What is more, each control is touch-sensitive. So, it will neither get oily nor do malfunction.

The digital display shows clear and accurate readings for the power, temp and time. It can help you to set the heat and time precisely. And, you can alter the heat-setting (power and Temp), and set the time with the ‘up and ‘down’ button. And the system will respond to the new setting, within a few seconds.

The digital display shows clear and accurate readings for heat, temperature and time. It helps the user to set the required combination of watts, degree Fahrenheit and time precisely.

Lock System:

If you have a little kid at home, then the safety issue comes first. A safety lock cooker can keep your kid safe from burning or electric shock. Even if, it touches the burner while the cooking is on-going. What is more, you can do other tasks with no tension in mind.

Digital Timer:

The Ivation induction cooker comes up with a built-in countdown digital timer. It can serve up to 180-minute. You can set a precise cooking time after setting the heat-level.

The timer works at a 5-minute increment system. This cooker will take an auto shut-off when it ends up your pre-defined time duration.

Energy Efficient:

The Ivation IVICGT18B Induction Cooker comes with 70% energy efficiency. It offers heat saving capacity. It allows the least heat loss when you cook or warm the food.

And simultaneously, it consumes less power than other burners. Needless to say, this portable induction stovetop can make a less electric bill and save $$$ at the end of the months.  

Ivation Cooktop Technical Specs:

  • Portable Single Induction Glass Top.
  • Dimension: 13.2″ x 11.2″ x 2.5″.
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.
  • Power Range: Maximum 1800-watt at 10-level.
  • Temp Range: 140°F to 460°F at 10-level.
  • Glass Top: Full or partial.
  • Touch Control with LED Display.
  • Timer: 0 to 180-min with a 5-min increment.
  • Induction Pan Detection Sensor.
  • Voltage Error Detection Sensor.
  • Lock Option.
  • Auto Shut-off in 60-second.
  • Pan Holding Range: 4.75 to 10.25 meter.
  • Authorization: FCC and ETL.
  • Accessory: 5-foot Long Power Cord.


  • It works only with the induction compatible pans.
  • It can’t produce too much heat for a high searing and too low heat to warm the sauce.
  • It’s 40°F temp increment is a long jump. 

Bottom Line:

The Ivation Induction Cooktop offers a bunch of features to make your busy life easier. Though it is not a high-capacity cooktop for the fast-cooking, it can do well for home or dorm use.

You can take Ivation IVICGT18B portable cooker during a tour. The Ivation portable burner is one of the cheapest top-rated induction cooktops.

Where to Buy Ivation 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop?

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