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Kenyon B41601 Caribbean Double Burner Cooktop Review 2020

″As the modern kitchen concept is getting increasing popularity, the appliances are appearing in a more sophisticated and polished state. The B41601 Kenyon 2 Burner Electric Cooktop Caribbean 120 Volt is such a great kitchen appliance that would not only provide you with better cooking experience but also make your kitchen look absolutely stunning.


Kenyon B41601 6-1/2-Inch Caribbean 2-Burner Cooktop with Analog Control UL, 120-volt, Black.

This model from Kenyon appliances is a perfect match for those people who are looking for easy-to-maintain stylish 2 burner electric cooktops. This Kenyon cooktop makes the installation as well as maintenance child’s play. It adds aesthetic value to the look of the kitchen. In the following section, we have mentioned some key features that make the Kenyon Electric Cooktop B41601 Caribbean model a catch for anyone who desires faster and efficient cooking experience. Hope it helps!

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Key Features of Kenyon 2 Burner Electric Cooktop Caribbean B41601:

Modern Electric Cooktop:

Electric cooktops are a convenience for users for a variety of reasons including the size and power features, the smooth ceramic glass tops, the even heat distribution, the safety that these appliances provide and of course the way it enhances the entire look of the kitchen.

Like the other Kenyon Cooktops, the Kenyon B41601 model offers a modern designed, efficient and reliable product.

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Ceramic Glass-Top:

The Kenyon Cooktop’s gorgeous black ceramic surface fascinates people at first sight. It’s glass-top features a continuous smooth-touch surface bearing no crevice. So, this glass-top is easy to clean up.

Another interesting feature of this Kenyon B41601 burner is that you can place it Landscape or Portrait state considering the space on your counter-top. It looks more magical due to it’s radiant mechanism.

Adding to these, you will find some white colored marking on the glass surface. These marks indicate the cooking zones as well as the controls. You can easily understand where to place the pot/pan.

Two Hotplates:

The Kenyon two Burner Cooktop B41601 model is equipped with two hot-plates featuring 6.5-inch diameter each. These burners have ample space between them and can be used simultaneously to cook at two pots.

The Kenyon Burners get heat-up quite fast and the cooking is done with great precision.  Indeed, this leads to less wastage of energy and also allows the cooking to happen evenly and at a decently fast rate.

This Kenyon B41601 Caribbean 2 Burner Electric Cooktop 120 Volt model works really well very people who are in a lookout for ceramic flat surface cooktops and also want to use it for heavy-duty daily cooking.

Analog Control:

This Kenyon Electric Cooktop’s knobs are manual. You will find some white markings around each knob. These markings will direct you to the specific Kenyon burner that can be operated with the particular knob. These analog control knobs are pretty spacious and not obtrusive at all.

Moreover, this modern designed Kenyon 2 burner cooktop is provided with light indicators, placed between the knobs. The left and right-one indicate when the left and right burner is on. And the middle one indicates if the surface still remains too warm to touch. 

The design of this Kenyon Caribbean 2 Burner Electric Cooktop not only makes this machine look more stylish but also provides easy access to both burners. And you know what little but innovative design tricks have ensured safety in a clever way.

Installation Need & Power Consumption:

Kenyon Cooktops B41601 model is easy to install. Just plug in the unit to a 120 Volt port with 20 amp electricity connection and then start the cooking process.

Each Kenyon 2 Burner Electric Cooktop 120 volt unit can consume about 20 amps of electrical power at maximum if you run both burners simultaneously. And each Kenyon burner can consume up to 10 amp of power at it’s maximum capacity. 

Heating Power Capacity:

This Kenyon 2 Burner Cooktop comes with a perfect combination of home-cooking. It features about 2400-watts of heating power generation capacity in total to feed it’s two hot-plates.

If you wanna cook with both Kenyon burners simultaneously, then the total capacity of heating power will be shared between the two burners. However, the Kenyon Caribbean Electric Cooktop 120V burners’ power-sharing would vary depending upon your chosen temp-level for each particular Kenyon Burner.

If you use one burner it can generate 1200 watts of heating power at maximum. This heat is enough to cook your regular family meals as well as party dishes with perfect promptness and also does not lead to overheating and burning of the dishes.

In simple words, the Kenyon Cooktop’s heating mechanism works extremely smoothly and you will find very few burners that work such conveniently. The Kenyon 2 Burner Electric Cooktop B41601 won’t let you down!

UL/C-UL Approved:

This mark proves that the product is completely safe to be used in North America and Canada. The Kenyon B41601 cooktop is tested quite vigorously according to the factory standards and is completely safe for users to use it for their specific cooking purposes.

All the components in the Kenyon B41601 2 Burner Electric Cooktop are checked with utmost care and made sure that our users get only the best of the finished goods. Also, the company is quite quick at replacing any of the components with manufacturing defects.

Three-year warranty:

One of the great advantages of buying Kenyon Caribbean 2 Burner Cooktop B41601 is that the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for this product

The manufacturer warranty of three years ensures that the product will be replaced at the soonest in the case of any malfunction or wear and tear. This is one of the main things to look out for when buying a product like this.

It is, after all, long-term investment and knowing that the product you bought can be replaced if it is defective is one of the major concerns of the buyers.

So, as a customer, you can rest assured that buying the Kenyon 2 Burner Electric Cooktop 120 Volt B41601 appliance, you will get the finest quality and material. 

Kenyon Caribbean B41601 Technical Specs:

Number of Cooking Zones: Two
Burner Size: 6.5-inch Diameter (Each Burner)
Burner Operating System: Radiant
Product Weight (Actual): 12 LBS
Product Shipping Weight (Estimated): 16 LBS
Product Dimensions: 21 L x 12 W x 3 1/4 H (Inches)
Control Types: Analog Knob
Maximum Power Load: 2400-Watt (Cooktop); 1200-Watt (Each Burner)
Product Layout: Landscape and/or Portrait
Destination: Approved for Residential/Home Use
Product Safety Certifications: UL Approved|C-UL Approved
Product Color: Black
Product Warranty: 3-year


  • It is very compact and stylish looking which compliments your modern modular kitchen.
  • The black color makes it look very sleek and easy to clean, ceramic glass cover gives it a classy finish.
  • The knobs work great and blend in with the entire body another kitchen appliances and make the kitchen look seamlessly beautiful.
  • This double burner cooktop is quite spacious and has ample room for two pieces of cookware.
  • The design allows for the cooktop to be installed professionally and it looks exceptionally well in terms of the aesthetics of the kitchen.
  • The indicator feature is a great add-on and tells the users that the surface is hot even after the burners get switched off.


  • The glass surface comes with specific instructions and not following them might leave it damaged or scratched
  • The Kenyon cooktop will take up a few inches under your countertop. This cooktop is not very ideal for people looking out for cooktops for small kitchen counters.

Bottom Line:

The modern kitchen has come a long way in terms of technological innovations in the last few decades. The Kenyon 2 Burner Cooktop Caribbean B41601 model is one of the top-rated double electric cooktops with a compact, modern and stylish look. The black color lends it the much needed smooth quotient and the ceramic surface glass makes it look very elegant and visually appealing.

This Kenyon two burner cooktop is spacious enough for cooking in two pots at the same time but give the clean compact look to your cooking experience altogether. It is very easily portable too and pans catch on the heat really fast even with a lower wattage, which, in turn, makes you save a lot of energy wastage.

The Kenyon B41601 comes with built-in design and can go right into the space that you have made up in your kitchen for the cooktop without any hassle. Also, the indicators make it extremely safe for users and their kids alike. This Kenyon Electric Cooktop unit as a whole provides everything, from the looks to the reliable function and safety.

Where to Buy Kenyon B41601 Caribbean 2 Burner Cooktop?

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