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Max Burton 6200 Portable Induction Cooktop Review 2019

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The Max Burton 6200 1800-watt avails more than you can expect from an induction cooktop under 100. Maximatic built the Max Burton induction cooktop 6200 model with a range of features, like the heat setting, safety sensors, control panel, etc.

In this article, you get a detailed review on this Max Burton portable induction cooktop including key features, pros, and cons.

Key Features of Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6200:


This Max Burton Induction Burner comes up with a lightweight (8.1lb) body. Suitable dimensions (13.3″ x 12.5″ x 2.6″) make this induction burner portable and easy-to-carry.

It is suitable for both residential kitchen and dormitory. You can also use this Max Burton 6200 portable cooker for cooking meals during a trip. 

Easy Installation:

One of the great advantages of choosing an induction cooker is it’s easy-to-install feature. This Max Burton single burner Cooktop needs a 120-Volt and 60 Hz power outlet with 15-amp electric line to operate.

You can opt the power mode (watt) or the temperature mode (centigrade) or both at a time to cook or warm the food. This portable induction burner is easy to install.

It comes with a 5-ft (56″) long power cord. All you need to do is just plug-in this unit to the power socket.

Heat Setting Mechanism:

If you pick up a modern induction burner like Max Burton 6200 you can get rid of usual cooking issues. The induction heating mechanism makes the cooking process twice faster than the conventional gas and electric cookers from similar price-range.

By virtue of induction heating technology, this Max Burton cooktop 6200 also consumes less energy than gas and electric burners.

Buying Max Burton induction cooktop 6200, you can enjoy cooking using the well-programmed heat setting mechanism of . You can choose the heat in Temp or/and power mode.

The power mode heat-setting is graded at 10-level ranging from 200-watt to 1800-watt. Besides this, Max Burton 6200 model offers a 10-level heat setting in the temperature mode.

What is more, the Temp setting is measured in two parameters: degree Fahrenheit & degree Centigrade. The Temp levels range from 100ᵒF to 450ᵒF. You can change this setting using the “+” or “-” button for both modes. 

Error Code Display:

The Max Burton 6200 induction cooktop has been listed by the ETL under the UL 196 standard. This high-end portable induction oven bears a bunch of smart sensors.

For instance, its pan detection sensor can trace out the availability of an induction-ready pan over the unit. The surface and internal overheating sensors get active, if the system exceeds the safety limit for heat-generation on cooking-surface or inter-parts.

Adding to these, Max Burton 6200 is equipped with a built-in In-line fuse that can avoid circuit overloading issues.

When these sensors can detect any fault regarding the cookware or unit or the power line, the system sends specific functional error codes to warn the user about the issue. These codes appear on the LED display.

Induction Heating without Fire Risk:

The virtue of induction heating mechanism is it work without any flame. The smart induction burner Max Burton 6200 bears built-in safety sensors. The sensors warn the user, if the inner or outer temperature of the burner exceeds the safety limit.

What is more, the Max Burton 6200 takes an auto shut down, if the sensors face any risk of fire hazard or exhaustion. It keeps you and the home safe.

Ergonomic Design with Smart Control:

This Max Burton 6200 induction cooktop comes up with a classy appearance. It’s stainless steel body and ceramic glass surface fulfill the technical needs of induction cooking.

And it’s plastic-built base keeps you safe from the electric shock. It’s stable legs keep saves the unit from an accidental slip. What is more, the Max Burton 6200 looks sleek, but it is sturdy and cozy to grip.

In the Max Burton portable induction cooktop, both the ceramic glass built surface area as well as, the control panel area is elevated about 0.5 cm from the stainless steel built platform.

What is more, the ceramic glass made induction cooking surface is isolated from the stainless steel made platform through a plastic-made shield.

These design ideas aim to keep the control panel safe from any accident. For instance, if a hot pan slips, it won’t touch the control area. Or if you drop water, it will flow down at ease.

The Max Burton induction cooktop’s control-area covers a limited space. The control panel area sits on the bottom-right-side of the surface at an oblique position. The control area’s left-side edge shows a concave.

Each of these clever design ideas has made this induction hotplate more user-friendly. The Max Burton 6200 bears a bunch of handy controls, like:

  • “On/off” button.
  • “Function” button.
  • “Power” button.
  • “Temperature” button.
  • “Timer” button.
  • “Up” button.
  • “Down” button.
  • LED display.

Easy to Clean:

The overheating sensor checks the food-spilling. and, the induction cooking hardly makes the Max Burton 1800-watt induction cooktop warm.

It prevents the food sticking on this ceramic glass top. It takes only a few minutes to clean this portable induction hot plate with a small piece of fabric or a microfiber sponge.

You can also use a paper towel to clean out the stains. But it can leave a scratch on the smooth ceramic. It is safe to lift up the pan from the cooking surface instead of sliding when the cooking task is done. It would save the ceramic surface from any scratch and stain.

Max Burton 6200 Technical Specs:

  • Portable Single Burner.
  • Dimension: 3 x 12.5 x 2.6 inch.
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs.
  • Power Setting: 200 to 1800-watt at 10-level.
  • Temperature Setting: 100 to 450ᵒF at 10-level.
  • Timer Duration: 180-minute.
  • LED display.
  • Built-in in-line fuse.
  • Overheating Sensor.
  • Induction Pan Detection Sensor.
  • Auto Shut-off feature.
  • ETL listed to UL under 196 standard.


  • It bears the push-button controls. 
  • It can only work with induction safe pans. 
  • The cooling fans and the warning beeps can create some noise. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does it Work with Steel Pans:

Max Burton induction countertop cooktop safely works with induction pots and pans that include: cast iron built pans, stainless steel cookware bearing magnetized base, hard anodized pans bearing clad base, ceramic cookware bearing magnetized base, etc.etc.

However, this Max Burton 6200 doesn’t work with aluminum built pans. Click Here to read about some essential factors for buying induction pans.

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  • What is Maximum Allowable Pan Size for this Unit?

The ceramic glass built cooking surface of Max Burton 6200 bears 2 induction rings with 5.5″(appx.) and 9″(appx.) diameters. These rings aim to guide you where to place the pan.

If you want even-heating, it is nice to use induction pans ranging from 4″ to 10″ diameter with this Max Burton induction cooktop. 

Bottom Line:

The Max Burton portable induction cooker performs great in cooking the daily family meals. It is also a handy appliance to get over the extra cooking chores during parties. It can cook faster and needs no supervision once the program is set.

The Max Burton 6200 is one of the best induction cooktops under economic range in 2019. Happy Cooking!