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NUWAVE 30242 Lightweight 1500W Induction Cooktop

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The Nuwave Induction Cooktop 30242 is another great model under the NuWave Burner series. It is quite cheaper than the Titanium model. The Nuwave induction cooktop 30242 model is portable and ideal for residential or dormitory use. It offers a reliable service every day.

Let’s see the key features, pros and cons of the Nuwave Induction Cooktop 30242 Lightweight in details. Hope it helps!

Key Features of Nuwave Induction Cooktop 30242:

Portable Induction Cooker:

Nuwave 30242 runs through the induction heating mechanism. It is portable, and easy-to-store. Nuwave Cooktop 30242 weighs only 9.9 lbs (appx.). It is suitable to place anywhere inside or outside the home.

This Nuwave induction cooktop is easy-to-install. All it needs is a 120-volt outlet. It is usually available in any standard home in the USA or Canada.

What is more? Nuwave Lightweight Induction Cooktop can be a handy gadget for the dormitory students who wanna cook food in less time. This model is easy to carry with luggage.

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10.5″ Fry Pan Included:

You may ask how does the Nuwave induction cooktop 30242 out win the other Nuwave burners? This Nuwave burner comes with a 10.5-inch fry pan which many other costly models won’t offer. And, thanks to the manufacturer for building the frying pan with hard anodized aluminum material.

This frying pan features a smart design with heavy-duty durable construction. Certainly, this frying pan is a nice gift for the users who don’t have any induction-ready pan in the cupboard. Now you can enjoy cooking with Nuwave burner 30242 right after opening the box!   

Compatible for Larger Pans:

This 1500-watt portable induction cooktop offers a large heating surface. The 12-inch heating surface comes with a tempered glass-top surface featuring an 8-inch induction ring

The major benefit of this burner is you can easily use up to 12-inch diameter pans over this unit. Therefore, with this induction cooker, you can cook/boil a huge amount of food/water at a time.

This modern Nuwave cooktop model has transcended the original Nuwave cooker that offered 9-inch heating surface only. This upgraded feature makes the Nuwave Electric Induction cooktop 30242 more user-friendly.

Versatile Heat Setting:

You can choose the desired heat setting in Power or/and Temp mode. In power mode, the Nuwave 30242 can produce up to 1500-watt heating power. This smart electric induction burner allows you to control the heating power in a 3-level setting, those are 600-watts, 900-watts, and 1500-watts. This 1500-watt portable induction burner can cook in less than half a time than the same range gas cookers.

The most amazing fact about this Nuwave 30242 cooktop is its versatile temperature control mechanism. Its TEMP mode has 52 levels of temperature control setting. You can choose any temperature between 100°F to 575°F range at 10°F increments. So, you can cook diverse kind of dishes ranging from as usual family meals to party courses.

Six Pre-programmed Heating Mode:

Like the other Nuwave 1500-watt induction cooktop models, this model comes with 6 pre-programmed Temp modes. These modes are placed on both sides of the digital LED readout. These modes are especially handy for the novice cookers who have little idea about cooking.

On the left side, you would find: Low, med-low and med. And on the right side, you would find med-high, high, and sear/max. These pre-programmed heat controls save your time by setting the temperature manually. The ‘Delay’ function makes the cooking task more convenient and flexible for you.

Exclusive Timer:

It is quite unbelievable that a burner can work up to 100 hours. But the Nuwave Induction Burner Lightweight 30242 is offering this exclusive service with a 100-hour Timer at 1-min increment. You can set the program for several hours depending on the dish, then got to involve in other tasks.

The unit takes an auto shut off when my pre-set time-duration ends. It is really helpful for the working moms, to create breakfast on the hectic days. Cooking with Nuwave burner is really fun!

Well-organized Control Panel:

Unlike the traditional push knobs, the Nuwave Cooktop 30242 bears smart buttons on its control panel. The controls are well-organized and easy to remember.

You can easily check the accurate readings of left time and the current temperature on the LED display. The “+” and “-” controls help me to set the time and the Temp setting.

Furthermore, the Nuwave Cooktop’s user-friendly manual include every detail about the control panel. Even if, the teenagers as well as the senior citizens, can easily operate this burner. 

Resume Function:

Imagine a situation that you are cooking a dish, then your kid has created a mess or your boss asked for a favor, etc. In such situations, you can’t continue the cooking task and badly need a pause function. Wait! Nuwave Lightweight Cooktop 30242 makes your dream come true.

This Nuwave induction burner allows you to cook the food at several stages. This high-end cooktop offers one-hour Resume function. So, if any emergency comes by, you can stop the cooking process and resume it within an hour. It is certainly a gift for the mothers of young kids.

70% Less Energy Consumption:

This Nuwave lightweight induction burner doesn’t consume much electric power. Its efficient heating mechanism consumes about 70% less amount of energy compared to other burners. As it requires less electricity to heat up the pan, you have to pay a less electric bill at the end of the month. If you are an environmentally conscious person, go for this energy-saver electric burner.

Carrying Case:

You will love the carrying case that bears this NuWave Induction Cooktop 30242 Lightweight model It is not a mere cheap one-time-use bag; rather this nylon-woven bag will last longer if cared properly.

This carrying case will facilitate you to carry this portable burner, wherever you go. It really gives this Nuwave burner an extra point!

60-Recipe Cookbook:

This is another little but handy gift that comes with Nuwave induction cooktop 30242. When you are living in a dorm or hotel with a confused mind about what to try for the morning breakfast or lunch or snacks or evening dinner, just take a look on these recipes and start with anyone you prefer.

NuWave 30242 Technical Specs:

  • Type: Portable single induction cooker.
  • Dimensions: 16.5″x 15″x13.5″
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs (Appx).
  • Frying Pan Size: 10.5″
  • Max Power Output: 1500-watt
  • 6 Pre-programmed Heating Modes.
  • Temp Range: 100°F to 575°F at 52-level.
  • Heating Zone Size: 12-inch.
  • Maximum Pan Size: 12-inch diameter.
  • Programmable Time: 100-hour (Maximum).
  • Resume Period: 1-hour
  • Accessories: Cookbook & Carrying Case.
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty.


  • Portable induction cooktop.
  • Compatible with larger pots and pans.
  • Keeps the cooking surface cool, while cooking.
  • Easy to use one-touch control panel with LED display.
  • Allows Pre-programmed and Precise Heat Setting.
  • Compatible to cook for a long period.


  • The Nuwave Induction Cooktop does not offer the Lock feature.
  • The heat setting can be programmed only in Temp mode. You can’t program this unit in power mode.
  • It works only with the induction-ready cookware. So, you need to spend some extra money for such utensils. You can check the induction compatibility of a pan with a piece of magnet. If it sticks, then the pan can safely work with this portable induction burner.

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Bottom Line:

The Nuwave induction cooktop 30242 model offers some exclusive features, like greater pan holding capacity, versatile heat setting, unique round-shape design, superb safety features, undefended Timer facility, etc. which the other similar-price-alternatives can hardly offer.

It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a safer and faster portable cooker under an affordable budget. Happy Cooking!

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