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Oliso Pro Induction Cooktop | Removable Sous Vide Oven | Vacuum Sealer Review 2019

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Sick of cooking on gas burners and dealing with regular troubles? Switch over to an induction! Let us introduce you to the Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Oliso Sous Vide Oven, which can efficiently combine modern technology with superb performance. 

It is a revolutionary kitchen appliance built by the reputed brand Oliso that started out with a vacuum cleaner gradually gaining the reputation as a competent and reliable home appliance brand in the market.

The Oliso Pro Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Precision Smart Top Removable 11 Qt Sous Vide Oven and Vacuum Sealer Bundle can offer you versatile cooking experience.

Read this Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop and Oliso Pro Sous Vide Oven review to know the key features, specifications, pros and cons in details. 

Key Features of Oliso Pro Sous Vide Induction Cooktop & Vacuum Sealer:

Versatile Cooking Bundle:

The Oliso Smart Hub setup comprises of a versatile induction cooktop and a removable 11-quart Oliso Pro sous vide oven allows better precision and control.

The Oliso Pro Smart Hub is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that does the work of a gas burner, an electric stove, a range, a water bath, slow cooker and a yogurt maker!

And the Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer makes this Oliso Sous Vide Induction Cooktop a complete bundle. You even get a one year warranty on the entire framework of the Pro Smart Hub. It is tailor-made for everyday use and efficient cooking action.

Buying this Oliso Pro Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Removable Sous Vide Oven and Vacuum Sealer Bundle, you can really make your kitchen more resourceful and versatile.

What Comes with Oliso Pro Smart Hub Induction Cooktop, Oliso Pro Sous Vide Oven and Vacuum Sealer Bundle?

  • Oliso PRO Smart Hub;
  • Oliso PRO Smart Vacuum Sealer (VS95A);
  • One Flexi Tube;
  • One Zip Disc;
  • One Wine+Olive Oil Fresh keeper Three Quart Size Bags and Two Gallon Size Bags.

High-tech Induction Cooktop:

Oliso Pro Smart Hub is equipped with induction heating mechanism. In fact, this Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop offers something more than a mere induction cooker.

The hefty Smart Hub features all stainless steel construction with a black base and digital display that is easy to operate. 

There are a number of settings that can be customized according to your requirement. You can even adjust the power levels and touch-sensitive console that helps you set the time and lock the settings effectively. The high powered burner can be plugged into any power outlet and doesn’t need batteries.

Also, the innovative gold plated contact module allows better docking and synchronization. The detachable pot and flexible design ensure faster, easier and tastier results. And you even get Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity!

Like any other induction cooker, the Oliso Pro Smart Hub works only with the induction-ready pans. This cooktop’s hub is wide enough to accommodate a 5-quart pot measuring about 9.75 inches

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Portable Compact Design – Sturdy Construction:

The Oliso Smart Hub Bundle – including Induction Cooktop, Precisiontop Oliso Sous Vide oven, Vacuum Sealer, and Other accessories – is considered to be among the most flexible kitchen appliances in the market. The overall product dimensions measure about 18 x 14 x 17 inches.

All components of this bundle feature compact and lightweight framework, which makes it a great option for both small apartments and big hotels. Weighing just less than 25 pounds, the Oliso Pro Smart Hub Bundle is pretty portable as well, though it takes up most of the counter space.

The adjustable rack holds the food in place while the spacer plate keeps it away from the base, thus, allowing an even and consistent heating action from all sides.

The smart construction and all metal framework are pretty efficient and versatile, offering a wide variety of cooking options such as induction, sous vide and slow cooking. The double walled tubs are perfect for cooking meat while the SmartTop vessel is ideal for soups and broths.

Flexible Temperature Regulation:

The Oliso SmartHub Induction Cooktop and Vacuum Sealer Bundle come with a high-tech temperature regulation system that allows you to control the cooking settings easily.

The Precision Smart Top allows consistent heating and supports a whole lot of cooking options such as induction sous vide without using plastic bags.

The induction burner can go as high as 1500-Watt or fall down to 2-Watt. The pot is directly heated by the induction and thus, reduces the inefficiencies of the transferring heat from electrical gas tops to pans. From boiling chicken to cooking delicate broths, you can do it all here!

Exclusive Sous Vide Water Oven | Removable Precision Cooker:

What makes the Oliso SmartHub Induction Cooktop and Vacuum Sealer Bundle exclusive compared to other induction cooktops is it’s Precision Top Oliso Pro Sous Vide Oven.

You can reinvent the regular cooking processes of diverse foods, such as Poaching, Sous Vide, Stocks, Infusions, Brew Beer, Yogurt, Slow Cooking, Soups, etc.

The Smart Top TM can be detached from the setup and features a huge 10.4 liters water bath that is specially designed to store, heat and maintain the temperature of a liquid at a constant degree for a long time.

The power-efficient model works faster than an immersion calculator and is best suited for sous vide operation.

Other than that, the Oliso Pro Precisiontop Induction Cooktop’s Sous Vide Oven also supports functions such as extractions, infusions, and fermentation.

And the temperature toggle that can easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit further simplifies your job. What more can you ask for?

Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide Cooking & Fresh Food Storage:

One of the great advantages of Oliso Pro Sous Vide Induction Cooktop Bundle is the inclusion of a smart vacuum food sealing machine for food. It is one of the best food vacuum sealer 2019 considering lightweight structure, performance, and price range.

This Oliso Pro vacuum sealer uses patented punch and seals technology with liquid detection for top quality sous vide function. It’s Automatic Bag Detection Technology saves time.

The punching and sealing mechanisms are operated by a Powerful Commercial Dual Motor System. What is the most exciting fact about this Vacuum Sealer system is it comes with three Vacuum Sealing Modes.

This machine is equally efficient in punching and sealing bags containing liquid, veggies or meat. It even prevents any leakages with its high-quality seals-in mechanism.

Furthermore, you can re-use the bags provided with this bundle. Now you can store the foods easily maintaining their freshness and food-value.

This Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer machine can be chosen as a great alternative to all those expensive packages and vacuum seals you get in the market.


  • Smart and sturdy construction.
  • Versatile and customizable cooking options.
  • Combines the best of induction burner and Oliso Pro sous vide oven.
  • Doubled walled insulation and gold plated contacts for higher efficiency.
  • Temperature toggles simplify your job.
  • Doesn’t need batteries, can be connected anywhere.
  • Excellent temperature control and regulation.
  • Tough rack for holding and storing the food.
  • Lightweight and durable construction.
  • Faster than an immersion heater.
  • Easy to fill empty and clean.


  • A large framework that can get quite heavy when full of water.
  • Occupies a lot of space.
  • Can accommodate only four food bags.
  • Works only with Induction pans.
  • A bit on the expensive side.

Bottom Line:

Olios is among the top brands in the market that is famous for its kitchen appliances. And the Smart Hub induction cooktop coupled with the Oliso Pro Sous Vide oven is a multipurpose cooking option that is every homemaker’s best friend!

Known for its amazing versatility and flexible operation, the Smart Hub is a superb option for users who want a smart and quick solution. And though the tough frame and high-tech construction is a bit on the expensive side, it is well worth the investment

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