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Scanpan CTX Stainless Steel Nonstick 10-Pc Cookware Review 2019

Scanpan CTX cookware is something more than mere cooking utensils. Needless to say, it is one of the elite cookware sets available in the market in 2019. If you have a passion for the ceramic and want to use it with the induction range, buy Scanpan induction set.

This deluxe cooking set is pricier than the usual economic steel sets. But it’s material-quality, flawless design and greater lifespan worth every cent it costs. Here is a detailed review of the Scanpan pots and pans CTX series. Hope it helps!

Can We Trust It’s Manufacturing Brand?

Scanpan is a well-known Danish brand. It has been producing high-end standard kitchen utensils since the year of 1956. All the Scanpan pots and pans are fully made in Denmark.

These products are built with the best quality material with the finest workmanship. For more than a half-century, the Scanpan brand is bearing the reputation of one of the most trusted cookware manufacturers in the world.

And the CTX cookware range is a new addition to the Scanpan product line. It also maintains the glory of the Scanpans.

What is in the Box of Scanpan CTX Cookware?

This is more or less everything you need to make any sort of meal. Let’s see what comes with this Scanpan CTX 10-piece cookware set. The items include:


Scanpan 65100000 CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set

  • 2-pcs of frying pans: 8″ and 10-1/4″.
  • 2-pcs of saucepans with lids: 2 & 2-3/4 quart with covers.
  • 1-pc of Sauté pan with lid: 10 -¼ -inch with cover.
  • 1-pc of dutch oven with lid: 7 -1/2 quart with cover.

Key Features of the Scanpan CTX Induction Cookware Set:

Recycled Aluminum Construction:

The most exclusive fact about the Scanpan products is their innovative manufacturing technique. Like other Scanpan products, this Scanpan CTX Deluxe Cookware set is produced through a multi-step process during it’s production.

An interesting fact about this cookware is it is not made from the regular stainless steel or aluminum metals. The walls and base area of the Scanpan pots and pans are built with recycled aluminum.

In fact, each Scanpan pot and pan is manufactured with 5-layer clad of recycled aluminum and stainless steel. The Aluminum contributes to excellent heat-conduction and the stainless steel makes these utensils highly durable.

Induction Ready Cookware:

As mentioned before, the Scanpan CTX cookware set features 5-layer clad construction of stainless steel and recycled aluminum, which makes these pans induction ready.

If you own an induction cooker, freestanding or slide-in induction range, then these induction compatible pans are what you are looking for.

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Cooker Compatibility:

Each 5-ply clad Scanpan CTX pot and pan bears the stainless steel bottom. The steel can instantly respond to the electromagnetic wave produced by the induction cook Top and heats up the pan. And the pan creates much heat to cook or warm the food.

What is more, the flat-base of each pot and pan makes it safe to work with the glass top. These Scanpan CTX pots and pans can safely work with all types of burners, including gas cooktops and ranges, electric stoves, ceramic cooktops, traditional cookers, induction range, etc.

Oven Safe

While researching about this Scanpan CTX 10-piece deluxe set, these nonstick pans are broiler safe and oven safe up to 500°F or 260°C. However, you can consult the customer care, for further assurance.

Even Heating:

The 5-ply clad can retain the heat in an efficient way. The Aluminum metal is by nature a great heat-exchanger. It can pass on the heat evenly through the pan-walls and the pan-base.

The Aluminum also improves the heat conduction ability of the stainless steel metal. These Scanpan pans cook food under medium to low heat.

What is more, the even-heating process brings can perfect browning, optimal searing, deglazing, mouthwatering flavor and finally sublime taste in the food.

And, using these Scanpan CTX pots and pans you can try any gourmet dish at the home-ambient. What else you need from a cookware set?

Greentek Coated Surface:

In the field of nonstick utensils, the Scanpan brand is a legend. Know why? Several years ago when people started to throw away their nonstick pans for their potential health risk, the Scanpan brand made a breakthrough.

It was one of the first runner brands, who dare to make the nonstick pans totally devoid of the harmful chemicals, like the PFOA as well as the PTFE.

This toxic-free nonstick coating is called the Greentek coating. It is built with ceramic as well as titanium. This revolutionary technique is patented by the Scanpan.

If you care about the health and at the same type don’t wanna miss the benefit of the nonstick, then Scanpan CTX set is your passport.

What more, ranging from the production to the packaging stage, the Scanpan CTX is 100% recycled. So, this brand values the green environment.

Health Safety:

Are you scared of using nonstick pans for health risk? Don’t worry about the Scanpan CTX cookware. The manufacturer claims that its nonstick coating PFOA-free. Adding to this, the pans Lead-free. Its material comes from 100-percent recycled Aluminum.

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Patented Ceramic – Titanium Coated Surface:

The most exclusive feature of this deluxe stainless steel cookware set is each pot and pan bears ceramic titanium coated surface which is patented by the manufacturer.

This Ceramic-Titanium coating offers added strength to the Scanpan CTX pots and pans, which make them durable and scratch-proof. Even these Scanpan pans are totally safe to use with any metal built utensil.  

Adding to these, Scanpan nonstick induction pans are safe to use with broiler and oven. All these features make the cooking task easier and trouble-free.

Elegant Design:

Whatever I say it isn’t enough to reveal the elegance of the Scanpan CTX set. On first sight, it’s beauty will win over your heart. It comes up with an exotic blend of a variety of qualities.

For instance, it offers the longer lifespan of the stainless steel with the lightweight body made of the Aluminum as well as the easy to clean non-stick coating.

You can use the Scanpan pots and pans to serve food on a feast-table. It goes well with any trendy dining ambient. What is more, it can work great as a daily kitchen utensils at your home.

Ergonomic Scanpan Handle:

Though a handle is a smaller part of the pot or pan, it bears greater importance. You can’t cook with flexibility if the handle is flimsy. While flipping the food or shifting the pan, a shaky handle can bring a disaster.

Thanks to the Scanpan CTX cookware, as it’s every handle is firmly riveted on the pot or pan body. It helps the user to carry the weight of the pan. Even if, a child or an old person can easily maneuver the Scanpan pots and pans with the strong, sturdy and easy to carry pan-handles.

What is more, the Scanpan logo is embossed on the side-wall of each handle. It makes them look more trendy and professional.

Smart Glass Lids:

The Scanpan lids come up with a unique design. They neither made of total stainless steel nor made of total glass. They offer a combination. The outer portion is built with steel and the inner portion comes in the clear glass material. These lids are durable and resist the high stirring and flipping of the food.

On the other hand, they allow you to monitor the status of the food from outside. What is more, each of lid handle is heat resistant. You won’t get a hand-burn, even if the pot or pan is too hot to touch. The exclusive design of the lids certainly makes this Scanpan CTX Deluxe set step ahead of it’s similarly priced alternatives.

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe:

The Scanpan nonstick cookware set takes only a few minutes to clean up properly. As it needs no or a bit of oil to cook, the pan surface won’t get too much oily.

The even heating process hardly allows any food sticking or burning. Even if, in the worst case, you can remove the food-residue through a hand wash or dishwasher cleaning.

Usually, the manufacturers of the nonstick products advise the users not to put the nonstick pans in the dishwasher. It may scratch or rip off the nonstick layer. But the Greentek coating of the Scanpan company can go beyond this rule.

You can wash the Scanpan CTX pots and pans with the dishwasher on a regular basis. It won’t harm the nonstick coating at all. After each wash, the pan will get a fresher and newer look. This amazing feature certainly makes the Scanpan Cookware stand out from it’s competitors.

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  • Elegant & Trendy Appearance.
  • Ergonomic Pan-handlers.
  • See-through Glass Lids.
  • Fine workmanship.
  • Constructed with recycled materials (toxic-free).
  • Ceramic Titanium made sturdy durable surface.
  • Greentek nonstick coating (PFOA-free).
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Safe for Handwash.
  • Compatible with induction range Cookers. 
  • Oven safe up to 500°F
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Expensive than regular nonstick cookware sets.

Bottom Line:

The Scanpan CTX Deluxe 10 Piece collection is one of the best stainless steel cookware sets 2019Why? Because it is as hard as the steel and as efficient as the cast iron. It’s nonstick surface and induction-ready construction makes this cookware more versatile. 

This “Greentek” coating patented by the Scanpan is a legend among the toxin-free nonstick pots and pans. It is one of the most efficient ceramic coated sets offering the even-cooking feature. The ceramic titanium surface offers a long-lasting nonstick coating along with a grand outlook.

Despite the fact that 5-clad structure the Scanpan CTX pans are easy to hold or carry. The Scanpan induction cookware set comes up with a limited lifetime warranty. This Scanpan CTX 10-pc set can offer you more a range of benefit in the long run, than it’s price-tag. Happy Cooking!

Where to Buy Scanpan CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set?

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