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Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum White SV1106 Review 2018

Are you looking for a cordless, bag-free powerhouse, washable filter and easy-empty dust cup vacuum cleaner for your carpets and floors?

Do you agree with me? Some people only concern about the budget and others think only about the vacuum’s ability to clean up after a shedding dog trumps cost. Right? What if you get both in one vacuum? It would be the best. Correct? Yes! everyone expects it but you know how difficult it to find out such a vacuum cleaner that maintain both your money and quality.

We’ve analyzed vacuum of a different category,  reviews of some of the most popular stick vacuums on the market, examine the technical strength and quality to come up with a definitive buyer’s guide. We looked at expert opinions from review sites and finally picked The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 Premium Cordless Vacuum. You may consider it that may meet your requirements. It has a strong suction power and superior performance on both bare floor and carpets.


Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum for Carpet, Hard Floor and Pet with XL Dust Cup and 2-Speed Brushroll (SV1106), White

Let`s See What’s Inside the Box?

  • The handle connected to a tube
  • The middle cylindrical part
  • A small filter
  • The base
  • The charger

It is built in armed with advanced swivel steering that provides excellent control while maneuvering about furniture. The extra-large dust container holds more dirt that including it.

The top- and bottom-empty blueprint makes it trouble-free to vacant without interacting with the dirt.

Let’s have a look at the key features:

It is made with the functional and thinking the usability of the users. And that the way it developed. The two settings, the carpet,  bare floor and hardwood vacuuming features make it extremely difference.

Effective for bare floor, carpets, laminate floors and hardwood

Made with perfect performance on bare floors and hardwood alike. Making cleaning easy, It has a sliding two-speed switch on the side of the handle that let you to seamlessly work on bare floors.

You will find a big dirt container that means fewer trips to the trash can dump it out. Surprisingly at this price stage, it works pretty decently on bare floor and hardwood as well. Users feedback recommends that it works well on laminate floors and wood as well.

Pet Hair Removal

The Shark  SV1106 is perfect for cleaning up the pet hair that your hairy companion leaves behind. We know how constant pet hair is and how it’s stuck to floors and carpets. Motorized brush feature of Shark cordless vacuum helps you to clean all types of hair. you just have to check from time to time if a pet or human hair has wrapped around the brush.

This feature is the burning requirements for the vacuum buyer. This vacuum is a combination of all necessary requirements with the effective functions. You can either apply a scissor to cut off hair or remove the motorized brush by unscrewing two locking pins on both sides.

Durable Battery Life and Charging Time

The battery will support you at high speed about 12 minutes. You will get support on low speed above  17 minutes of runtime. In the specification of maneuverability, It is functionalised a swivel steering that allows you maneuver around the furniture with easiness. It has the Weight of  11 lbs and stronger than many stick vacuums on the market. Indeed, it is lighter than a full-sized upright vacuum cleaner. 10 inches cleaning path width that is narrower than a standard vacuum cleaner and enables you to maneuver into stretched places.

The battery is replaceable and the vacuum will charge between 4 to 7 hours. Built in with nickel-metal hydride battery and after 3 to 5 complete charge, It performs in terms of runtime. It allows to leave the vacuum on the charging point, as a result, it’s always ready to use. 14.4 volt this battery provides enough time and power to vacuum floors and carpets.

Functionality and Multi-purpose usages

Shark vacuums are admired for their suction feature. Maximum people keep the Shark in their first choice for their cleaning requirements. we don’t mean that the SV1106 is the best choice for you. But if you move in the marketplace for a vacuum cleaner that does not take up a lot of room for quick pick-ups, after that it is a value considering.  You can use it this cordless vacuum cleaner is multipurpose.

This super featured vacuum works on carpets, bare floors and rugs. It is prepared with a dual-speed and that is the motorized brush. You will find a switch on the motorized floor brush that allows switching between the two-speed settings of the vacuum. The high speed setting the best for carpets. Low-speed mode helps you to vacuum bare rugs and floors.

The easy way to clean up the filter

You will get two filter available in this vacuum -a mesh filter located on the top of the dust cup and a form filter at the bottom. This Freestyle vacuum is a bagless stick vacuum cleaner. It has the features an easy-to-empty dust cup. You will find a button on the front of the vacuum that let go the dirt container from the vacuum.

The container has a hinged door on the bottom pressing that you can open the lower dust cup release button. In case the top of the container can be opened metal screen if there is hair or other debris wrapped around.

This user-friendly foam filter is rinsable. It is suggested to clean it every month under usual use. You can remove the brush roll from the nozzle. This allows the trouble-free cleaning. To make inserting scissors easier, It is prepared with a raised cutting guide. If you find the brushroll gets jammed, you will see the pointer light around the power button flashes.

Technical terms of this unique vacuum cleaner

  • Product measurement : 5 x 9.6 x 46 Inches
  • Battery Details: 4-volt replaceable nickel metal hydride
  • Product Weight:5 Pounds
  • Prepared for: Carpet, hardwood, and Floor vacuuming
  • Filter Nature: Completely washable foam and mesh filter.


  • Powerful suction that extended the workability
  • Gentle Sound friendly for toddlers and pet
  • Motorized brush and Pet-Friendly
  • Specialized for both carpeting and hard floors
  • Its lightweight and 2 filters
  • Two stick vacuums & Extra large dust cup
  • Reasonable Price
  • Cordless is awesome.


While reviewers had mostly positive things to say about the Shark Navigator Freestyle, but we found in our research and reviews of the users of following the negative experience

Consumers were unhappy with these features:

  • The head does not flop “down” easily
  • The canister is a little bit small.

Final Verdict:

We’re sure you already understand why Shark Navigator Cordless is the best choice when it comes to sticking vacuums. Nonetheless, there are few more things worth noting. Currently, a great deal of stick vacuum cleaners are available in the market and we picked this one considering its great functionality, workability, durability, comfort, and most importantly we found it the great feedback of real users of this vacuum cleaner.

We suggest you when you choose the best vacuum cleaner for carpet, determine the set of basic parameters of functionality and performance of the device what we have found on Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum SV1106 model.