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Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range Stainless Steel Review 2020

When in times of kitchen troubles, trust Thor to bring up quality products at an affordable price right at your doorstep. Indeed, over the years, Thor Kitchen has become synonymous with excellent modular Kitchen products and the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range is but one of the beasts of the stable that Thor has to offer.

Thor employs great build quality materials and assures a top quality product that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most fidgety of users. The product comes with an all-encompassing two-year warranty, unmatched by any competitors.


Thor Kitchen HRG-3080U Free Standing HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with 4.2 cu. ft, 4 Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, in Stainless Steel, 36 in. in,.

So without wasting any time, let us guide you through the features of the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Gas Range.

Key Features of Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range:

Four Burner Rangetop Cooktop:

Let me start with the most obvious place to start- the range-top cooktop. The Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range is equipped with four sealed burners

The most power heating element lies in the front-left corner. It is a sealed single burner with the capability of generating up to 18,000 BTU heating power.

On the front-right corner, there is a sealed dual burner with a power of 15,000 BTU (British thermal unit, for the uninitiated). This dual burner also sports a simmer function at just 650 BTU

This Range-top cooktop is also armed with two sealed single burners on the rear-left and rear-right corners. Each of them features about 12,000 BTU of heating power at maximum.

As you might well guess from the list, the device makes no compromise when it comes to cooking power and any of these burners could cook the best of your dishes easily.

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Rangetop Burner Configuration:

What makes this 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range standout from it’s alternative models is it’s ergonomically designed range-top cooktop. As mentioned before, this rangetop cooktop is provided with for burners featuring sealed configuration.

The closed or sealed burners are more efficient than the open ones. A sealed burner doesn’t expose the flame into the open air. It also checks food-spilling into the flame. Apart from these, the sealed burners are easy-to-clean.

Apart from this, each of the four burners is provided with black porcelain built drip pan. These pans offer two benefits. First, they allow greater heat conduction. And Second, they offer an affability of ease when it comes to cleaning the burners.

However, the best feature to grace this range-top cooktop is the inclusion of three cast iron cooking grates. Just imagine all those cookware you’d never have to lift from burner to burner but you could just slide it across to change burners.

As these Cast Iron grates can form a continuous layer over the range-top cooktop, this system allows easy movement of heavy pots and cookware. Now, you will face no problems when transferring cookware between burners. Neat, eh?

Single Oven with Huge Capacity:

A burner is only as good as its oven. While some burners may give stellar performances on the cooking front, they may fail to duplicate their success when it comes to baking.

So does the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range stumble on the baking block or pass through with flying colors, read on more to find out.

The oven boasts a capacity of 4.2 cu.ft. If you are confused, in other words, that is more than enough space for your daily household baking needs. The oven is equipped with two burners: the broiler burner and the U-shape Stove burner.

Powerful Convection Oven:

The convection oven features two high-end burners with different power levels. It’s U-Shaped Stove Burner has an unbelievable 22,000 BTU of heating power generation capacity. The Oven broiler burner boasts heating power up to 13,000 BTU.

The oven interior is made of blue porcelain which enhances the oven heating and thus makes the oven energy efficient. The convection fan also ensures that all baking is done in a uniform manner and the heat distribution to the product is the same.

Efficient Temp Control:

Precise heat control is the pre-condition to bring desired color, taste and flavor in the food. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing efficient temp control mechanism in this Gas range. 

This Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Stainless Steel Range’ oven can provide you excellent convection performance by virtue of it’s exclusive Oven Heating System, which is Thermostatically Controlled.

Another great feature of it’s convection oven is that it bears a Commercial Convention Fan featuring Reverse Direction. Now you can try versatile dishes at home ambient.

Ease of Use & Clean Up:

Given a large number of appliances we use every day, ease of use is an imperative aspect of any modern day appliances.

The Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range has a stainless steel panel that has five knobs that control all aspects of cooking. These ABS Control Knobs are CSA Certified. These heavy-duty knobs ensure that you can control the oven temperature almost thermostatically and also that you have a great cooking experience. 

Another great feature of this Freestanding Gas Range is the inclusion of two Halogen Oven Interior Lights that put in the oven help illuminate the inner portions of the oven and make it easy to clean. 

Oven Glass Window:

This product is quite simply a work of art. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range model’s oven-window features double pane glass construction which would allow you to see-through inside.

The glass allows a smoother induction and ensures that the heat percolates easily and doesn’t escape.

Freestanding Unit w/ Sturdy Built-up & Clever Design:

The wow factor for me in this Thor Kitchen 30″ Freestanding Gas Range HRG3080U  is the little amounts of thoughts that went into creating and tweaking minor features.

It weighs around 175 lbs or 80 kg (approx), as far as burners go, it’s quite light. It is a free-standing installation unit that complies with any modern kitchen or dining space.

This freestanding gas range features standard stainless steel construction. The shiny smooth steel surface not only bears an elegant touch; but also makes the oven-walls easy-to-clean. Furthermore, this gas range features Blue Porcelain built Oven Interior

The Oven lights, for example, are placed well enough for all cleaning purpose. The cast iron grates are sturdy and obviously a masterstroke in terms of design and function.

Besides these, this freestanding Gas Range is equipped with Safety Features, like an Automatic Re-Ignition System. It works on a power supply of 120-Volt with 15-20 Amp and 60-Hz, which is available in most modern residences.

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Technical Specs:

Number of Range Top Burners: 4 Burners
Front Left Sealed Single Burner: 18,000 BTU
Front Right Sealed Dual Burner: 15,000 BTU with 650 BTU Low Simmer Function
Rear Left Sealed Single Burner: 12,000 BTU
Rear Right Sealed Single Burner: 12,000 BTU
Oven Capacity: 4.2 cu. Ft.
U-Shape Stove Burner Power: 22,000 BTU
Oven Broiling Burner Power: 13,000 BTU
Product Dimensions: 29 15/16 x 26 x 35 ½ (W x D x H) (in)
Product Weight (Net): 200 lbs
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or LP
Installation Requirements: 120-volt; 15-20 Amp; 60 Hz
Warranty On Parts & Labor: 2 Year


  • Four range-top burners equipped with diverse power capacity.
  • One range-top burner provides low precision simmer.
  • Continuous Cast Iron grates allow easy movement of pans.
  • Sealed Burners allow ease of access to heat & check the food-spilling.
  • Oven features capacity of 4.2 cu.ft. and includes to burners: Broil & Stove.
  • Convection fan helps to control the Oven Temperature.
  • Heavy-duty Metal knobs are Easy to use. 
  • Both the range-top and the Convection Oven are easy-to-clean. 
  • Stainless Steel Body is easy-to-clean.
  • CSA certified product and control knobs. 
  • The Manufacturer Offers Two-year warranty.
  • It offers the best value for money.


  • Height not easily adjustable.
  • Requires an extra LP conversion kit to be used on LPG.
  • Does not have downward venting.

Bottom Line:

Buying a stove burner is, as you possibly realize, a much more challenging task than it initially seems to be. However, let me aptly sum up the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Gas Range for you in a way that you would possibly relate to, a tad different from the usual crunching of statistics.

Designed for the conventional homemaker, the Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Range, instead of cramming in useless features, goes for a minimalistic design and amalgamates all useful functions in a neat manner. 

To sum it all up, the burners are powerful, the grates help it do a fine job, it’s easy to clean, well lit, the oven works like a dream and overall it’s great value for money. What more could one want? 

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