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Tramontina 80110/525DS Gourmet Ceramica 10-pc Cookware Review 2019

Wanna buy a gourmet deluxe ceramic cookware set for affordable range? Go for the Tramontina ceramic cookware set 80110/525DSThis nonstick cookware set offers a bunch of handy features which is almost similar to the expensive products of top-brands, like Scanpan. Let’s see the main features of this Tramontina Cookware Set 80110/525DS 10-Piece Gourmet Ceramica 01 Deluxe, Metallic Black.

What Does Tramontina Cookware Set 80110/525DS Offer?

Tramontina 80110/525DS 10-Piece Gourmet Ceramica 01 Deluxe Cookware Set comes with the following utensils:


Tramontina 80110/525DS Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe Cookware Set, PFOA- PTFE- Lead and Cadmium-Free Ceramic Interior, 10-Piece, Metallic Black, Made in Italy.

  • 2pcs of Tramontina frypans: 8-inch and 10-inch.
  • 1pc Tramontina Deep Skillet with Lid: 11-ich.
  • 2pcs of Tramontina Sauce Pans with Lids: 1.5 Quart and 3 Quart.
  • 1pc Tramontina Dutch oven with Lid: 5-Quart.

Key Features of Tramontina Ceramic Cookware Set:

Heavy Duty Construction:

What makes Tramontina Cookware Set 80110/525DS superior from the average cookware sets is it’s heavy gauge structure in both inner and outer sides.

This interior of Tramontina pans features heavy duty Aluminum construction. The aluminum has gone through cold-forged treatment during the manufacturing process to make the pans sturdier and build them in the desired shape.

And the exterior layer of this Tramontina cookware set is built with porcelain enamel in metallic black. Thanks to the manufacturer for fine workmanship and sturdy build-up, which makes these Tramontina pots and pans hard to scratch, warp and break. Therefore, Tramontina Cookware set can last longer for many years. 

Great Cooking Performance:

These Tramontina pots and pans offer desired cooking performance in the kitchen by virtue of it’s Aluminum built cooking surface. Not to mention, Aluminum is one of the high-efficient heat-distributor metals widely used in cooking pans under affordable range.

The Aluminum assists in distributing the heat in an even way through the pan-surface without letting any hotspot creation. It enables the Tramontina Pans to cook the raw food evenly with proper browning.

What is more, this Tramontina cookware set features nonstick ceramic coated cooking surface, which also aids in oil-free cooking. And you may know that cooking with no/least oil is always healthier. Read Best Ceramic Cookware Reviews 2019.

Toxic-free and Eco-friendly:

Not many people are conscious of opting the eco-friendly utensils. However, when the question comes to choosing nonstick ceramic cookware pans safe for health, many people get confused. This Tramontina cookware set features nonstick ceramic coated surface.

And the manufacturer claims that this ceramic nonstick coating is totally free from harmful chemicals, such as PFOA, cadmium (Cd), PTFE, lead (Pb), etc. These Tramontina pans are safe for human health as well as the environment. Go green and enjoy healthy eating with Tramontina! 

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User-friendly Design:

Though looks have little credit in cooking performance, the design does matter! One thing you can’t ignore about Tramontina pans is it’s clever design ideas.

These Tramontina pans come with cast stainless steel made pan-handles. And padded cushion makes each pan-handle cozier and soft-grip. Each panhandle features sturdy riveted joints.

Moreover, you will find a V-shape gap near the riveted-joints, which assure hot-air flow. Adding to these, there is a hole on the end of long-handles, which facilitates the pan to hung on the wall or cabinet-hook.

Besides these, Tramontina cookware set come with shatter-resistant clear glass lids. These tempered glass lids can resist the impact of heat, and stir.

These lids also offer sung fit to their associated pans and trap the flavor and moisture of the food inside the pans. You can easily observe the food-condition without lifting the lids again and again. 

Cooker Compatibility:

Tramontina cookware set to offer you the freedom to cook with a variety of burners, such as gas range, electric burners, traditional cookers, ceramic cooktops, etc. However, these Tramontina pans are not induction-safe.

Oven-safety is another great attribute for best cookware sets. Thanks to the manufacturer, as Tramontina ceramic cookware, as well as it’s cast stainless steel built pan-handles are also safe to place inside an oven up to 176°C or 350°F temperature.

Effortless Cleaning:

Unlike the usual nonstick pans, this Tramontina cookware set is dishwasher-safe. So, you can throw these nonstick ceramic pans inside a dishwasher without the fear of breaking or flaking the coatings. You can also opt a quick hand wash using a mild detergent.


This Tramontina cookware Gourmet Ceramic Set features heavy gauge construction both internally as well as externally. These pans are compatible with regular cooking and washing.

So, Tramontina pans are expected to last for generations, if you care for them properly following the manual.
What is more, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this Tramontina Cookware Set. What else you need?

Brand Reputation:

Tramontina is a reputed Brazilian brand, who produce world-class tools and appliances including kitchen utensils. This Tramontina Cookware set has been manufactured in Italy.

Later, this Tramontina ceramic coated cookware has gone through assembling and packaging stages inside the USA. You can trust this brand for their worldwide reputation and popularity among customers. (Source: Wikipedia).


  • Cold-forged Aluminum Built Interior.
  • Black Porcelain Enamel Built Exterior.
  • Cast Stainless Steel Handles.
  • Nonstick Ceramic Coated Surface.
  • Free from: PFOA, PTFE, Lead, Cadmium, etc.
  • Oven Safe up to oven up to 176°C or 350°F.
  • Tempered Glass Lids.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Brand Reputation.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Not Induction-safe.
  • Not Metal-safe.

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Bottom Line:

Tramontina Cookware reviews in different only review-sites, as well as e-commerce sites, show that this product has got satisfactory remarks from the users. It’s nonstick surface, sturdy construction and quality performance are backed up by a lifetime warranty.

You will barely find a great set like Tramontina ceramic cookware under an economic range. On the whole, Tramontina cookware set 80110/525DS is worth your hard earned money.

Where to Buy Tramontina Gourmet Ceramica Deluxe 10-pc Cookware Set?

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