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True Induction TI-2B Double Burner Induction Cooktop Review 2020 | Counter Inset Model

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If so, then don’t miss the exclusive features of True Induction Cooktop TI-2B. This futuristic induction cooktop combines the benefits of induction cooking with great features of modern kitchen concept.



True Induction TI-2B Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop, 120V, Black.

This double burner induction coooktop counter inset model offers faster cooking performance with efficient heat sharing system. This article presents a brief review of this True Induction TI-2B double burner. Hope it helps!

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Key Features of True Induction TI-2B:

Elegant Design:

The first attribute of this True Induction TI-2B is it’s seamless glass surface. It is built by the ceramic glass called the Schott-Ceran made in Germany. This smooth glass is scratch-proof. It can also resist the chip or shatter as well as high heat.

The glass top is continuous; unlike the usual burners, it bears no crevices for the control panel. This clever design makes the cleaning process easier. It works by the touch controls. So, the glass top hardly gets oily.

You can install this counter inset burner in your kitchen countertop. This double burner bears two heating zones. It can hold induction pans ranging from 4-inch to 10-inch diameter. 

Another interesting fact is its light-weight (15.2 lbs) body with a sleek design (15″x 24.5″ x 3″) allows this model to use as a portable burner. 

Patented EZ Controls:

The True Induction two burner cooktop bears two-set of control panels. Each set appears below the induction ring on each burner. These EZ controls are touch sensitive. 

From the left to right-side, the controls are rallied in the following serial: power On/Off, Timer, Temp (with a sign of thermometer), Heat (with a sign of flame), + and–, LED display.


True induction TI-2B cooktop comes up with two built-in digital timers – one for each burner. Each timer ranges from 0 min to 150 minutes at max with a 5-min increment.

This great feature allows you to program different Time-setting for the two burners. And you can do other tasks until the Timers end up the duration. You can also use the Timer for one burner only or cook without using the Timer.

Heating Setting:

This True Induction cooktop TI-2B burner offers a smart two-mode heat control mechanism: power and Temp. It allows you to use both modes at a time.
You can set the Power mode for one burner and the Temp mode for the other one.

This power-sharing can allow you to cook in the least possible time with less energy than the usual dual burners. You can alter the setting with the + or – control.

  • Power Mode:

True Induction TI-2B cooktop works through it’s patented power-sharing or variance technology. This burner can create up to 1800-wattage heating power at max at 10-step. If you use only one burner, then you can set the highest level 10. Now, it will work in full power (1800-watt).

But when you turn on the other one, the power-sharing will start working. For instance, if you set level-1 for the 1st burner, the 2nd burner can operate at level-9 at maximum.

  • TEMP Mode:

If you want to set the heat in temperature, then press the TEMP control to switch from the previous Heat mode to the desired TEMP mode in an instant. The TEMP bears 10-level setting. It ranges between 150°F to 450°F.

Each level bears a 30° interval to the next level. The exact TEMP levels are 150°F, 180°F, 210°F, 240°F, 270°F, 300°F, 330°F, 360°F, 390°F, 420°F, and 450°F. The lowest level can give the food a good simmer.

Auto Shutoff:

This double induction cooktop TI-2B also offers an auto shut-off sensor. The unit will take shut-off after 150-minute continual use both in the power and temp mode.

However, the burner will show a beep and the LED readout will display the EE code to warn the user before the shut-off takes place. This warning allows the user to set a new program for the heat and time if the cooking is not yet done.

Well-planned Ventilation:

True Induction TI-2B comes with proper ventilation design. This model bears two inner cooling fans on it’s underside edge inside the frame.

What is more, it bears two air outlets on the front face to exit the hot air and another two air inlets on the rear-side to intake cool air. This well-efficient ventilation system keeps the inner ambient of this unit cool and safe.

It is recommended to leave at least 2.5-inch free-space around the burner for easy air passing.

Compatible for RV’s:

You may know about the Winnebago, the legend brand of RVs. They use this True Induction TI-2B model in each RV or Electric Coach. This double burner is also called RV induction cooktop for it’s top rated service.

Easy to Clean:

This counter inset model is easy to clean. It is recommended to turn OFF the power button and unplug this True Induction counter inset TI-2B, before you start the cleaning task.

If the hot plate runs for long hours at a high TEMP, then the unit may catch some heat. In that case, take a few minutes break to let it cool down. Then, take a piece of damp cloth and wipe out the glass top with a soft hand.

Don’t seep water drops on the ceramic surface. It is prohibited to use any abrasive pad or brush or oily cleaners. You can check the manual for more guidelines in detail.

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Futuristic Technology:

True Induction TI-2B Cooktop presents a superb combo of smart design and brilliant technology. It’s fastest heating adjusting mechanism can respond to your heat-setting program within an instant.

Moreover, this high-end double induction cooktop facilitates the even heating process, which the other cooktops can hardly dare. This product can offer you a great cooking experience without leaving the least probability of safety-risk.

What is more, this burner offers superb energy efficiency with the least heat loss. What else you need from a burner?

True Induction Cooktop TI-2B Technical Specs:

  • Double Burner Counter Inset Model.
  • Dimension: 15″x 24.5″ x 3″.
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs.
  • Patented EZ Touch Controls.
  • Patented Power Sharing Mechanism.
  • Max Heating Power 1800-watt.
  • TEMP Range: 150°F to 450°F; at 10-level.
  • 150-min Built-in Timer with a 5-min Increment.
  • Power Need: 110 or 120-volt power outlet.
  • Pan Holding Ability: 4-inch to 10-inch diameter.
  • Ventilation: 2 inner fans with 2 Ventilators.
  • Auto shutoff Feature.
  • TEMP Detection Sensor.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • It requires countertop- cut.
  • It can create a buzzing noise.
  • The unit may need re-wiring in your house to plug-in 220-volt outlet, if you wanna utilize both burners in full power.
  • Like the other induction cooktops, it works only with induction ready pans

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to Install True Induction Counter Inset?

Answer: True Induction double cooktop TI-2B needs a 110 or 120-volt, 60-Hz and 20-amp power line to operate. It is better not to share the power outlet with any other heavy-duty appliance.  

  • What is the Suitable Pan Type and Size for this Cooktop?

Answer: This model can efficiently work with cast iron woks or steel pans with flat magnetic bases. And the flat base pan-diameter can range between 4-inch to 10-inch.

  • Is ‘True Induction’ A Reliable Brand?

Answer: True Induction is a USA-based Company. They make induction stove tops with smart features. This brand also offers a 2-year warranty for this double burner counter inset cooktop TI-2B for some additional charge.

More to say, this True Induction cooktop can efficiently meet the need of the heavy duty cooking chores of the modern home as well as semi-commercial use.

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Bottom Line:

True Induction Cooktop TI-2B gave me a range of benefits, like the faster cooking, less heat loss, low electric bill, easy cleanup, the safety of kids from the risk of fire, durability, etc. You can cook two dish items at a time with it’s chic power sharing method. It is one of the best double burner induction stovetops. 

One the whole, True Induction TI-2B double burner gives the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a modern kitchen under an affordable price range. Happy Cooking!

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