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What is Induction Cooking?

Gone are the days when people had to rub stones to start a fire. The new era has ushered in the induction cooking technology which saves you a lot of time and energy.

What is Special about Induction Cooking?

Age old knowledge tells us that cooking has something to do with food overheat, and induction cooking is basically the same stuff.

But do you have a clue as to what exactly is induction cooking? In simple terms, induction cooking is when you cook your food over an induction cooktop.

What is an induction cooktop? An induction cooktop is a cook-stove which produces heat not in a conventional way. That is, an induction cooktop does not produce fire.

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How Induction Heating Mechanism Works?

Let’s simply this mechanism from the viewpoint of childhood experience. Many of us, used to play with magnets in our kindergarten days. We have seen that a magnet is a powerful device that can easily attract other metallic goods.

Have you ever tested what happens if electricity passes through any magnet? It creates a high-level of power, which is termed as electromagnetic energy. And the induction heating mechanism applies this electromagnetic energy to cook the food.

If you do the anatomy of an induction cooker you would find a metal coil is hidden under it’s plain surface. Usually, this metal coil is made up with standard copper wires. When you plug-in this induction cooker in a power port and press the power “On” button, the alternating electric current passes through the copper wires.

This process creates a magnetic field over the cooktop and it’s surroundings. Now, if there is no pan over the cooktop, nothing would happen. Similarly, if you place an induction incompatible pan over the cooktop it won’t response.   

But, if you place an induction-ready pan over the cooktop, that magnetic field would create a magnetic flux of energy towards that induction pan. This electromagnetic energy would try again and again to magnetize the cooking pan lying over the induction cooker.

This mechanism creates a huge amount of energy termed as eddy current inside the pan. Eddy current is another kind of magnetic field which is created as a reaction against the source magnetic field created by the cooktop.

Now the induction pan shows a resistance against the eddy current induced magnetic field, and this process finally heats up the pan surface and makes it ready for cooking the food. The whole process involves no flame creation. Happy Cooking!

Bottom Line

Man is evolving and so is technology. In this era of speed where every man is busy taking laps of the rat race, we keep looking for better and faster ways to complete our work. Induction Heating Technology has made the cooking task easier and faster than ever before.

This high-tech induction cooking method has created an instant rage in the 21st century for it’s advanced features, eco-friendly heating mechanism, user-friendly interface, safety options, aesthetics, affordable price-range, etc.