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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

https://hometale.org/ is one of the participants under the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which a worldwide recognized affiliation advertising program. This program has been designed to a platform to the websites to earn by advertising as well as linking web traffic to the Amazon.com. We would like to inform you that the Amazon-logo and other trademarks used in the products reviewed by https://hometale.org/ belong to Amazon.com, Inc.

Disclosure Complying with the FTC Guidelines

https://hometale.org/ makes a strong commitment to comply and work according to the latest FTC guidelines as well as regulations regarding the Product reviews, customer testimonials, and other resource documents. Therefore, we, the team of https://hometale.org/ declare to following vows to our trusted audience.

The aim of this website is to supply the readers’ essential information and resources with a view to aiding them in making informed purchasing decisions. This website can legally generate sales commission from the third party retailers after the sale of one or more products.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of https://hometale.org/ avows how your personal information will be handled by the site authority. Please examine this privacy policy statement before you visit this website and submit any type of personal information. Therefore, you are complying with the practices stated in the current privacy policy statement by visiting this website.

The purpose or activities of https://hometale.org/ may change in future due to indescribable circumstances. However, we promise that any change in our privacy policy statement will be shared by our website as soon as possible after it occurs. Therefore, we encourage you to review our privacy policy frequently during your visit to the https://hometale.org/ to make it certain that you have a clear idea regarding how any of your personal information provided by you to https://hometale.org/ will be managed.

Collection of Information

https://hometale.org/ may ask the visitors to submit some personally identifiable information, such as, names, email addresses, contact number, postal addresses, etc. voluntarily. The information provided by the visitors will be applied to fulfill their specific request. We avow that this information will only be used to accomplish your precise request, unless you provide us the permission to utilize it to any another purpose, for instance, adding you in the mailing lists of https://hometale.org/.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

https://hometale.org/ may apply cookies and any similar tracking technology on the basis of the features and services offered. For your consciousness, we would like to mention that the Cookies and tracking technologies can gather some information like, the browser type, operating system, tracking ID of the visitors and the behavior of the visitors how they use this Site. Moreover, the Cookies help to customize the website for the visitors. We promise that your Personal information will never be tracked down via cookies or the other tracking technologies; nevertheless, if you have provided any personally identifiable information beforehand, then the cookies may be linked to that information. However, the aggregated cookies can be shared with the third parties.

Distribution of Information

https://hometale.org/ holds the authority to share information with the governmental agencies as well as the other trusted companies to assist in fraud prevention and associated investigations. We may opt for such initiatives, under the situations, including:

  1. Permitted and/or necessitated by the law;
  2. With a view to defending the potential fraud as well as unauthorized transactions;
  3. To investigate any fraud occurrence after it has taken place.

However, we assure you that the information will not be shared with those companies for any marketing purpose.


We declare that every single piece of testimonial cited on https://hometale.org/ has been provided by the individuals who have used the information and offers provided in this website upon their own interest and afterward they have submitted their honest opinions whether positive or negative. These testimonials are not solicited in any case and the providers will no way gain any compensation for their provided testimonials.

Additional Testimonials

In https://hometale.org/ may post some featured testimonials, generated and published under the permission of some prominent online retailers including Amazon.com, eBay.com, etc.

Commitment to Data Security

We assure our trusted customers and readers that their personally identifiable information will be always kept secure. And only the authorized employees, managers, agents as well as contractors have secured access to that information on condition that they have fully agreed to keep the information totally secure and highly confidential. Adding to these, every email and newsletter sent to you from https://hometale.org/ allows you to willfully opt out from getting any further mail.

Privacy Contact Information

Thank you for being with us. If you want to ask any further question or want to express your concern or comment regarding our privacy policy statement, then feel free to contact us at the information provided below:

By e-mail: admin@hometale.org

https://hometale.org/ reserves the rights of making any further change to this policy. However, any changes/update to this policy statement would be posted on our website.

https://hometale.org/ is a participant under the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program