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Benefits of castor oil for hair growth | How to use castor oil

If you love cooking, then you are obviously familiar with castor oil. It is a very old and reliable friend in the kitchen. However, the benefits of castor oil are not limited to the preparation of yummy dishes; rather it has a great potentiality to improve the health of your hair in a natural way. Castor hair oil is produced from the seeds or beans of the Castor plants. It is widely used in hair-products for its natural anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth:

The benefits of castor oil for hair include:

  • Nourishes Hair:

The Castor hair Oil bears a hectic chemical composition that includes proteins, hair vitamin-E, minerals, triglyceride fatty acids, like omega-6 and 90 percent concentration of Ricinoleic. This exotic composition nourishes the hair and works like a magic to grow hair faster.

  • Prevents Scalp Infection:

Pathogens & micro-organisms, like the virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc. can attack the scalp and lead towards diverse hair problems, like dandruff, bald patches, itchy scalp, hair fall, dry scalp, split ends, etc.

The antifungal & antibacterial properties of castor hair oil can combat the scalp-infections, like follicular, Piedra, ringworm, etc. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory property of this hair growth oil can heal the itchy and inflamed scalp. Thus, the castor oil protects the scalp health.

  • Serves as Natural Conditioner:

The benefit of castor oil for hair as a natural conditioner is also amazing. The conditioning treatment of this hair growth oil can help reduce split ends, which in turn stops hair breakage and prevents hair loss.

Castor hair oil includes hair vitamin-E, Omega 6 fatty acids, proteins and essential nutrients that can easily penetrate the dry, brittle and damaged hair-strands and smooth the rough cuticles.

  • Seals the Hair Moisture:

The castor oil also severs as a natural moisturizer. It leaves a coating on the hair-shafts to retain the hair moisture. Especially, the omega-6 fatty acids property of castor oil prevents the hair shafts to become dried out. Adequate moisture is essential for growing hair faster in a natural way.

  • Prevents Hair Loss:

Massaging the scalp with Castor hair oil can increase the blood circulation that stimulates the hair follicles, makes the hair-roots stronger and resilient.

Moreover, the anti-bacterial and ant-fungal property of this hair oil keeps the scalp free from infections and rejuvenates the hair follicles. This strengthening effect enables the scalp to fight against alopecia/hair loss and contributes to faster hair growth.

To treat the Alopecia or hair loss issue, you can apply castor hair oil treatment to your scalp at least two times per week before taking a hair wash with shampoo.

  • Improves Hair Health:

Castor hair oil keeps the scalp healthy, supple and moisturized. Omega-6 fatty acids of this hair growth oil prevent the scalp from drying out and stimulate thicker and faster hair growth. This hair oil also contributes to regaining shine on the hair textures.

  • Stimulates Hair Regrowth:

If you have hair loss problem, then castor oil hair can fuel the hair re-growth process in your scalp. Rejuvenating power of the castor oil nourishes the scalp-cells, fights against scalp infection and improves the scalp health. All these activities stimulate the natural growth of hair.

However, if you do regular (3-4 times per week) hair massage with castor oil mixed with one/two lighter oil like, coconut hair oil or olive hair oil, this practice will contribute significantly to make the hair grow faster within several weeks.

  • Thickens & Darkens the Hair:

The castor oil can moisturize the hair and reduce the dryness. It provides humectants effect on the hair-cells. This not only brings a fuller and voluminous look to the hair but also adds a dark tone to the hair. Regular use of castor oil makes the hair look more lively and attractive.

To get the benefit of castor oil for hair darkening, it is recommended to mix one drop of castor oil with regular conditioner. Then, massage the mixture to your hair shafts evenly after you have done shampoo-wash. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash the hair properly.

  • Makes the Hair Lustrous:

Who doesn’t love shiny hair? The fatty acid properties of castor oil leave protective coating over the hair-shafts. It not only makes the hair soft, smooth and silky; but also makes the hair shinier.

To bring a lustrous effect on a regular hair and dull/lifeless hair, you can apply castor oil at least once a week. You can either take a castor oil hair treatment with warm oil. You can also mix castor oil with your condition after shampooing hair. However, excessive use of castor oil can make your hair look oily.

  • Treats the Split Ends:

Reducing split ends is another great benefit of Castor oil for hair. As mentioned before, castor oil serves as a natural conditioner. The vitamin-E, nutrient and mineral properties of castor oil nourish the hair. Moreover, the omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids reduce the dryness of the hair shaft. Through the deep conditioning power, these ingredients penetrate to the hair shaft and re-form the damaged hair and reduce the split ends.

For preventing split ends you can take Castor oil hair treatment 3-4 times per week. It will work more effectively if mixed with several drops of jojoba hair oil or olive hair oil.

How to use castor oil?

Make the Arrangement:

To perform the castor oil hair treatment, you will require some essential household things, like,

  • Protective cloth to avoid oil staining
  • A bowl or container to pour, mix and warm oil.
  • A plastic made hair cap
  • A warm towel for hair
  • A hairbrush (if you don’t want to use fingers for hair-messaging).

Prepare Oil Mixture:

Castor oil possesses a thickness consistency by nature. This property makes this oil difficult to penetrate to scalp tissues and hair shaft. To overcome this limitation, it is recommended to mix up castor oil with a lighter oil, like, coconut hair oil, jojoba hair oil or olive hair oil with 1:1 ratio (half castor oil and half other oils. You can also mix water if you don’t have any other light oil at that moment.

Do the Hair Message:

  • Divide your hair into several sections. It will help you to disseminate the oil mixture to all over your scalp.
  • It is more effective to apply fingers for hair and scalp massage. At first, wet your fingers in the castor oil mixture and rub the scalp through circular motions. It will improve the blood circulation in scalp tissues and soothe the scalp irritations.
  • However, if you do not want to use fingers due to sore or any other reason, then brush can be a good solution. Start by soaking the brush into castor oil bowl. Then, rub the brush slowly over the scalp area.
  • After scalp-message massage the castor oil mixture to the whole hair by sections.

Let the Oil Work:

After finishing scalp and hair massage, wrap the whole hair with a warm towel. You can also use a plastic hair cap for wrapping hair. Then, leave the oil upon hair for several hours (minimum two hours).

Wash the Hair:

Take a good shampoo and wash your hair properly.