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Is nonstick cookware safe for health?

We eat to live. But some people live to eat. Food is one of the most glorified blessings of nature which we enjoy in our life. However, if the food habit is uncontrolled, then it could cost our lives. So, we should be cautious in choosing our food as well as food-preparation – cooking – process. For instance, many people consume too much fat or oil due to their cooking process.

And sometimes the cooking process requires much oil due to the material of the cooking pot or pan. But cooking with no oil can cost the taste of food. Now should we make a choice between health and taste? Thanks to the modern science, as it gives a solution to this dilemma. The solution is the invention of non-sticking cookware technology.

The specialty of a nonstick pan is that it can cook without oil or least amount of oil. But how? this technology can use the inner liquid of the raw food – fish, meat or vegetable – during cooking. But like all other blessings of the modern science this technology is not totally harmless. Now a question arises, “Is nonstick cookware safe for health“?

I know this question is lingering in your mind. Millions of people are confused on this issue. I did some research about the health impact of nonstick coated pans.

Robert L. Wolke, Ph.D., an emeritus professor of dept. of chemistry in the University of Pittsburgh has explained this issue in his book titled What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained. In his notion, the nonstick pans are safe, as long as they do not get overheated. But, overheating (over 500°F) can break down the nonstick coating into the molecular level. This process will release some toxic particles and gas. Among them, some elements can be the cause of bad health issues, like the Cancer. Reference: WebMD.

The nonstick pots or pans won’t cause any health issue, if you keep the heat below 500°F. So, you can use a non-sticking pot/pan safely for both the home or commercial use.