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GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30 Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Convection Range Review 2019

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Seeking a capable replacement that fits in your kitchen-space and upgrades your culinary experience in every way? The new GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30″ Slide-In Induction Range Convection might be just what you need.

This electric induction range offers a nice combination of 5 burner GE Profile induction cooktop along with True European GE Convection OvenThe GE Profile Induction Range gives you the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen from ordinary cooktop to modern, sleek and stylish one.

It can make your cooking/baking tasks faster and energy efficient. Read on to find out why.

Key Features of GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30 Induction Range:

GE Profile 30 Cooktop – Ceramic Glass Top:

If you are looking for a faster cooker that can cook as well as warm the food in less then half a time comparing to the gas burners, then go for an induction burner. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing an induction cooktop on the range-top of the GE’s PHS920SFSS model.

Buying the GE 30″ Stainless Steel Induction Range, you would get fascinated with it’s Gray Patterned smooth-touch Ceramic Glass-top. The black glass-top creates a great visual combination with the stainless steel built oven walls, which makes the whole unit look beautiful, modern and elegant.

However, induction elements can work only with induction ready pots and pans. You can use cast iron pans, magnetized base stainless steel cookware, clad pans, etc. with these induction heating elements.

GE Profile Five Burner Induction Cooktop:

The GE Profile Induction Range Top comes with a 5 burner induction cooktop. This GE Profile 30 Cooktop bears four induction heating elements along with an additional warming zone.

These five elements can provide a range of temperature levels, which make this range-top induction cooktop highly-efficient as well as versatile.

Both left-front and left-rear heating elements feature about 8 inches diameter. Each of them can generate about 2500 watts of heating power. These 8-inch burners have similar simmer keys to enable gentle bubbling up of sauces or such.

The largest heating element lies on the right-front corner of this range-top featuring an astounding 11 inches diameter area. It is capable of providing as high as 3700 watts of heating power! Its Power Boil option can boil 14 cups of water in 6 minutes- true induction at its best!

The smallest heating element is found in the rear-right section. It comes with 6 inches diameter with the heat-generating capacity of 1800 watts.

Besides the aforementioned burners, this Range-top is provided with a warming zone sitting on the central area among other heating elements. This center element covers about 6 inches diameter area.

This warming zone is equipped with a melt button. This option enables slow melting of chocolate or butter or any such delicate ingredient.

True European Convection Oven – Precise Air Technology:

The most exciting benefit of buying GE Profile Slide-In Range is it comes with a GE Convection Oven featuring induction heating mechanism. It is huge covering about 5.3 cubic feet area inside.

Inside this cavity, there are 3 oven racks—a roller rack and 2 self-clean, heavy-duty oven racks. The oven walls and handles are built with standard stainless steel material featuring durable and heavy-duty construction.

In addition to two heating elements, True European Convection features a third heating element with the convection fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven cavity, so that the food is cooked evenly. This third element convection keeps the oven temperature more uniform than ordinary convection.

The GE Profile Induction Slide-In Range boasts of this feature, with an 8-pass third element, which doubles back on itself eight times for optimal coverage. It usually takes about 6 minutes to reach 602° F.

The baking process is on the hot side, and it may take some adjusting of the recipes to get it baked evenly.

In addition, the oven meat probe ensures that the temperature inside is just as much as you would like to get the food cooked perfectly!

GE Oven Functions – Versatile & Efficient:

This GE Convection Range is provided with a bunch of useful and innovative functions that assist in cooking/baking. It’s popular function include auto recipe conversion, Hi / Low Broil, Oven Meat Probedelay bake options, etc.

Fast Preheat function is quicker when convection is turned on and the audible preheat signal is a plus. The control lock capability keeps it safe around kids. The oven’s temp display can be programmable at C° or F°

Adding to these, the GE oven is equipped with some other handy functions that help to monitor the cooking/baking process. Auto Oven Shut-Off along with Override control, Electronic Clock and Kitchen Timer would make the cooking task more organized and flexible.

Warming Drawer:

Besides the convection oven, this model bears a full extension warming drawer. This is one of the best features of the GE Profile 30 Slide-In Induction Convection Range PHS920SFSS. Like the convection oven, the walls and handle of this warming drawer is built with quality stainless steel material. 

This GE induction range can keep the food warm until it is time to serve. It has a range of temperatures up to 220°F. This assures that you enjoy the warm food every time, a plus that ought to amaze our guests during Christmas!

At times, when the drawer is not active for its warming functions, it can serve as a storage for kitchen utensils. It is certainly an added benefit of this GE Profile PHS920SFSS induction range convection!

Self-Clean with Steam Clean Option:

Now cleaning is easier than ever with Self-clean and Steam clean options in the GE Ranges. These two options are great innovations of the GE appliance.

To clean up oil and other types of light stains, all you need is pouring a small amount of water into the GE Oven and switching on the Steam Clean option. For tougher stains like those resulting from baking, turn on the Self-clean option, and get the oven clean life magic!

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing the 2 self-cleaning, heavy-duty racks inside the oven of this GE Stainless Steel Range.

Besides these, this GE Oven control features include Delay Clean Option as well as Self-Clean Cool Down Time Display, which would make the cleaning task flexible and effortless.

This not only prevents unnecessary time loss on your side but with the hidden bake option, the hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly tidied up, with no effort whatsoever from you!

Slide-in Design with Front Controls:

This GE Profile Induction Range model comes with a sleek stainless steel finish. It’s Free-standing cut-out design allows this GE induction Range to slide-in among other furniture. It’s range-top bears a 30-inch Cooktop while boasting a GE Oven featuring a modest capacity of 5.3 cu. ft.

The range dimensions are  37.25″ Height by 31.25″ Weight by 28.88″ Depth. Not to mention, the GE Profile 30″ Slide-In Induction Range unit’s elegant appearance would stylize your kitchen.

Though the great GE appliance PHS920SFSS model may look like a piece of cumbersome machinery, it is quite simple to operate. This GE profile 30 range comes with front controls for the range-top as well as the convection oven and warming drawer.

All controls are arranged on the dashboard in a systematic manner. This dashboard is attached to the front-side of it’s range-top area.

GE Appliances Fit Guarantee:

For those of you who are already GE customers, this leading cooking-ranges company provides an additional benefit.

The new GE Profile™ Series 30″ Slide-In Induction Convection Range PHS920SFSS model features a guaranteed perfect-fit for the old 30-inch free-standing ranges of the GE company. 

The “Fit Guarantee” ensures that upgrading to this 30″ slide-in range – from the 30″ freestanding GE range – won’t require any renovation work in your kitchen. More information is available on the GE official website.

(Source: http://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-specs/PHS920SFSS)

Product Reliability & Certifications:

It is rational to be cautious about the product certifications and manufacturing country, especially when you desire to buy an expensive product like the GE Profile 30 PHS920SFSS Range. 

If you prefer the US-built ranges, then go for the GE appliances. This GE PHS920SFSS model is made-in-USA and it is built with 70 to 90% U.S. Content.
Adding to this, the GE Slide-In Induction Range is ADA compliant and Star-K® certified.

The Energy Star certification ensures 20-30% energy conservation than what is required by federal standards. It has limited one-year entire appliance parts and labor warranty


  • Powerful Induction Heating elements
  • Attractive looks
  • Front-mounted control panel angled downwards for better access
  • Glass touch controls
  • Multiple dishes at once
  • Easy to clean interface
  • Capable convection oven
  • Self-clean roller rack
  • Fast Preheat
  • Hidden bake option to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Sabbath mode
  • Warming drawer
  • Lock option to keep out of kids’ reach
  • Keeps the kitchen cooler
  • GE fit guarantee
  • Compact build—made in the USA.


  • Devoid of extra induction range features.
  • The range-top cooktop is only 30″ wide.
  • Lacks physical knobs to control its cooktop burners.
  • No power cord supplied with the range.
  • A bit costlier than other ranges with similar features.
  • You have to buy induction pans for the induction cooktop if you don’t have any.

Bottom Line:

The new GE Profile™ 30″ Slide-in Induction Range PHS920SFSS model boasts of powerful cooking elements and true European convection with precise air, in a 5.3 cu. ft oven range.

The 19 adjustable power level with half-level increments makes up for the lack of physical knobs. The GE Fit Guarantee and the range’s innovative features make it an ideal upgrade for freestanding ranges. It is an expensive product indeed! However, considering it’s exclusive features, this induction range offers the best value for your money.

On the whole, if a satisfying cooking experience is your goal and simultaneously, you wanna a sleek and stylish cooking range in your modern kitchen, then the GE PHS920SFSS cooking range is the perfect match!

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