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GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick 14pc Cookware Review 2019

Do you have a passion for ceramic cooking appliances? GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Nonstick 14 Piece Set is a great creation of reliable culinary brand GreenLife.

It offers you quality workmanship, cooking performance and trendy appearance under an affordable price range. Here is a brief review of this GreenLife Cookware set. Hope it helps!


GreenLife CW000531-002 Soft Grip Absolutely Toxin-Free Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Dishwasher/Oven Safe Stay Cool Handle Cookware Set, 14-Piece, Turquoise.

What Does GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Nonstick Set Offer?

This GreenLife nonstick ceramic cookware set provides a clever collection of 14 piece utensils under a highly affordable price range. Let’s see what it offers!

  • 1 Pc Open Frypan: 7-inch.
  • 1 Pc Open frypan: 9.5-inch.
  • 1 Pc Covered Saucepan: 1-Quart.
  • 1 Pc covered saucepan: 2-Quart.
  • 1 Pc Covered Casserole: 5-Quart.
  • 1 Pc Covered Saute Pan: 2.5 Quart.
  • 4 Pcs  Nylon Utensils.

Main Features of GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set:

Patented Nonstick Coated Surface:

GreenLife Thermolon is the patented non-stick coating that GreenLife uses in all its non-stick products. This coat has outstanding heat conductivity that enables faultless frying results with less heat setting as compared to other conventional non-stick products.

The coat has a high scratch resistance and hence doesn’t scratch easily, it is hard and much stronger to thermal shocks. However, this nonstick coated cooking surface can be vulnerable to the sharply pointed metal utensils.

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Thermolon is built without Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and contains no Cadmium and lead traces. If you are searching for the safest and most amazing kitchenware, then your search should end with the GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Nonstick 14 Piece Set.

When using these amazing products, there is no health risk since even when overheated; it does not release any toxic fumes. Also, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical compounds. These set of products are very convenient as they offer quality food release and easy purification.

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Comfortable Handling:

The functionality of GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 14-pc Set is outstanding. It is composed of dishwasher safe, lightweight aluminum pieces that allow for exceptional thermal transfer.

The set’s handles are made of Bakelite that maintains them cold thereby minimizing the chances of getting burned when using this product. Also, they have a very soft grip that paves a way for maximum comfort and performance. The pans are easy to use and manage.

Flexible Use:

If you are looking for the most convenient cookware, this should be your ultimate solution. Credit given to the healthy Thermolon non-stick ceramic, GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set has a perfect food release properties. Regarding its design, fewer oils and fats are utilized when preparing your food.

This user-friendly cookware set comes with glass lids. These clear glass covers would enable you to monitor your food as it cooks. What is more, the GreenLife Soft Grip Nonstick Ceramic Set utensils are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe and also oven safe up to 350°F

Cozy Grip:

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 14-pc Set has a variety of marvelous soft handles in cooperated in its lightweight products. The handles are well installed and are designed to withstand all temperature balance and distribution.

These soft handles are sturdy, and you do not need to improvise other materials to hold the pan when hot. The actual sense of touch from the grips is a pleasure to grasp, and since they are coated with Thermolon ceramic, they are easy to clean.

Energy-efficient Cooking:

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set is a great energy saver. If you are anticipating to acquire cookware that will save your money through efficient energy consumption, GreenLife Soft Grip is the way to go.

These products allow perfect cooking within a moderate to average temperatures. This is very significant in energy saving and will provide for other developments.

However, even though the GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Cookware pieces perform perfectly within minimal to medium temperatures, one is not allowed to exceed the maximum temperature allowed for these products as stated in the user manual.

Durable Ceramic Coating:

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 14-pc Set is adamant. It is among the best cookware products available in the market. Its Thermolon ceramic coating ensures sturdiness and durability when handled appropriately and it can offer a quality service for an extended period.

Unlike other cookware products, the ceramic coating is not likely to peel or chip off easily. The GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Set is quality guaranteed and worth their value.

Eye-Catching Appearance:

Not so many cookware sets on the market come with such a gorgeous outlook. Your family members and guests can barely ignore the mind-blowing Turquoise texture of this GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 14-pc Set. It can go along with other expensive utensils in your kitchen and dining table.

And the most exciting thing is complying with your kitchen and other cooking utensils, you can choose the right GreenLife Pan set among three color options: Black, Red & Turquoise.


  • Patented Thermolon Nonstick Coating.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Oven Safety up to 350°F.
  • Gorgeous Appearance.
  • Available in 3 Colors: Black, Red & Turquoise.
  • Highly Affordable.


  • Not Safe to use with sharply pointed metal utensils.
  • Not Safe to use with induction cooktops.

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Bottom Line:

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Nonstick 14 Piece Set is certainly one of the most exclusive kitchenware that offers lots of handy features under cheaper price-range.

These utensils are toxic-free, easy to use and helps you to cook the food with great taste, flavor, and browning. And, it’s durable coatings can last for many years, if cared properly. Happy cooking!

Where to Buy GreenLife Nonstick Ceramic 14-pc Cookware Set?

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