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Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop Review 2020

If you wanna enjoy a faster and better cooking experience without compromising with the taste of food, then Max Burton 6400 is what you are looking for.


Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCD Control.

The Max Burton 6400 induction cooktop brings an excellent combination of instant heating mechanism, user-friendly touch control pad, smart safety options, etc. In this article, we are going to present a detailed review of Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6400. Hope it helps!

Max Burton 6400 Technical Specs:

  • Heating Zone: One.
  • Dimensions:  13.5″ x 12.5″ x 2.6″.
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds.
  • Power Setting: 1800 Watt (max) at 10-level settings.
  • Temp Settings: 100°F – 450oF at 15-level settings with 25oF increments.
  • 180-minute Built-in Timer.
  • Installation Need: 110 or 120-volt outlet; 15 Amp power.

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Key Features of Max Burton Induction Cooktop 6400:


Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 bearing a sleek design (13.5″ x 12.5″ x 2.6″) takes a little space to sit-in. You can place this unit over your kitchen-counter or any suitable flat space and store it inside a cabinet after use.

It’s 5-foot long cord allows you to place the unit in a suitable place you desire. What is more, Max Burton countertop 6400 burner’s lightweight (7.8 lbs) structure makes it comfortable to carry inside luggage while touring outside the home.

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Easy Installation:

The Max Burton portable induction cooker 6400 is easy to install. All it needs is a 110-volt or 120-volt power outlet with a 15-amp electric connection. Just plug in the unit and start the cooking process. However, it is recommended to keep some free space around this portable induction cooktop unit to assure better air circulation.

Efficient Heating Capacity:

The major cause of choosing the Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 is it’s induction heating technology. This portable induction cooker features almost twice faster heating mechanism comparing to conventional gas burners under similar price-range.

It’s heat setting system is flexible. It allows setting the heat both in Power and Temp mode.

  • Temp Mode:

While the average portable induction cookers under similar price-range offer no more than, 10-level heat setting in Temp mode, Max Burton 6400 hits a good punch with 15-level settings ranging from 100°F to 450°F at 25°F increments.

  • Power Mode:

In power mode, it can create 1800-watt heating power at maximum. The power mode is composed of a 10-level setting. This versatile heat control system would allow you to cook a range of dishes starting from the regular family meals to main-courses for any party.

Gorgeous Surface Design:

The outlook of a burner doesn’t matter much while cooking performance is the first priority. But when a burner becomes part of modern dining or centerpiece of a party-table, then the look does matter.

The Max Burton countertop 6400 comes with gorgeous black ceramic glass top, adorned with stainless steel border. You can hardly deny the elegance appearance of this flawless black ceramic induction cooktop. It can go with any demanding kitchen or gorgeous party-dining ambient.

Certainly, the cleaning issue is one of the significant considerable factors to buy an induction burner. Thanks to the manufacturer, as the Max Burton portable cooktop 6400 is provided with the ceramic surface. It hardly becomes oily, and therefore quite effortless to clean. 

Control Panel Features:

  • User-friendly:

An efficient Control panel is the prime feature of any modern electronic appliance. However, you may agree that most of the modern induction burners available today come with a complex control panel bearing a range of controls for different functions.

Thanks to the manufacturer for designing this Max Burton 6400 model with only a few controls, which are easy to remember without following any manual frequently.

  • Touch-controls:

Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 model comes with one-touch digital controls. Unlike the traditional push button and knobs, these touch-controls become less oily and are easy to clean.

  • Simmer & Boil Control:

The Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 offers exclusive ‘Simmer’ and ‘Boil’ control. These one-touch controls don’t require you to program the burner manually by controlling the heat setting in Temp or Power mode. This feature can save time while struggling with your schedule on a hectic day.

  • LCD Display:

Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 bears an LCD display. It helps the users to program both the power and Temp settings. The users can also see the current heating conditions and the left time on this LCD readout.

  • 180-min Timer: 

Its 3-hour Timer is pretty enough to cook for usual family meals or special dishes. Once you set the Timer, you are free to do other jobs, as the system will take auto shutdown after reaching your programmed duration. However, you can also cook without using the Timer function.

Exclusive Slanted Design:

Thanks to the manufacturer for placing the control panel in a slanted position in this Max Burton Cooktop 6400 unit. This innovative design idea offers some advantage over the regular flat-design models.

This unique design saves the one-touch controls from any unlikely incidents, like the slip of a heavy and/or hot pan or impact of split food or over-flown liquid over the control panel.

The slanted position also saves the controls from any alteration and helps the system operating without interruption. This exclusive feature definitely places Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 ahead of its competitors. 

High-end Safety Features:

Max Burton Induction range 6400 assures a safe cooking experience with it’s well-planned safety systems.

  • Pan Detection Sensor: 

Its system can detect whether the pan placed over the unit is induction-ready or not. If you leave an empty pan over the unit it will beep and take auto shut down within a minute. The pan detection technology makes an induction cooktop stand out from the gas burners, traditional electric heaters, etc.

What is more, the same thing will happen, if you forget to turn off the burner, after removing the pan. It not only saves the electricity; but also prevents the risk of exhaustion or fire-hazard.

  • Voltage Error & Over-heat Detection Sensors: 

You may know that ‘too low’ voltage can hamper the cooking task and ‘too high’ voltage can damage the unit. Max Burton 6400 cooker’s internal sensor can detect the voltage anomaly as well as overheating situations.

The system shows beep and eventually takes auto-shutdown to prevent any risk of fire hazard. The manual includes the details about these safety sensors.

  • Lock Control:

If a kid touches the burner on the operating mode, what can happen? The heat control might soar exposing the kid to burning risk. Don’t worry. Max Burton Cooktop 6400 assures safety with its unfailing ‘Lock’ feature.

It can prevent any alteration to the controls until the burner reaches user’s pre-set duration. You can concentrate on other tasks, after programming the heat-setting and time-duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can it hold a big/small wok?

Max Burton induction plate 6400 model bears two induction rings to indicate the users where to place the pan. It can hold induction pans with diameters ranging from about 4.5 to 10-inches.

However, some customers have shared their experience about using 11-inch diameter skillet with this single induction cooker and it worked well. However, to avoid hot spots, you can use up to 10-inch diameter pan.

Question: Which pans are suitable for this induction cooker?


Max Burton 6400 works only with the induction compatible cookware. Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 works with cast iron skillets, carbon steel woks, and cookware with magnetized stainless steel base. This burner is also compatible with cookware bearing built-in flat induction base. Click here to know what needs to be considered to buy induction ready pots and pans.

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Question: How much heat can it create?

Max Burton stove 6400 offers a flexible heat setting system in both Power and Temp mode. In Temp mode, this portable burner can create 450°F at maximum. In power mode it’s highest heating power is 1800-watts.

Bottom Line:

Induction cooking saves time, energy and money. And you can enjoy all of these benefits with this Max Burton 6400. It is easy to carry, install and operate for both the novice and experienced users.

And, you know what, Max Burton induction cooktop 6400 model can be an ideal partner for people who live in hotels, dormitories, etc. This portable burner can make your life much easier without cutting your wallet. Happy Cooking

Where to Buy Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts?

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