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Summit CR2110 12-inch Double Burner Electric Cooktop Review 2020

Are you stuck in the past ages with a traditional burner that not only makes you pay more bills but also fails to offer safe service for a home environment? Well, consider the CR2110 Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop 12″ 110V

Unlike the conventional electric ovens, the Summit cooktop 2 burner electric appliance is quite spacious offering more room for it’s double burners that cook faster.


Summit CR2110 115V Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners, 12-Inch

This 12″ Electric Cooktop features aesthetic value and gives your kitchen modern day finesse. The Summit Cooktop is a decent buy for a small kitchen area. Let’s see what more it does offer!

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Key Features of Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop CR2110:

Eurokera Ceramic Glasstop Surface:

What makes this Summit 2 Burner Cooktop 110v exclusive apart from it’s alternatives is the Eurokera glass built smooth surface.

This type of glass-ceramic finish not only makes it mechanically very enduring but also makes it sustain continuous and quick temperature changes. The smooth surface of the top makes it fit into your kitchen impeccably.

Furthermore, the Summit CR2110 model’s gorgeous black colored glasstop bears White markings. This feature not only helps the user to direct where to place the pan but also makes the machine look absolutely fabulous.

So, the glass finishes not only gives it an edgy and modern look but also works to keep you secure while using it. Buying the Summit 2 burner electric cooktop 110v, you can embrace the 21st century in its full glory and make your kitchen look beautiful.

Two Burner Electric Cooktop 110 volt:

The Summit Electric Cooktop CR2110 model offers two heating elements. This two-burner electric cooktop 110-volt allows you to cook the food faster and in a safer manner.

The two heating elements allow more food to be cooked at the same time, as it heats up to the desired temperature within a few seconds. This Summit Cooktop is more efficient than a conventional gas cooktop and no heat is wasted in this.

The space that the two burners provide in the model might be a bit small for cooking a lot of food simultaneously on both. This 110v Electric Cooktop is, however, perfect for people who want to use it to prepare regular family meals.

Besides these, the Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop is great for placing inside RVs. What is more, this 12″ Electric Cooktop goes very well in the compact space of the kitchen.

Push to Turn Control Knobs:

Despite keen attention, unfortunate accidents might happen when you have young kids in the house. The Summit Cooktop’s push-to-turn controls work wonders when it comes to safety.

This subtle, innovative feature prevents any untoward accidents from taking place and helps you with your peace of mind. It’s little different from the traditional knobs found in the usual gas stoves.

While using the Summit CR2110 Electric Cooktop’s push-to-turn knobs, you have to push the knob in first and then turn it. These knobs are also safer then touch-controls that kids can easily operate.

Thus, the Summit 12 inch Cooktop CR2110 unit’s design concept cuts down the risk of unwanted accidents. Certainly, this feature makes you worry less and concentrate more on making awesome dishes. 

Residual Heat Indicator:

The adults can also burn themselves accidentally. While cooking, safety should be your first and foremost concerns.

For instance, the residual heat on a stove can burn you as bad as touching a fully operational stove. This is, however, not a problem when you deck your kitchen with the Summit Cooktop CR2110 2 Burner. 

The residual heat indicator warns you while the cooktop is too hot to touch. So, you can always avoid risks of burning fingers while touching the Summit Cooktop.

This is one of the major innovations which is included in modern cooktops like this one. This technology makes the Summit Two Burner Electric Cooktop stand out as distinct when compared to the conventional electric ovens or gas cooktops.

Designed for Built-in Installation:

Another handy feature of this Summit 12″ Electric Cooktop CR2110 model is that is can be built in while setting up the initial construction of the kitchen. It not only makes the kitchen look elegant and seamless; but also allows people to focus on the other designs of the kitchen.

This beautifully slides into the kitchen counter and becomes a part of the architecture of the kitchen in a way that it looks like it was built to be there. This helps in optimizing space and also gives your kitchen a smooth edge finish.

Summit CR2110 Technical Specs:

Product Height: 3.38″ (9 cm)
Product Width: 11.88″ (30 cm)
Product Depth: 19.7″ (50 cm)
Product Color: Black
US Electrical Safety: UL
Canadian Electrical Safety: ULC
Power Need: 20.0 Amps
Voltage/Frequency Ratings: 110/115 Volt AC/60 Hz
Product Weight: 14.0 lbs. or 6 kg
Product Shipping Weight: 30.0 lbs. or 14 kg
Product Parts & Labor Warranty One Year
Electric Cooktop Specifications:
Cooktop Heating Type: Radiant
Product Surface: Glass
Surface Element Type: Glasstop
Number of Heating Elements: Two
Control Type: Dial or Knob
Countertop Cutout Height: 3.38″ or 9 cm
Countertop Cutout Width: 11.13″ or 28 cm
Countertop Cutout Depth: 19.13″ or 49 cm
Power Source: 110/115-Volt
Heating Element #1 Size 6.0″ (15 cm)
Heating Element #1 Wattage 1200.0
Heating Element #2 Size 6.0″ (15 cm)
Heating Element #2 Wattage 1200.0


  • The ceramic glass top makes it safer and easier to clean up, also it parts a chic finish to the cooktop.
  • The push-to-control mechanism makes this unit safer for children in the home; hence kids won’t get unsafe knobs to play with. 
  • The residual heat indicator makes it a lot less dangerous to handle it, now you never have to worry about burning your hands accidentally.
  • The designed built-in installation feature gives the kitchen a seamless finish and makes it easier for you to work on making your kitchen look more seamless.
  • It is fully electrical and does not need any additional plug installation or battery use.
  • The relatively small size of the cooktop makes it ideal for space optimization in a small kitchen area.


  • The heating elements are a bit too small to fit in two pots at the same time.
  • This electric cooktop is ideal for someone that wants it for a small area.
  • May take a bit of time to heat up the food than your usual gas stove.

Bottom Line:

The Summit CR2110 2 Burner 12″ Electric Cooktop model is a perfect item for someone who is looking out for a cooktop that fits seamlessly into a small kitchen area. It is absolutely safe near small children. Moreover, the glass-top makes it much easier to clean than a coil cooktop.

All in all, Summit Cooktop CR2110 is an efficient double electric burner that can deck up your kitchen and simultaneously offer you a perfectly delightful cooking experience.

We recommend this double electric cooktop for the people who are looking for the best affordable electric cooktops

Where to Buy Summit CR2110 12″ Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners Voltage: 110V?

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