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Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Black Smoothtop Review 2020

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Are you looking for a change in your cooking style? Do you aspire for buying a top-quality cooktop but holding back for exorbitant price-tag?  Sit tight, as the Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 Inch Electric Cooktop Smooth Top is here to be your knight in shining armor. 

Now, what’s special about the Whirlpool 30 Electic Cooktop? First, it’s sleek finish manages to set it apart from all those models. Then comes it’s multiple burners along with versatile heating capacity. And dishwasher-safe knobs would definitely save your time.

If you’re planning to bag this model for your kitchen and but can’t decide whether you should or not, allow us to help you. Here goes a detailed review about this Whirlpool Cooktop w5ce3024xb. Hope it helps!

Key Features of Whirlpool 30 Electric Cooktop W5CE3024XB:

Four Burners – Versatile Heating Capacity:

The Whirlpool W5CE3024XB ceramic electric cooktop 30 Inch comes with four heating elements featuring different size as well as heat generation capacity.

  • Both of the left-front and right-rear burners bear 6-inch diameter size offering about 1200 watts of heating power.
  • The left-rear burner a generate up to 1800-watt heating power with a size of 7-inch diameter.
  • The largest heating element lies on the right-front corner. It bears about 9-inch diameter and offers the heat generation ability of 2500-watt at maximum.

The versatility in the size and heating capacity of the burners allows you to choose a particular burner for executing a particular type of cooking task, like simmering, boiling, etc. Now you can cook with more freedom!


Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, OSFA

What is more, this Whirlpool Electric Cooktop, allows you to cook four different dishes at four separate heating elements simultaneously. It would certainly save both of your time and energy.Gorgeous Black Smooth-top Glass-top:

Whirlpool 30″ Electric Cooktop Cearmic Glasstop W5CE3024XB model features a smooth-touch cook-top. The gorgeous black appearance makes it an easy prey for a lot of already built modular kitchens without any ruckus.

It’s elegant ceramic glass-top also makes this cooktop the first choice of many people who are looking to replace their old cooktops or remodel their kitchens. 

Eco-Friendly Schott Ceran® Surface:

This Whirlpool 30 inch electric cooktop‘s smooth-top surface is not only amazing for it’s magnificent beauty, but also demands appreciation for it’s eco-friendly construction. It doesn’t include environmentally hazardous elements, like antimony or arsenic, which are widely used in manufacturing glass-ceramic cooktops. 

Thanks to the manufacturer for applying the Schott Ceran® technology to build the cooktop-surface. The patented Schott Ceran® construction technique makes the Whirlpool Cooktop w5ce3024xb model eco-friendly. This amazing feature certainly honors the needs of ecologically sentient consumers.

Analog Controls:

Whirlpool Electric Cooktop Smoothtop 30 Inch comes with four analog knobs for the four different heating elements. There are some symbols that would make it easy to find out the associated knob for every single burner.

Moreover, the white marks show the increasing and/or decreasing directions. Handling these analog knobs are quite effortless.

Flexible Heating Control:

This 30″ Whirlpool Electric Cooktop gives you the freedom to cook diverse cousins in the home-ambient. You can use exactly pick whichever burner you need, for instance, an easy simmering easy or quicker boiling. But how?

The Whirlpool Cooktop w5ce3024xb is blessed with Power Burners that helps you to get ready large amounts of pasta in no time. It also bears Simmer Burners. 

Using these burners you can maintain the delicacy of those delicious sauces that are heaven to eat but need precise cooking. Cooking is really fun with the Whirlpool Cooktops!

Dishwasher-Safe Knobs:

Simmer your favorite sauces and melt your preferred chocolates impeccably by using the various features of the Whirlpool electric stove-top. But your electric cooktop will always be good as new! The magic lies into it’s easy-to-clean attribute.

Unlike the usual electric cooktops, the Whirlpool 30 Inch Electric Cooktop offers dishwasher compatible knobs. This unique feature keeps the dials of the cooktop safe from your dishwasher. As a result, you can remove the dials and clean your Whirlpool 30″ Cooktop W5CE3024XB  without any hassle at all.

This Electric Range Cooktop saves you from making a clutter and then spending valuable time to clean it up. The Whirlpool Cooktop W5CE3024XB 30 Inch makes cooking experience from comfortable.

Hot-Surface Indicator Light:

It is a well-known fact that looks might be deceptive, especially the stove-tops can easily deceive you into thinking that they have cooled down enough to be touched without getting any harm in the process. Thanks to the manufacturer for tackling this issue quite brilliantly in the 30″ whirlpool electric cooktop W5CE3024XB model. 

In this electric stove-top, an indicator light will lit up to warn you if the cooktop’s surface is still too hot to be touched safely. This indicator light will remain lit-on, even after you switch the stove-top off. Thus, it gets you aware of the cooktop’s temperature at any time.

This allows you to take care of your well-being in addition to saving up on your electricity bill. Now you can cook safely with Whirlpool 30 Cooktop while minimizing the energy wastage!

Compatible with Built-In Ovens:

Now you need not worry anymore about where to install the cooktop in your kitchen if you already have a built-in oven. The Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Electric Cooktop is congruent with wall-ovens that are built-in in your kitchen.

On top of all that, it can also be put up over a single built-in oven, in order to provide augmented tractability while installing your brand new electric cooktop.

However, this extremely convenient feature is not available in some other Whirlpool Cooktop models, like the G7CG3665XB, G7CG3064XB, etc. This exclusive attribute makes this particular model of Whirlpool Electric Range even better!

Utility over Outward Appearance:

Comparing with the other Profile 30 Inch Electric Ranges, we can say that the Whirlpool W5CE3024XB model is quite affordable. Now it would be a bit over-expectation if you want this Whirlpool Electric Cooktop to conform with the definitions of highly stylish. 

However, this Whirlpool Stove-top doesn’t look bad at all from any angle. Giving us so many useful features in such a low price, the Whirlpool 30 Inch Electric CooktopW5CE3024XB has proved to be a pinnacle of emphasizing on utility more than the appearance.

You may have some reservations when you first take a look at it, but we recommend you to buy Whirlpool w5ce3024xb 30 Electric Cooktop without hesitation as its functioning is really good.

Brand Reputation:

Whirlpool is a time-tested brand in the realm of electrical appliances industry. This makes the brand much easier for customers to trust to invest their money in, over the upcoming new brands in the market.

This Whirlpool W5CE3024XB Electric Cooktop 30 Inch is totally worth every cent you spend on it. It’s great cooking performance out-wins it’s price-tag and maintains the reputation of it’s trademark name.

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB Technical Specs:

Cooktop Type: Standard Burner
Surface Material Type: Ceramic Glass
Burner Heating Element Style: Radiant
Number of Heating Element/Burners: Four
Installation Over Built-In Oven: Allowed
Fuel Type: Electricity
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: Yes
Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 30.8 x 3.8 inches
Product Weight: 45 lbs
Product Voltage Ratings: 240 volts
Left Front Heating Element: 6″  1200 watt
Left Rear Heating Element: 7″ 1800 watt
Right Front Heating Element: 9″ 2500 watt
Right Rear Heating Element: 6″ 1200 watt


  • A Schott Ceran surface, free of antimony and arsenic, hence eco-friendly.
  • Can be cleaned with any cooktop cleaner, and will last for several months.
  • Easy installation.
  • Pocket-friendly – won’t burn a hole in your budget.
  • Burners heat up the food straight away.
  • Easy to use controls.


  • Gets scratched pretty easily but can be buffed using the Ceran cleaner and plastic scrub provided by Whirlpool.
  • Looks a bit dull.
  • Burners can get discolored if food, water or anything else spills over them – might also require a razor blade to remove the residue.
  • Anything that drips onto the cooktop can get immediately burned, making it a hell of a job to clean it up.

Bottom Line:

This Whirlpool Electric Cooktop 30 Inch may seem like a modest, unassertive stove-top on your first impression of, but we can promise that its performance is absolutely astounding. Let’s see a recap of it’s features.

You can literally enjoy the freedom of cooking with this Whirlpool Cooktop as it offers Simmer and power burners. It’s four heating elements bear versatility in size and offers 2500 watts of heating capacity at maximum.

This Whirlpool 30 Electric Cooktop’s exclusive Schott Ceran® surface makes it gorgeous and eco-friendly as well. It’s Heated Surface Indicator warns you and the dishwasher-safe knobs makes the cleaning effortless.

In fact, this Whirlpool 30″ Cooktop is one of the moderately affordable in-built cooktops currently in circulation in the market. This electric stove-top gives you all the functions you require from an electric range countertop without the least bit of compromise on its quality and operation. 

On the whole, the Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Electric Cooktop Ceramic Glasstop model has carved a niche for itself in the industry of home cooktops. Happy cooking!

Where to Buy Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop?

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